Diego SIMEONE of Atletico Madrid nominated for Best Coach of the Year


Diego SIMEONE has been nominated for the Best Coach of the Year award.

The Atletico Madrid manager managed to win the Europa League with his team after crashing out in the group stages of the Champions League. Atletico finished second in La Liga behind Lionel MESSI’s FC Barcelona.

SIMEONE faces competition from Massimiliano ALLEGRI of Juventus, Jurgen KLOPP of Liverpool, Didier DESCHAMPS of France and Zinedine Zidane who had managed Real Madrid.


  1. lo celso-paredes-palacios is going to be our midfield in Copa. Isn’t that almost done ?
    Banega is still a great player, but i don’t see him making it into the team. I guess that is already a closed chapter..

    I prefer Ascacibar over Peredes in starting line up. & I don’t want us to trust Players like Battaglia n Lanzini. If they are in good shape, should be given chance, but expecting them, especially Battaglia as starter will be suicidal for the obvious reason, IMO.

    Tagliafico, Otamendi, Saravia, Icardi, Lo Celso, Palacios,Peredes is the done deal for Copa,atm. I think the dilemma will be for only 2 spots if Messi comes. CB & and an attacking guy to complete the trio with Messi and Icardi. I prefer Aguero there. (Playing Icardi & Aguero together won’t be a bad option in my opinion)..

    But if Messi is not gonna join, it makes things very complicated. Our attack will be piss poor without him. Vasquez,Pity,De Paul,Pereyra,Lamela, Pavon.. 2 among this must be needed to start in proper wing roles. They all will be needed to improve a lot to cop up with Brazil, Peru & Colombia…

    I know it’s too early, but considering the decent midfield n defense we got now, with Messi in attack, I believe Argentina will be the team to beat in Copa America.

  2. Simeone is overrated coach. His style get you to the final but wont win the title. If both team goes head to head, Simeone always lose due to his tactics. This season he has more depth than Barca, Real; still he plays super defensive football. Take out Messi from Barca, he has better squad than both Real and Barca. Playing defensive is easy meanwhile balancing both is hard, super hard. Sampoali and Simeone are polar apart. Argentina needs someone like Poch.

  3. Zidane and Deschamps will be the only realistic candidates. The media loves both of them too much.
    I’m surprised there’s no Guardiola in this list after how he walked the Premier League last season. But somehow Allegri found his way in… not even Jupp Heynckes, Di Francesco for the miracle comeback against Barcelona? Another joke from Fifa.

    How they missed Sampaoli is a shocker too *sarcasm*

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