Angel DI MARIA of PSG: “I want to come back to the Argentina national team”


Angel DI MARIA spoke to the media about his intentions to come back to the Argentina team, Lionel MESSI and the 2018 FIFA World Cup.

Speaking to Fox Sports, DI MAROA stated that he would like to return to the Argentima team. Here’s what he had to say:

“I spoke to SCALONI and I told him I want to come back and play for the Argentina national team. I try to do my best for my club to be there. I will never say no to the Argentina shirt that is so important and something so big for a player.

“A lot of people want new players to be brought in. It makes me happy that the new kids that are coming to the Argentina team are happy. That is good for Argentina.”

The PSG man also said that he thinks Lionel MESSI will come back to the team.

“MESSI is the first one to suffer and hit his head against the wall when we get eliminated. I think he will come back.”

In regards to the 2018 FIFA World Cup, DI MARIA mentioned that coach Jorge SAMPAOLI did not make things easy on the team.

“Everything started badly, we barely got to the World Cup, nearly out. We tried to do our best but a team isn’t safe when you don’t have the same starting 11 that is repeated constantly, which was the case previously. SAMPAOLI liked to change and that complicated things for us a lot.”


  1. I like Dimaria
    Experienced Talented player
    Giving best performance in PSG
    He is the goal line of Neymar and Mbappe

    But still I don’t think he should be included…

    I repeat- no dimaria please

  2. They r apparently celebrating the END OF AN ERA, The ERA OF MESSI-CR7, Well we will see next year where Luka Modrics ass will be. It’s sad that Legendary Midfielders like Xavi and Iniesta haven’t won the Best player award once even in their prime, But Modric does Everyone knows that Modric is nowhere near those 2 Midfielders, But the history books will hail Modric as one of the best midfilder OMG. Sickkkkkkkkkk.

    • May be people have finally realized C-Ronaldo’s tap-ins were being supplied by Modric & Co.. and also his team made it to the final of the WC. I would say he was the best choice for the FIFA award this year..

    • “It’s sad that Legendary Midfielders like Xavi and Iniesta haven’t won the Best player award once even in their prime”

      Agree, very sad , yet Luka wins it!!!
      It shows how biased is this award.

      • If we consider The Best player based on performance and statistics, there will only be 1 winner always. That’s Messi, whatever we hate Cr7’s Statistics is always good. Whether tap in or not he somehow scores goal anywhere he plays (I hate him as a player by the way). As per Me Messi should have won 6 or 7 Best Player Awards including this Year. Cr7 deserves at least 3 or 4 too I guess.

        I just don’t understand on what basis these Awards are given. It is an Individual award right, Then why don’t they focus on that only. Modric wasn’t even the best Croatia player in the WC he even missed a Penalty too, Which infact almost made them crashed out. Rakitic was better than him, He has strong Nerves(As per me an underrated player)

        • I am lost on the basis of this award,too. You make perfect sense. It should be on individual performance, not based on collective results, then one of spain’s players should have won it between 2008 and 2012 If they applied the same criteria to give it to Luka this year because they won 3 consecutive major FIFA tournaments, and If it was based on individual performance Then Messi most likely should have won most of the awards in the past 10 years.
          it’s not double standards, it looks triple quadruple standards, because one of Argentina players most likely Messi should won it in 2014. If they want to apply the rules of giving it to Luka this year, they should apply it to 2014 WC and give it to Messi or a german player who won the CL and the WC like khedira.
          It seems to me that a player’s team has to win CL in order to be considered for the award, But Mbappe or Griezman did not win the CL and they are still nominated ahead of Messi. Christiano deserved the one he won in 2013 on individual performance. They gave it to him in 2014 when Portugal crashed out in group stage at the WC2014 !!!
          What is clear is that FIFA since Maradona times works against anything Argentine. You can see they are over hyping Brazilian players over Argentina players always.

          • There is the Answer. Its the CHAMPIONS LEAGUE where the secret lies in, All the other trophies comes behind that. Thats what the Europeans want. It will be like that unfortunately. They dont consider any other Continent Tournaments Like Copa Libe, etc etc.

            By the way then also Modric shouldn’t have won right. What about Varane? He won CL and WC. Its confusing. Well they wanted a Change so they decided Modric. Which is a disgrace for football. I would rather have been happy if it was given to a WC wining player. Mbappe may be. (I don’t like him either by the way, He is Fast though but that wont last forever.)

  3. One good thing the river Boca final in Madrid has done is tremendous publicity and surely a world wide audience. That’s about the only good thing from the shift in venue. So look at the positive man. It’s going to be like a world cup final

    • Yeah, You got a point in that, I hope what happened will not negatively impact Argentina football in a very bad way, AFA should still do something to show the world these things will not be tolerated. I am sure River and Boca will gain more global fans, though

  4. I don’t know why I see Argentina winning COPA19, regardless of who plays, I see it time and time again.
    Maybe I feel that Scaloni has something in the bag for us, and surely he will do his best to prove he is the right man for the job If he is hired as a permanent coach. Optimism is a good thing, or I am just getting desperate for a win in Brazil’s backyard?

    On one hand We have some of the best players in the world, but can not build a formidable team, on the other hand WE have hungry youngsters who are working hard to prove themselves to the rest of the world. If Scaloni can find the perfect balance between players, WE will do great. March is still far away, many things could change by then, Let us hope for the best. To me I really hope by then Our players -specially young ones- will perform better and better by each passing day, because without most of them it will be hard for us to win. Many here on mundo said that, If the likes of Pezzella, Paredes, Ascacibar, Pitty, Saravia, Lo celso played in Russia WE would have won the WC, So why not do that in COPA?

    I think the best balanced team that played in the last 6 friendlies was the one against Columbia, small tweaks to that roster and we should be golden.

    It’s true that Scaloni might not be tactically gifted -because of poor experience- But he did good for what he has. Selection wise, I think he is scanning for best possible combination of players, It’s clear that he has a list of 15 or so players that he is sure they will be in the 23, but looking for other players to fill in the gaps. I even think that everything that was done lately was done on purpose to say WE have no choice but call some of the seniors back For COPA, Otherwise he would not be calling so many players and changing formations that radically. I might be mistaken, but it looks that way as If it was a plan between Tapia and the technical management (Scaloni and Aimar).

    In any case, it was great to see so many promising young talent and Scaloni has my total support and would not blame him or blame anyone if we fail(god forbid) to win COPA.

    • I realy believe we will win
      If we don’t shoot ourselves as normal
      I mean wrong choice of players
      Too much pressure from Argentina
      Media and the rest of the world.
      Without pressure we will win

  5. The topic of the old vs the new rears it’s ugly head again. My stance has always been the same, Lio is always welcome (even though I hope he only joins when there is a proper team with a proper style and plan to welcome him back) while Kun and Romero should be on the bench since the former is still one of the finest strikers out there while the latter has always been dependable in a position that Argentina is struggling with now.
    Lots of people are calling for Maria and Banega to be included and while I don’t see the need for either of them I again wouldn’t be against them being on the bench where they can sub and lend a hand to younger up and comers in their positions likes Pity and Paredes.

    • mostly agree, friend.

      Di Maria could be a great super sub with pace and his ability to score and passing, and Banega could really help retain possession towards the end.

      For Stiker between Aguero and Icardi, starting spot should go to whomever is performing better and suits the starting tactics. Regardless, what an insane pair to have as options. most countries dream to have what we have. If Icardi isn’t doing well, then freaking AGUEEEERROOO subs in or vice versa. Both players strike fear into the hearts of opponents. Were lucky to have them.

  6. Behave like a Argentina fan not old guard supporters or young guards or looser Maradona fan and messi hater. The Best Argentina squad must be selected to avoid the repetition of 2010. Aguero is currently world best striker if simeone selected ahead of him then it will be the insult of football. I believe Dimaria will be more useful than cervi pity etc as pavon backup. As a Argentina fan just want best team selection and win the copa.

  7. Players should be selected solely because of current form and team requirements not for past reputation or friendship/team chemistry or Age factor. If Dimaria justified his call up he should be in the squad, according to me Romero Otamendi Marcado Dimaria benega Aguero Messi are in plan for copa, strongest team should be selected and no inform players left home or experimental players or past reputed players must not be in the squad

  8. When Aime jacquet took over france. Players like cantona, ginola were better players than some of the youngsters back then. What did he do he omitted them and was proven right.
    Deschamps did the same.

    2000 euro germany just like us took an old stars team and were in shambles triggering a change and implementing a project that they benefited from.

    Someone who has played football knows that chemistry is one of the most important factors.
    Some players are great but cant play together.
    A big tree needs to be cut for the smaller tree to grow.
    Great players set an example, cantona and ginola didnt for france so they had to be cut to let zhe likes if zidane etc to flourish.
    Common sense.
    I have seen pastore play playmaker where either messi, di maria or higuain/ aguero dropped and took the ball from his feet. This is a bad example and they will probably do the same to paredes/ lo celso pr whoever is playing that role.
    They have also dont help defensively. They think they are all stars so we become unbslanced.
    Play as a team and you are welcome. We have messi as our luxury player we dont need 3-4 luxury players.

    • Yes important to have the balance. French NT example is a good example. Ginola was banned anyway. I have heard a story that Jacquet proposed to Cantona a central forward role but he refused, he wanted the playmaker role, that’s why he was dropped. Recently Deschamps dropped Benzema who is their best player because he believed in Giroud’s defensive contribution and physical strength, Mbappe’s speed and Griezmann’s intelligence.

      That’s why I don’t see Kun and Messi can play together anymore. And if Messi back, he should play as half 9 and focus on the last pass and scoring. He should let the younger players to take more responsibility. I like the position in which he played in 2016-2017 with Barca. 9-half in a 442.

  9. Argentina doesn’t need any old guard
    Player the afa only need messi
    Cose he is million dollar money
    Let me tell you arg had great generation
    Like Mario kempes generation
    maradona generation
    Simeone and bati generation
    Requelme and aimar saviola
    Generation.. after all that arg survived
    I’m sure albicelestes won’t missing
    Masch generation there is not point
    Crying for some old guard to come bk
    I’m 100 percent convinced Arg are
    Better off without old guard
    Let the parades palacios ‘ lo celso
    And rest play without no pressure
    Than we will win copa America
    Masch generation played three world cup
    Three copa America they had too much
    Time .. they had thier chance
    Let us move forward please

    • Aguero still insane..couldn’t be happier with our new combo of Aguero + Icardi. Otamendi still best our defender and Romero always dependable. Di Maria and Banega will have to compete against the other guys. Id like to see Lo Celso, Lamela, Paredes, etc start ahead of Banega but if Scaloni sees he’s performing better, i certainly wouldn’t mind. Applies to all players but I’ll take form and contribution over rolling the dice with “potential” and speculation.

      As for Messi, AFA don’t “only need Messi” for money. don’t think i need to expand……

      The “move forward” part is purely subjective because i feel the opposite. i see we’ve already moved forward with what we have. including these guys is not regressive by any means.

  10. 6th match in a row where OGC Nice goalkeeper Walter Benitez saved his net from the goal, is he not better than benchwarmers Gazzanigga, Rulli (this season) or Romero (maybe out of form)?

    • Yes and also Musso. We need a goalkeeper badly. As long as Lloris is there Gazzinga will not play. I remember him also at Southampton, made some mistakes do for me he must prove himself to play instead of Musso and Benitez who are playing great week in and week out.

          • But he can save in one to one situation and passing accuracy is not ass horrible as musso, have you ever watched that musso playing?
            You dont know anything. A brainless guy will only want musso in NT. He is always conceeding goals for udinese.

        • I have seen musso but The last time i have seen Romero he cost us a game against Brazil.
          1 game played an error. Great statistic.
          The next time we will see him play will be at copa where he will cost us.
          Where ever i go I see the same ho.
          Wherever Romerogoes he is reserve keeper.

          • > Romero he cost us a game against Brazil.

            what a lie or just straight bullshit. he didnt cost the game. there were 3 brazilians standing in front of Romero with Pezzella and Simeone standing staring at them yet you blame Romero?? give me break.

            > Wherever Romero goes he is reserve keeper.

            who gives a fuck. hes been reserve for ever and hes been incredible for the NT.

    • I was just reading a french article about Benitez’s massive contribution to Nice’s defense and how the team has become a fortress.
      Benitez is impressive and should be called, Gazzaniga has been impressive and should keep getting call ups while Armani and Romero bring experience and should be in the running.
      Rulli has lost his form but I must admit that his distribution is world class (even though his decision making isn’t) so maybe I was rash before when I said that he has no future with the NT, but for now he’s 5th choice at most.

    • Great video my friend, You know I never watched Argentina live until last September vs Columbia, and I felt very good, for all the younger players that were there, I felt good. Some said no one was there, they mean the old stars, I said, so what it is still the Argentina I love!
      Messi, no Messi, or anyone else, life does not stop, and so supporting the TANGO team does not stop, until death!

      Hay que alentar hasta la muerte…
      porque a Argentina la quiero …
      porque es un sentimiento …
      la llevo en el corazón.

      • yes my friend exactly.
        how many passed
        how many come and
        how many will come.

        Generations come and go
        but Argentina will remain forever.

        just as i had told you in past i have problem and i don t like 2 type of people.

        those with SHORT MEMORY which they FORGET EASY.
        and those which don t know to say 1 THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES and keep it in their hearts.

        maybe like human i am very emotional person and this is not good maybe
        but this is me my friend.
        i will not change for any reason.

  11. Like pekerman keeping messi on the bench was a mistake, so has been not building with younger players by integrating them just after the world cup 2014.

    Apologists back then said we must ein the copa! We lost.
    After copa apologists said we must win the copa 2016! We lost!
    After the copa apologists said we cant trust younger players so we must qualify with experienced players wnd we barely qualified.
    Apologist said it is to
    Late now to intergrate young players just before the world cup! We became a joke.
    Those people insisted lo celso not playing was good.
    Just foolish people.
    Those people want now again that we bank on the older players and sfter we lose they still will insist on older player and will want older players playing and history will repeat itself.

    As far as zanetti, cambiasso goes they werent called because they were old. Veron was almost 40 a starter. Maradona was crazy and hated on them.
    In form player should always be called no matter what age and maradona was wrong.
    Calling out of form players like mascherano rojo buglia and some others in 2018 is also wrong. They called them on past reputation while better players were benched or left at home.

    Cant support injustice. Never have never will. No matter what age if you play great fine if not you will not play. You cant live on past reputation.

    • Again your baseless statement as you shoud know playing final at international level is not easy , those players fought very hard for that . Tell me a football nations who played 3 consecutive finals its only argentina .
      European football has evolved alot for south american football team its hard to compete with them. How many finals brazil has played in last 10 years , its only argentina due to lionel messi. They were just unlucky not to win a trophy or may be due to choker higuian at big moments . But its not anybody’s fault because anyone would have taken a player of higuan’s ability in starting11 , what his goal against belgium in 1/8 WC 2014.You are calling them apologist its shame you are calling yourself a argentine fan .

  12. My expectations for the following players to be in COPA19
    Banega 60%
    Di Maria 80%
    Otamendi 90%
    Marcado 90%
    Romero 90%
    Messi 90%
    Aguero 95%


    Regardless if they play or not, I will not be upset, but still support the team with total respect to the players and so should all fans around the globe.

    • you are as always one pure voice of one true Argentina fan.

      there is not many here unfortunately that support the team regardless who is playing.
      regardless if the players that playing is somebody they like or not.

      hat off for you my friend.



    • > supporting the albiceleste 100%

      Agreed. “Support the players” is a foreign concept to many ungrateful jackasses here. Spoiled brats cry and talk so much shit.

      Supporting and lifting team moral is crucial to success!

  13. Di Maria is a world class player no doubt, and he has great things for Argentina when he was 100% committed. I would gladly have him back in the NT, but not as a starter, I believe it is better to start the other young kids and have him more as a power sub.

    • I would even go as far as having him as a backup, ONLY. I am almost certain Scaloni will do the right thing to the benefit of the team. If We agree that the door should not be closed to anyone who can give an addition to the strength of the NT, then WE should just keep the door open for the best at that specific moment of time.

  14. Maradona Dropped Zanetti and Cambiasso while they just won the CL and were still playing main roles in inter, because they were ‘OLD’ in 2010, and WE all know how that ended. same fans who said let’s build a team around Messi and the younger generation are now calling for the same thing again.It seems that no one learns from past experiences.

      • But they were considered failures in 2014,2015,2016 !!
        Loosing the potential of competing for a major tournament because WE think- I repeat, WE think – will win another major tournament 4 years or 8 years later sounds great, right?
        Friendlies are for trying new players, not major FIFA tournaments.

      • @ karl
        But what happened in 2010 , so you are ready to give up 2019.
        Yes he gave them chance but tell me young player who is on same level on young messi , higuian and di maria.
        Those were argentina’s golden generation they just won the U-20 WC.

  15. Let’s put the truth in the debate……
    Undoubtedly Di Maria is a world class player playing vital role in top club PSG with so many goals and assists……is any young player better than him???….No…..

    Not better but close to him are…….pity.. angel Correa …Pavon…j Correa…..
    We have enough options…….we sld not build a team around 30+ aged player undoubtedly a best in world in his position but it’s time to move on…….

    • COPA is around the corner, We are not building a team around old players, WE are just asking for continuity and inject new blood into the NT. Whether DI MAria or anyone else will be there is up to the coach

  16. Any news about boca or river travelling to madrid ?

    Regarding di maria …
    this is not how things work ,,, he played in 3 Wc and 4 or 5 copa america
    So Enough is enough .
    Even Zanetti did not get that much chances ,,,

  17. Thiago Almada scored yesterday for velez ….lets see if he will be included in u20 sudamericano. Usually 17 yrs dont get selected in u20 but there are interesting players i.e, Almada, Palacios, Pellegrini and Gaston veron. In case of Palacios, aimer would have surely selected him but not sure about Cambiasso’s squad.

    • Almada will be next year 18 years old so he can’t be selected for U-17. He will be selected for U-20 if only Velez will release him. We should depend there mostly on the team from COTIF tournament with little additions like Almada, De La Vega:


      …..Barreal………..Almada……….De La Vega


      Balerdi, Almendra, Pereyra, Barreal, De La Vega, Almada, Gaich are already getting playing time in Superliga.

      • The back 5(including gk) should be same as it is in COTIF but the forwards can have some experiments, players like Benj. Garre, Chancalay, maxi Romero would be nice addition to the squad

      • If we dont want that chicken football as against Uruguay, need players like Almada and Carlos Insaurralde from San Lorenzo (most precise passer in PD this year) who are comfortable with the ball and can keep possession. Maroni too. (he is/was on a complete different level passing-wise than the others).

        • “most precise passer in PD this year”

          LOL. Do you have watched any single game of San Lorenzo this season?! Of course not. My second favourite team in league. I’m watching every their match. And Insauralde is not good so far. Just mediocree. Your statements is coming from pure stats. His passes are safe, without taking a risk hence they are correct but not enough creative. You are tottally absurdal with your ‘on paper’ ‘laboratory, ‘theory’ knowledge. Totall nonsense.

          Man, just start to watch live games.

        • “If we dont want that chicken football as against Uruguay”

          Against Uruguay with 10 man?! This is the only weak game of our U-20 team on COTIF tournament and of course you are referring to the game, troll. WHy not to final of that tournament. Where you were then?!

    • Thats a real talent, 17 years old and better than 99% of primera players, the improving potential is huge, not like in Pity Martinez and co (why nobody wants him except Atlanta if he is better than Di Maria LOL), i hope Almada will not fuck his career like Barco, go in a big european club sooner or later, if he is good enough success will instantly comes (Mbappe, Sancho, Dembele etc.)

      • you are stupid as always. Never will learn. Barco fuck up his career?!!! What a idiot!!! He is 19 years old.

        ” if he is good enough success will instantly comes ”

        Instantly?!! Only someone who know nothing about football and growing to seccess may say such things. You are not only most stupid member here. You are most stupid man I ever knew.

        BTW If best player of River, Pity Martinez, is shit so what is River then?!What is River doing in final of CL?

        • UCL? Thats Uefa Champions league, we will see against Real Madrid how good that guy, neither (except very young talents) from the best 1000 players play in South America, CL my ass…africans do say the same about the african champions league or asians about asian champions league? No they are not so dumb as you IDIOT

      • LOL idiot, real talents are close to Golden Ball before or close to 20 years old and super accelerated (Messi, Ronaldo, CR, Mbappe, Neymar, Aguero, Kaka, Rooney etc etc etc), even our best talents in recent years were on different level than Primera before 20 (Riquelme, Aimar, Banega, Gago, Mascherano, Di Maria, Tevez, Higuain, Aguero, Dybala, Angel Correa) and real talents never fail anywhere (De Paul, Cartabia, Joaquin Correa, Ocampos, Kranevitter, Vietto, Paredes, Lo Celso and co.) With new Cervi and Gonzalo Martinez or De Paul (small club player period) ARG will always be mediocre. Idiot. And suck your clown Mezas dick!

        • “even our best talents in recent years were on different level than Primera before 20 (Riquelme, Aimar, Banega, Gago, Mascherano, Di Maria, Tevez, Higuain, Aguero, Dybala, Angel Correa)”

          LOL What a prophet! Just ‘post factum’. The true is if you were man responsible for what happend to them in their youthness you could certainly laugh at them just like do today.

          what could you say about young Mascherano being called up straightly from River reserves to NT? Something like “NT is joke thesedays. Or Tevez called up for Copa America 2004. You could say then: where is Batistuta, Veron, Simeone… LOL DYbala?! We all heard many times what you think about him. Angel Correa? Did he won any U-20 WC? What could you say when he was yet San Lorenzo player? Assuredly the things you are talking about current Argentina talents.
          BTW “Instantly”? So how was Correa shining instantly for Atletica? Even now he has problems. And I remember very well what you are talking about him during Olimpic Games chamaeleon.

  18. @mrinal1235

    Can you please stop spread baseless opinions?
    “Pity is not a winger anymore he lost his speed even in river plate, he plays as a playmaker”
    – not true (and that comes from someone who had said himself he is not watching Superliga because it’s not worth of it). Pity is playing both the positions. And if Gallardo is positionig him as playmaker, instead winger it’s just becuase his playmaking abilities and not his lack of speed on wings. In fact, if positioned more centrally he is presenting himself everywhere: on both wings and in the middle. Just like it was in first CL final. How can you say Pity lost his speed being 25 yo? Your ignorance match your arrogance. Your opinion here is just baseless copy of Csabalala words. No wonder the two once again together,

    ” j correa is too slow and ineffective in that position his energy level too low”

    Was not you the man who have said he will never play in starting eleven of Lazio? Just to remember : he started last weekend, had assist and was one of the best on the pitch. Actually he starts to contribute regularly to goals of his team. So please shut out your arrogance.

    De Paul? Yes I have compared his to Zidane but only in style of playing, and only someone well known for his own dishonest may intruthfully distort my thoughts. You did that and Csabalala did that. No wonder the two again.

    • In term of style of playing, J Correa, De Paul are the kind of partner, fast and high work rate, always mobile, that Messi would like to have in attack. Hope J Correa keep on progressing and have his place secured in this 352 of Lazio. It’s actually a good system for him with more freedom.

      Funny, I found De Paul quite similar to Figo with his moves on the pitch, his shots, his strength mixed with great techniques.

  19. Let’s forget about the age and his previous contribution, just look at his recent performance. I don’t see any significant change from him. For example his match vs Liverpool, it was quite crap. Still the same player who may disappear during the game, very insufficient for a midfielder. In L1, the same, 1 good match followed by 2 bad ones. Of course he can always surprise the opponent by his dribbles or corner kick but now, at this moment, it is more a luxury to have him than necessary. Maybe as a sub, as he can play on both sides in attack but definitely only a secondary role, should give chance to Pity, De Paul, Cervi and Co.

  20. DiMaria’s having a pretty good season at PSG. But if he comes back to NT where would he play? His role at PSG is quite different from how we view him in Argentine team. Often times he is applied centrally or even on the right. Or occasionally Tuchel even puts him in left midfield to cover area behind Neymar. It seems most fans would like to see him in the old role of a pacy left winger opening up the right side channel and dumping balls on Icardi’s forehead with his cross. But this is not really something that he does at club level anymore. It’s an open question mark if he still has those abilities. And though he is quite experienced, everyone needs more than two friendlies to come back and readjust to a role they haven’t been used in all season.

    Of course he could be used like PSG use him; in freer central to right roles, but we have more capable players for that. The only area to use him would be as a super sub in my opinion. But you can only carry one such profile in your 23. I have generally viewed Pavon to be the designated super-sub of this group (with maybe A Correa as alternate). Is DiMaria a better option there? Really I think it’s a coin toss. But when you’re constructing the squad, it will basically come down to one spot for those three for that role. In other words, I don’t think he belong in the 11, but I won’t necessarily be upset if I see him in the 23 as it would depend on whose spot he took.

  21. Why are you guys bringing Messi into this discussion. Messi has single-handedly carried Argentina on his shoulders for last 10 years!! Every fcuking manager tried their best make it worst for him but he never gave up. Messi who was already the best striker in the whole national team in 2006 had to painfully watch his beloved Argentina crash out of the world cup from the bench, while bench warmers like Saviola and Juilo cruz and Chelsea bench warmer Crespo were leading the attack (no offense to Crespo).Maradona dropped Riquelme, Zanneti and Cambiasso in 2010 and went absolutely crazy against Germany in the quarters. Sabella by far the best coach we have had in the last decade, took a team full of injured players in 2014. After him came non stop hiring and firing of imbeciles and we all know what happened in 2018!!
    If we want to win the next two Copas and the world cup Messi is a MUST . Barring any unfortunate injury, with his extremely fit body and determination he should easily make it to the next world cup still being the no-1 player in the world. I don’t see anyone overtaking him in the next 3-4 years. He doesn’t need to run 100 miles per hour.. he will make the ball run for him.

    However, when it comes to Dimaria and Banega it’s a completely different story. As many of us has stated here multiple times , what has Dimaria done after that goal against Switzerland in the 2014 WC????? When was the last time you see him making a proper cross?? How many times has this player lost possession because of his unnecessary dribbling?? He is more of a striker now a days than a winger. He doesn’t track back and waits for the ball like Messi and Aguero. We can’t afford that. We have better players now and he shouldn’t even be on the bench. Banega is Mr consistent for us.. inconsistently consistent!! What exactly has this player done for the national team???? At the age of 30 he is already lost 50% of his pace. He has one good game and 10 worst game follows after that!! One pass to Messi in the world cup and all of you want him back in the team. It wasn’t a great ball, it was a very difficult pass and only player like Messi could score with that kind of pass. Moreover he is defensively weak. Bringing back Dimaria and Banaga would not only stop the progress of our young team but their inconsistency will cost us another tournament. In Aguero’s case, right now he is in red hot form so I don’t mind him playing for us. He is the best striker in the world at the moment and the reason he hasn’t scored for us in the past was because he was always injured. But after that surgery before the world cup he looks much fitter. Aguero should play for us in the Copa, he will no doubt make us stronger. Otamendi for now should be in the team , as he is the most experienced defender . Funes mori is very error prone and Foyth promising but very young and inexperienced . Right now Otamendi seems to be the right partner for our best CB Pezzella. About Romero, he was missed in the wc no doubt but less we use him and give chance to the young keepers the better for us.

      • A bunch of blind fans are the ones crying for Di Maria, Banega and the rest of the oldies.

        Players who failed to deliver a single trophy at their peak are now expected by their fans to deliver the Copa. That is counter-intuitive!

        I have a faith in Scaloni that he will continue with the youngsters at the Copa but if he opts to call those oldies knocking at the door except Messi and Romero then there is no hope of even qualifying from the group stage. Those useless greedies don’t know how to hang up their boots, so Scaloni has to tell them there are kids who already have replaced them and their business with the NT has ended for good.

        • Both Martino and Bauza were trying a little new players but only when important moments were coming we were stepping back to the older ones. Now again the same? They will one by one backing to NT? What kind of refor is that?

    • Actually in defense even Pezzella is still so so. I have doubt on the partnership Pezzella-Otamendi as both are slow but at this moment, there seems to be no better option.

      Aguero is so good with his club because the whole team playing for him. He is supported by great midfielders and fast wingers on both side, has freedom to drop deep. In NT, if Messi comes back, not sure that will work. I think there is kind of overlap between them. I don’t think it’ll be good to have an attack with 2 players over 34 years old in 4 years.

  22. Sorry Di maria with all due respect we do not want you in team.But for the people who think that player like Pavon should be in the team just for the sake of younger player are not right either.I do not like superliga player all are average Pavon Meza Enzo Pablo Perez.

  23. Thiago Almada scored again for Velez last night. His ball control and finishing is something that he is really gifted with. Pretty sure he will move to europe very soon.

    • Velez is much more than Almada when it comes to NT prospects. No wonder Vargas (again with assist yesterday), Gimenez were already called up, while call up for Dominguez (he scored one week ago) seems to be only matter of time. The same with Lucas Robertone. I think with his verssitile skills he is very much in Scaloni’s type of midfielder (just like Palacios or Zaracho). He scored previous weekend, he score this time. ATM it looks like Heinze is excluding one of Robertone/Almada from eleven as both play same position. For me there’s place for bothe them with poor most of the season players like Bouzat and Ramis. Anyway both Robertone and Almada are shining recently.

      Almada and Alvaro Barreal are players for upcoming Sudamericano. The second was our best on COTIF tournament. Add to that Pedro De La Vega and Adolfo Gaich and that team might be full of potentiall.

      To that think Caseres of Villarreal who just starts his European career and we may understand how fantastic bunch of youngsters Velez released within last year.

  24. SMH…First it was Romero, Then now this guy, Whats happening..Seems like these guys never want to stop serving Argentina NT i guess..Goshh

  25. Ok.
    What if we called all the older guys who according to some here are the best and we still lose?
    Let me remind you those players barely made it through the qualifiers and France toyed with us.
    What have we gained by losing with older players?
    If these guys play the pressure is to win !
    We are not sacrificing the copa because there is no guarantee we will win with the oldies either. The teend is we are going to lose it either way. Bet on the future, in 4 years the youngsters will be better than those players you die for.

    For those people who cant imagine life without the 2005/07 generation I have to say this. Most of them will come back. Most of them will play at Copa. If we fail we will blame Scaloni. Some other coach will be hired. Your heros will retire and later come back for Copa 2020. Because they are little bitches. Dont commit suicide because they will be back. Shut up and lets hope for the best.

    • > What if we called all the older guys who according to some here are the best and we still lose?

      What if we call youngsters and still lose? Let’s call Simeone instead of Aguero. Cervi instead of Messi. Foyth instead of Otamendi. Fucking brilliant decision making. Kudos

      > Let me remind you those players barely made it through the qualifiers and France toyed with us.

      Let me remind you that responsibility mostly lies on Sampa – one of the worst coaches ever. Any comment that only talks shit and seniors and ignores Sampa is absolutely worthless.

      > What have we gained by losing with older players?

      Probabilty of winning is highest with these guys but fuck it, let’s reduce our chances because Mundo arm chair experts say so.

      > The teend is we are going to lose it either way.

      What a shitty attitude.

      > Bet on the future, in 4 years the youngsters will be better than those players you die for.

      Sure, they have ample time after Copa. 3 years

      > If we fail we will blame Scaloni. Some other coach will be hired.

      Well scaloni hasn’t shown Jack shit when it comes to attacking tactics so yeah, another coach will be hired. That’s obvious.

      > Because they are little bitches

      Just went full retard with this comment. Friend, never go full retard… never ever..

      • Barbrady
        – Losing with youth and developing is still more beneficial than losing with oldies who are questionable and played horrible just some months ago. Then we end up playing the youngster in the 3rd game of the group at the world cup like we did with Aimar in 2002 to save our asses and destroying our future.

        – I cant remember Sampaoli (I was a fierce critic of his at the world cup and before) being coach during 2016, Martino, Bauza, Sampaoli are all to be blamed but the players never. BOTH SUCKED!

        – What chances are you talking? I was called a hater a moron, crazy by people like when I said Sampoali sucks and the friends club suck so we will fail badly.
        You don’t know shit, All the members know here that I was mostly right since 2006.

        – Losing with youngsters and building a team for the future is for me acceptable but losing with veterans who passed their prime and will regress for 2022 and earlier is unacceptable.

        – You are just one generation fan, while I am Argentina fan.
        don’t worry your hereos will come back and let’s hope for the best.
        don’t cry dry your eyes little bitch because you got your bitchness from your idols instilled in you.
        No matter who play even if Biglia will come back i will hope for a win.

        • -> don’t cry dry your eyes little bitch because you got your bitchness from your idols instilled in you.


          I told you to never go full retard but you decide to double down on full retard. Certainly living up to your name.

          (Lol at the Snoop Gin and Juice reference)

    • @Ghostdeini
      Your comment is baseless as always .
      Talk logically , dont talk like a 10 year old kid who knows the name a some players and start crying about them. Football works on tactics , tell me a proper replacement of di maria in that position.

      • “tell me a proper replacement of di maria in that position”

        Proper? Even some Di Maria fans are talking left wing is not his proper postion and that he needs to play inverted winger. With him on the left wing we have generally myriads of poor crosses.

        • Poor crosser , if you dont know anything better dont open your mouth , check the stats di maria is 3rd most sucessful crosser in europe after riberry and payet. So again you dont have idea what are you talking about. J correa and pity both are 25 now and not fast enough stop telling again and again that they are fast , i dont think they will improve anymore at this age ,they are upside down to their career. Cervi watch him against bayren munich , he is not good enough.
          And de paul to zidane i am still laughing.

          • “3rd most sucessful crosser in europe after riberry and payet”

            For sure not in NT. One of the worst on the NT level.

          • “J correa and pity both are 25 now and not fast enough stop telling again and again that they are fast”

            Here is what you knows about our players. Correa is 24 not 25. Just one year older than A.COrrea who you are promoting so much.

        • What is the advantage of playing with two strikers if we dont dont have a inverted winger as we already dont have world class full backs.
          Dimaria’s goal against france had nothing to do with luck becauase he had this many times before against germany, against barcelona, against lyon and recently against napoli.
          What about argentina’s second goal against france where di maria completely destroyed pogba and pavard togther. This you are the biggest liar and manupulator on this blog.

        • Agree, If Scaloni wants Di maria on the left wing, he should not call him and use Acuna, Pavon or Cervi instead. Di Maria with all respect to his work for the NT, did not impress much as a left winger.He can do much better on the right. Please watch Argentina vs Peru in WC2018 qualifiers where he played on the right.

        • @Gonzalo
          ” Your account is just another account of unwanted here member. Seasonal account”
          i know whats going on in your mind
          Csabalala , becasue he is only who doesnt agree on your baseless comment unlike some of your blind followers here and proves you wrong logically.
          But i am not him and i also dont agree with you .
          So plz stop calling my account as fake you coward dog.
          I always appreciate your knowledge about young argentine players all over the world but your football tactical knowlege is very poor.

      • I am still waiting to be taught tactics by you!
        I applied in your course some weeks ago and still didn’t get an answer.
        Professor tactic enlighten us how you never kicked a ball in your life.
        I am beginning to think that you don’t know shit!
        what is your team?
        How do you set plays?
        How would you play?
        Tell us how!
        Maybe Scaloni would learn from you.

        • @Ghostdeini
          Your comment seems like 7 year old kid who just started watching football and learned some names of footballer and starts crying about them.
          Its hard to teach you because you dont know ABC of this game and how the hell are you allowed to talk about football.

          • Mrinal

            Ghostdeini is here one of the oldest members.

            You are here just few months. Your account is just another account of unwanted here member. Seasonal account and world champion in arrogance as well really deplorable knowledge about our other players than old Top 10.

          • Show me minion. Why do you chicken out? Coward. Show me your tactical know how! You know shit. Unlike you I have played team football and have been in trsining session of france’s euro 96 team, and in south africa’s 98 world cup team and countless bundesliga teams. Little minion. Zidane.

        • @Ghostdeini
          Which tactic do you want to know? , i played for my school team and now i play regulatly for my college team at RB position.
          So what thing do you want know?

          Unlike you I have played team football and have been in trsining session of france’s euro 96 team, and in south africa’s 98 world cup team and countless bundesliga teams”
          I appreciate you for this but the way you talk it looked the scope of your football intrest and knowledge is limited.

          • You played soccer? :p okay I am not going to laugh at you.
            I want to know:
            1. Formation
            2. Starting line up
            3. What kind football you want to play. Meaning style.
            4. How you are going to solve the defiencies the Argentinian nt has.
   you are going to defend.
            6.give reasons for your decisions.
            7. Which coach do you admire the most present or future in Argentina.
            8. Defend him.

          • 1. For argentina i will go for 4-2-3-1 formation.This formation can avoid weakness of having no wide players.
            Mercado. Otamendi. Pezella. Acuna
            Paredes. Ascacibar
            Correa. Messi. Lo celso
            Acuna instead of tagliafico because he is fast , better cosser so lo celso can help him in defence and can drift to midfield when acuna is on the wing.
            3 . I will choose zonal play style for NT.
            4.except messi and aguero everyone can defend , so argentina needs to create more cohesiveness among players.
            5. Double pivot ascacibar will help mercado and paredes will help acuna and lo celso can cover their position.
            7. At present i would choose tata martino because he has very good in linking up the players knowledge for future gallardo.

    • True Ghostdeini,

      what is most false insinuation is that Di Maria is our best on his position. On what base people are saying such things? Where is the prove? The prove is on WC and last 2 years in NT. But actually that’s only proves something quite different: he is not good. As you’ve said he is part of the team that barely reach 1/8 of WC. Yes, he did completely nothing in that WC. One nice goal with good dose of luck is far too little.

      People say as if the oldies were guarantee of anything good on Copa. That is laughable because they just proved on WC and qualifiers being disfunctional. Just please do not talk it’s just Sampaoli. It’s only easy excuse. You can judge things only in wide view while the wide view is unambiguous: they were poor whole qualifiers, friendlies and WCs – under 3 coaches. No coincidence.

      Cervi, Pity – they have already his first goals in NT having only scanty minutes in NT. De Paul is on fire. How can we do such stupid things to think again about Di Maria with the players promising on their beginnings. There’s no reason not to play with them still. That would be simply unfair.

      • Gonzalo
        On paper Di Maria is a great player on the field for Argentina he is not.
        What these two morons who will commit suicide don’t understand is that individual play always loses against team play.
        They have never played organized football that is for sure so they don’t know about chemistry, teamwork, two way players, players who move without the ball.
        They are in the wrong sport.
        They want to play American football: 6 players defenders, 4 forwards. Friends they are, chemistry they don’t have, unbalanced team.

    • “For those people who cant imagine life without the 2005/07 generation I have to say this.”

      I don’t think anyone cant imagine life without any player, eventually things will always run their course, that is nature. so this sentence gone overboard. I don’t understand why some here only see and imply the extremes. extremes are bound to fail.

      ” Your heros will retire and later come back for Copa 2020. ”

      If you are Argentina supporter they should be your heroes, too. All NT players are my heroes, including past, current and future NT players, all are the same in my book.

      Who is implying that they all will come back in 2019,2020 or 2022?

      Remember friend, Extremes don’t solve any problem. Complementary solutions do. We need players to complement each other, and that’s how we maximize our efforts to win COPA.

      • Of course they are also my heroes. Just like any oher Argentina player. The problem is for some they are the only heroes.
        I am not dumb, I know some of them will come back so I will support no matter what.
        The problem will some of tou support the team or continue to hope that they fail just because the silver generation is not part of this team?
        People hope that the youngsters fail just so they can hope the dilver generation comes back.
        They are not Argentina fans all they are is Messi or silver generation fans.
        By the way I love messi the player like no other. But i am
        Not married to him.

        • Anyone who is Argentina fan just because of Messi or any other player’s fan, should follow that player in Barca site or their corresponding club . The way I see it, some here think are just Messi’s or Di Maria fan. Sure few exist but not many.
          It’s great When We are the fans come to a mutual agreement, and so should the players and the coach.
          As I said before, I am willing to call on Roman, diego,gabriel ,Javier (Zanetti) ,cambiasso …etc to maximize our chances for COPA. BUt I will always look forward for a win even If Scaloni fields 10 years old players. To wish for failure is not called for.

          • Ebo
            Like mentioned above it is not about age for me.
            Those players you mentioned were wrongly omitted. But than again mascherano rojo biglia etc were wrongly included and played instead of better players in 2018. Just be just. Thats all. Banega is one of my favorite players and do is Aguero. Messi who doesnt like him as a player? I love him. My point is Argentina is first and if it means without Messi so be it. I believe he will come back but all I want is no package deals. Just because messi is there doesnt mean biglia should be.

  26. There must be a mix between youth and experience and let’s just be honest… dimaria is one of Argentina’s top Of course he is ! He should be on team for the Copa and would be a great super sub.. and if you would pick Martinez or Simeone before Aguero at this moment in their careers… you should be coaching with Diego in Mexico!! Lol PS let’s not go overboard on youth! There must be leadership and experience as well

  27. Oh yea… don’t let the “friends club” come back… let’s just keep calling up new players every international break and then when the Copa comes keep playing new lineups every game as well.
    Because if the “oldies” couldn’t click like that, I’m sure these new guys will!

    Scaloni is just another Sampaoli, how is nobody seeing this? He is doing the EXACT same thing Sampaoli did before the World Cup, calling up random players, no idea in mind, and hoping that they’ll just click. He’s not even calling guys of quality, just guys who had one good game and they’re deemed good enough for the team, guys like Gaston Gimenez,Kanneman, Funes Mori, Cervi, De Paul, Acuna, etc. Bet you if most of these guys walked in the streets of Europe NOBODY would know who they are!

    He’s Sampaoli 2.0, but since he’s calling up fan favorites, people like him. Aguero scores like 6 goals in 12 games or such for Argentina from 2017-2018, two of those in the World Cup against France and Iceland, but he’s not good enough, meanwhile in like 10 games that Icardi has played these past two years, he scores one goal and is the next big thing?

    I guess it’ll take us getting eliminated in the group stage for people to realize this… and also losing the first 5 qualifier games before AFA realizes they should get rid of him.

    • I would not go as far as saying Scaloni is Sampaoli 2.0
      I think Scaloni knows exactly what he is doing, unlike Sampoli.
      But I agree to your points when many are willing to sacrifice the coming tournaments of COPA19 and COPA20 just because they don’t want to see certain players in the NT. They even go as far as believing that the players We have now, have enough time to melt together and form a strong team, as if it is a given fact.
      When you go to a horse race, you don’t shoot your best horse because he came close to win, but did not, and then substitute him with a weaker horse and expecting him to perform better just because the older horse had his chances !!
      The right thing to do is always take your best horse to race whether he been to many races or not.
      So the best player who is in the better form should always play.

      • You are right. Let the old horse run the race till it drops dead one day. Then the weaker horse can take over. There are even older horses which can still run like Aimar. Riquelme. Cambiasso. Milito etc etc etc

        • Maybe better call Argentina U17, Hey they are new young horses !

          being sarcastic just show desperation. Who is taking about Riquelme or cambiasso …etc.

          That’s what you good at, throwing unrelated names to the subject to show weakness and try to prove an unfounded fact. sarcasm can only go so far. The best players should play and will play, regardless of whether you like it or not.

  28. Thank you Noodle for all your services. You have been a glorious servant of Argentine Football. However you must understand that there is a end to everything and Argentina as a team will be fine without you from now onwards.

    Please announce retirement from International football with immediate effect and make way for the new boys to prove their worth.

  29. These guys want to keep coming back till the next world cup and our coaches do not have the balls to say no to them. The friends club vwill try to re enter. This is a test for Scaloni. Let’s see how he faces this problem. I am sure he would have anticipated this for quite sometime now.

    • Could you please name all members of the ‘friends club’?
      The way I see it, If, and Only If, the ‘friends club’ existed in the manner portrayed by the media and some fans, It sure does not exist anymore. and there is no chance of it happening, So Let’s just relax and let the coach do his work.

  30. Scaloni need to be consistent in bringing the new young guns. Forget the old guards except Messi. They got their times with the N/T already. It is a backwards to recall the same players again, suit the plans with the new fresh players which Arg have abundantly.

  31. Di Maria and Messi I want them both.
    But not old players like Aguero , Banega , Higuain ,biglia etc etc
    But di Maria is ok in that position. He is best after Messi.

  32. No one has the balls to say otherwise, I don’t see a problem in him coming back if Scaloni sees fit, why don’t you guys just let Scaloni make the decision. Why you would not give support to the coach if he calls any player you do not like?
    Till today I don’t see any other player better than Di Maria in his position, Yeah Pitty, De Paul or Correa are good wingers, or whoever might be better in 6 months for COPA, but are they better, today?

    • Pity is not a winger anymore he lost his speed even in river plate, he plays as a playmaker, j correa is too slow and ineffective in that position his energy level too low. De paul , come on argentine fan rates any player too early even some retarded guy stars comparing him with zidane i dont see any thing special in him except cut inside.
      Only cervi had that profile but not on that level.

  33. He is acting like he is special and argentina can’t do with out him. Agree with others if scaloni calls this useless then he is confirmed puppet.

  34. If scolani call back di Maria
    He lost my trust and probably
    A lot fans around the world …
    Please If you ever care arg
    Retire from the Nt.. now


    So, why the hell you don’t wanna retire?
    Pls stay away from the team and let the kids get there chances!

    Now Di Maria, tomorrow Aguero, the next day Banega, and then Rojo,……………….and lastly Caballero wants to play in Copa 2019, too. Maybe Mascherano and Biglia are also trying to change their minds to come out of retirement. In this way THAT whole team is back.

  36. it is very normal to want go back to the national team.
    everybody that have brain have the desire to play to the national team.

    now if he will it is completely other subject.
    let see what Scaloni thinking about it.
    March is far unfortunately.

  37. Aside from the obvious>>>>>>>no one in his right mind wants to see him ever play for the NT, myself included but I must respect his passion but then again he had his chances, TON OF THEM.

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