Argentina 2018 Goal of the Year: All goals scored before the 2018 FIFA World Cup


With us now being in December, it’s been a tumultuous year for the Argentina team. We’ve had two different coaches, what feels like a million different goalkeepers, a World Cup, players retiring and much more.

However, 24 goals have been scored this year by the Argentina squad and seven of them came before the 2018 FIFA World Cup. A 2-0 win against Italy, a disastrous 6-1 loss against Spain and a 4-0 victory against Haiti in Buenos Aires.

We will break down these goals into three different categories before finally voting on the Argentina 2018 goal of the year. The first will include the best goal before the 2018 FIFA World Cup, after that a second vote will be done where we select the best Argentina goal at the World Cup and after that a vote on the best goal scored after the World Cup. Once we have the top 3 goals, we will put them to a vote to select the 2018 Argentina Goal of the Year.

Here are the highlights and the goals scored before the 2018 FIFA World Cup with the poll below:

Argentina vs. Italy: Ever BANEGA, Manuel LANZINI

Argentina vs. Spain: Nicolas OTAMENDI

Argentina vs. Haiti: Lionel MESSI 3 goals, Sergio AGUERO

Vote below for the goal you think is the best goal.

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  1. The concept of new and old generation. Revealed alot of debates, but we have to be honest and take it slowly because we have 6 more months to go until copa america, therefore, anything can happen. For me the most important thing is we have to have plan A and B, and be flexible.
    Here I’m going to post the possibility of both rosters new and old that can be helpful for the next tournament 2019, copa.

    New roster
    Armani – G. Rulli – Saravia – Bustos – Pezzela – Funes Mori – Tagliafigo – Paredes – Ascacibar – Lo celso – Dybala – Icardi – Palacios – Pity Martinez- Pavón – lautaro Martinez – Cervi – De Paul – Pereyra – G. Simeone – Foyth – Mammana – Battaglia – W kannemann.

    Old roster ( Available )
    Romero – Messi – Aguero – Di Maria – Mercado – Otamendi – Banega – Acuña – Savio .

    Now the coach has for responsibility to take the best out of both in order to have a well-established team with new blood, experience and coherence.
    I hope all the best for our be loved Argentina.

    Argentina for life 👊👊

  2. It’s been a Catastrophical Year in all sense, Let’s hope at least 2019 becomes a better one if not bad. Put on a great show at the Copa. After all its been held in our fiercest rivals ground where in the last time we played in a tournament we almost won the damn thing. At least we have good memories of the 2014. Copa 2019 will be tough, let’s see I don’t have that much expectations frankly speaking considering we r still searching an identity under Scaloni and the Younger players. May be under a pragmatic Coach like him we can win it too. Playing safe is always a good idea. If we don’t concede easily then Theoretically we have a good chance of winning the Trophy.

    My Brightest Moment of last year was Goal by Rojo against Nigeria. The Goal by Messi against Nigeria was great moment too. It was joyful moment. Seeing Messi relived was a great Sight.

    The Worst Moment well by far far was Caballero Error. Till that moment the game was evenly poised. Caballero ruined everything. I will consider that moment the baddest than that of crashed out against France. For some reason.

  3. Di Maria is in good form . I think di Maria and Messi both should be in the squad in up coming Copa. His through out performance for Argentina is not bad.
    I can remember his goal against France which one of the best world cup goal.
    Di Maria is very much deserving .

  4. 2018 was one of the worst year ever for Argentina football. I saw the worst Argentina performance in a WC, the worst coaching. Honestly we had the material to do something if Romero and Lanzini were here, in a 442 with: Romero-Saravia, Otamendi, Garay, Tagliafico-Lanzini, Paredes, Battaglia, De Paul-Messi, Kun would have changed so much the outcome.

    • It’s true the media doesn’t like
      To talk about Argentina players
      That much example aguero
      Has been best strike in the EPl
      years same as Banega is wonderful
      Player such joy to watch but both of
      Them been lazy at times…
      Now all they talk about is kane

      • Kane? The same Kane that was s****ed on against Arsenal by Abumeyang?
        Kane is the most overrated striker in recent memory, just like Ramos and Pique are ovverrated as hell! Just like now Modric and Mbappe are overrated.

        Aguero is the best striker in the EPL hands down!!!
        Dybala is the second best in Serie A (Used to be first… until Ronaldo had other ideas)
        Messi is the best in La Liga and the world.

        But they have yet to play together for Argentina…
        will someone care to explain to me why?

  5. River was kicked out of Copa Argentina by Gimnasia just few days ago, playing with their best eleven while yesterday they beat them 3:1 playing with bunch of youngsters (including Gallardo’s son). One of them – Alvarez – had assist, one scored a goal – Moya. I think both interesting talents. Cristian Ferreira as well (he contributed to one of RIver goals). Finally Gallardo is introducing fresh blood.

    • And I hope San Lorenzo will release in January Adolfo Gaich for Sudamericano. He scored yesterday and was one of the best (again) on the pitch.

    • Against Gimnasia B, they took a shit for this match before the Copa Argentina final, just like Rosario Central will against Velez, home win is guaranteed there too.

  6. What a year am I right?
    A million goalkeepers? How about a million players as well! We’ve called up at least 5% of the Argentinian population to the national team! Sums up our year.
    However, with Scaloni in charge, our glory days will not be relived.
    But will support our country always and forever..

    Vamos Argentina!!!!

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