Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO wins the MLS Cup with Atlanta United, Argentine Franco ESCOBAR scores


Atlanta United, coached by Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO won the MLS Cup final by defeating the Portland Timbers.

It was a final which had a lot of Argentine representatives but a 2-0 win for MARTINO’s team meant that the curse of losing finals, both for Tata and the city of Atlanta, was broken. It was the former Argentina coach’s last match in charge of Atlanta as his next destination is very likely that of coaching Mexico. But MARTINO made sure to leave in style.

The first goal saw Josef MARTINEZ one on one with the goalkeeper but MARTINEZ rounded him and scored the opening goal of the match.

Argentine Franco ESCOBAR scored a poacher like finish from close range as the former Newell’s Old Boys man secured the win.

Congratulations to Franco ESCOBAR, Leandro GONZALEZ Pirez, Ezequiel BARCOS, Eric REMEDI and Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO on winning the MLS Cup.


  1. Nice match, those 2 leg matches lived up to the hype, River seemed more organized while Boca was better on the counter but I feel that river deserved the win.
    Gallardo deserves praise for what he’s done with River after their relegation a few years back and he really seems to know how to play tournaments (2 copa lib wins and a semi final spot in the last 4 yrs) but remember that Bauza had a massive record in the copa lib and we all know how that turned out!
    pity was one of the best players on the field and I really think he could be a huge asset to the NT. Palacios played well and Montiel showed potential and kudos to Beneditto for coming back so strong after injury.

    All in all this classico has brought ALOT of attention to Argnetine football (both in a good and a bad way).

  2. I thought is was great final. River looked more organized in attacking play and fully deserved to win. That’s 2 Libertadores for Gallardo now. I really wish he could take over the NT after the COPA, but unfortunately as usual, AFA idiots will let European clubs steal him away under their sleepy noses.

  3. What we learned from Boca Vs River : 1) Marcelo gallrdo best Argentine coach at the moment, his team can play both attacking & defensive football according to the situation (which we lack from some of the coaches like sampaoli always play attacking football, bouza always play defensive football) 2)pity Martinez , exiquel palacios, Gonzalo montiel is our future. 3) pavon yet to prove himself and very difficult for him to remain in the national team. 4)we didn’t used Ignacio Fernandez properly, he could be our box to box midfielder in the last decade. 5)Dario beneditto must for copa

    • Gallardo is full package
      Can adapt any style but
      He is more attacking coach
      He will be moving to Europe
      Very soon ..
      He is atletico madrid number one
      Target if simoene moves on

    • Lol
      River kept possesion but boca looked more dangerous duiring attack. If that undeserved red card was not given to barrios boca would have won the match.
      With even 9 men boca jara almost equalised.
      Atmosphere of the game was very good but standard of the game was too low.

      • “Atmosphere of the game was very good but standard of the game was too low”.

        Full of fight (normal when River play against Boca, especially for the first time in CL final) and with high standards, especially the first game. The goals of yesterday’s proves quality as well. Especially the first, team action goal, of River (Nacho, Palacios, Nacho, Pratto)

      • the red card was fully deseved.
        what you want to happened for give the red card?
        brake his leg?

        RIVER was better and we win fully deserved.

  4. One player who impressed me
    Was Ignacio Fernandez he had
    Spurb game if I’m not mistaken
    Sampoali called him for the Nt
    Before but I don’t know how old he is .
    I guess he is mid 20s

  5. Palacios Montiel and Nacho were brilliant. In the case of Palacios and Montiel they are so young they are sure to be gobbled up by European teams.
    I don’t see any of the magic people claim Pavon has. He is a young DiMaria with about 25 percent of the skill DiMaria has.
    River was clearly the more organized side.
    And for those clamoring for Benedetto please explain to me what you see that makes you think he is world class and anywhere near the guys on the NT. Yes he scored a goal but that was an awful defensive mistake. What am I missing that people would place any faith in this guy? For the record l am a Talleres fan so just saying objectively

    • Exactly!!!Pavon is extremely overrated!! He is already 22 years old but for some strange theory he is still a young player with huge potential!! By age 22 , good players are already developed into world class talent!! Pavon has been really disappointing so far for the national team and starting him ahead of Aguero against France was climax of Sampaoli’s mad experiment!!

      • “By age 22 , good players are already developed into world class talent” Then what the hell do we want with De Paul, Pity, Meza, Cervi and co, they are 24-25-26 years old players, and nowhere near world class players!!!

      • Believe it or not but i was going to say that he will get hurt and leave the game as soon as I saw Boca’s coach nod at him to get closer and mins later he was in the game because I didn’t want to jinx the man and have fans here upset with me!!

      • LOL Tevez won Intercontinental Cup with Boca next to Libertadores Cup and Champions League, if this River wont beat this pure and utterly shit Real Madrid (with much higher motivation) they are nobodies compared to Tevez. I saw Huesca-Real, and Huesca was much better with a lot of clear chances. No excuses Gonzalo, no more, i want to see finally that our local players are NT-materials or not.

        • Troll as always can’t accept Argentina players winning something. I know So much frustration for you: Benedetto had scored, Pity had scored, River won unlike in your stupid predictions Boca in penalties.

          Never can’t accept true. Instead looking for every possible excuse like red card or anything. Like Palmeiras gave the possibility to River and so on. You are so sad now.BTW Pity is not fast?! LOL

          :No excuses Gonzalo, no more, i want to see finally that our local players are NT-materials or not”.

          They are without your troll standards. Palacios will prove that in Europe.

          • Csabalala,

            your personal life must be so much unhappy. Heartbroken in personal life? Is the living in Hungary really so hard you are full of frustration? I can to recognize people that are unhuppy and frustrated and for the reason want to see also the others being sad.

            In your comments is only negativeness. You hate the others being positive. You want to fuck up also their lives. Some of your comments looks like being written while intoxicated. Where from so irresponsible, impulsive and hasty statemrnts. Are you have any drinking problem?

            You are saying still “no excuses”. That’s implicate some instance I’d have to responsible. But who you are to have to explain to?
            You are saying still “no excuses” but who’s the one full of excuses still:

            if Argentina U-20 won group on COTIF you are saying it’s looks like the second group much stronger. BTW you stil didn’t answered why was active during the tournament only when things went wrong i.e. first half against Uruguay. Where you were when they winning final?

            When our surrent NT is winning against any opponent you are still full of excuses, talking about the opponents being beaten by other NT twice higher. Excuses…

            When River is losing to some Bolivian club away 0:3 you are first to announce that here saying it’s really relevant and full of satisfaction. But when they are winning 8:0 the revenge you are insinuating some bribery and that the match was fixed. So again, who is full of excuses?

            When the old generation, unlike you predicted, is losing to France you are looking for excuses by naming Samapoli are Tagliafico the only guilty. So who is full of excuses?

            When River is winning Brazilian club in semis of CL you say they did that just because the same Brazilian team saved them in gropu stages. LOL. Again, who is full of excuses?

            When River is winning the final, unlike you had predicted, you are talking just 2 minutes after the final about Club Champions trying to depreciate the win. So who is excusing?

            Why you are always so full of excuses? Because you can’t accept reality and your constant compromising. The truth is too hard for you so you need to always find excuses.

            What would happen if River beat Real in club champions. For sure you will say they beat them just because Real is currently weak team.

            “I saw Huesca-Real, and Huesca…” bla bla balala. Man, what you are talking about?! River just won Copa Libertadores and you are talking about some Huesca not being able to accept River is winner and you was wrong about so many things (that Pity is slow as well LOL that long run goal was symbolical).

        • Tevez won CL being 19 yo. But yesterday 20 yo Palacios did that. As well as 18 years old Julian Alvarez who is real talent. But you can’t see analogies. You can’t understand these players may be in future on Tevez’ place. Like old tired grumpy grandfather who is always talking about always-best past and that nothing good to come anymore.


    CHAMPIONS of Copa Libertadores in the face of Boca !!!

    9 December 2018
    it is written in the books of history !!!


  7. What a fucking game!!

    Like everyone I was annoyed in the beginning that a South American/Argentine affair was going to be moved thousands of miles to Madrid. But in the end I think this game got a huge international viewership and Argentine soccer DID win out in the end with a heartbreaking, exciting, end to end, dramatic affair. All the thousands of traveling fans got a game for generations.

    Congratulations River!! My heart breaks for Boca fans, especially with the teams brave 9 man display in the final 10 minutes but in the end it was the more aggressive coach and game plan which went to claim this historical championship deservedly.

    River started with a more ‘quieter’ midfield setup with ponzio providing support behind enzo’s playmaking. But as we saw in the Copa Argentina Semi recently Enzo does not have the cutting quality in setting up play. This resulted in play shifting wide left through pity but Boca was able to cut this out easily and hit back on some fantastic counters, one of which saw a great Benedetto goal.

    Gallardo showed he’s a top manager at the break coming out with a great adjustment. He inserted Quintero, who in my book should be the MoTM (right now I am not sure who will get it as I am writing), for playmaking in place of Enzo moving him to more defensive work in place of Ponzio.
    Quintero stationed on right midfield balanced out the shape immediately. Further, Montiel had proved ineffective on the right flank (either due to injury or nervousness from big game, but the youngster will get more chances) and he added a more stable right back in Mayada. With Nandez now tiring and a head scratching substitution by Schelotto removing Dario meant Boca lost all teeth going forward. Their midfield lost all connection with Pavon and Wanchope and all those flowing counters from the first half were gone.

    Great day for Argentine soccer. I hope everyone in Buenos Aires stays safe and there is no silly news of violence from celebrations.

  8. What did Schelotto? Abila was invisible instead of Benedetto. Benedetto scored for Boca 5 important goals within just 4 games in CL

    • Schelotto want to keep tha ball with physical presence, but Abila was total useless, Benedetto is lightweight, and btw he deserved this for that celebration

  9. I think Beneditto should be considered ahead of Simeone. He Should be given chances till Copa, he can at the least directly substitute Icardi.

  10. enzo’s playmaking passes through the middle are not finding anybody. and they are not using montiel much, most of the flank play is on the left. maybe need to switch out nacho who seems missing and insert quintero wider right.
    but that boca counter is swift. even before the goal they were looking dangerous. pavon being allowed to move both left and right wherever he can run at them.

  11. I swear this game against river vs Boca
    It looks so scary is not normal game
    It’s more than football game
    You can see the players faces
    Too much to bear..
    Pressure of all pressure

  12. Shame on afa couldn’t keep
    Tata martino..Every football expertise
    Saying good thing about him
    He is highy rated manager
    I wonder why Mexico pay him
    over The odds

    • I always said AFA should have hired tata martino for copa 19 because he can find some solution in such period of time .
      Gallardo will need time to make proper squad and tactics.
      Sometime marado is right with words ” argentina has produced manager like tata martino, pekerman, garecha, simeone, gallardo , schelotto but AFA managed to get scaloni”.

  13. Poor Falcons, Braves and cough cough Hawks LOL
    An expansion team, AKA a team that didn’t exist until two years ago winning a CHAMPIONSHIP when others failed miserably.

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