Argentina 2018 Goal of the Year: All goals scored at the 2018 FIFA World Cup


We are now in December and the first of three polls in regards to the Argentina national team has already concluded.

Manuel LANZINI’s goal against Italy was voted as the best goal scored by Argentina this year before the 2018 FIFA World Cup. The voting for that is now closed and it’s time to vote for the best Argentina goal at the 2018 FIFA World Cup. A total of 6 goals were scored, two by Sergio AGUERO, one by Lionel MESSI, one by Marcos ROJO, one by Angel DI MARIA and one by Gabriel MERCADO.

We will break down these goals into three different categories before finally voting on the Argentina 2018 goal of the year. The first poll included the best goal before the 2018 FIFA World Cup which was voted as Manuel LANZINI’s goal. The second voting is that where we select the best Argentina goal at the World Cup and after that a vote on the best goal scored after the World Cup. Once we have the top 3 goals, we will put them to a vote to select the 2018 Argentina Goal of the Year.

Here are the highlights and the goals scored at the 2018 FIFA World Cup with the poll below:

Argentina vs. Iceland: Sergio AGUERO

Argentina vs. Nigeria: Lionel MESSI, Marcos ROJO

Argentina vs. France: Angel DI MARIA, Gabriel MERCADO, Sergio AGUERO

Vote below for the goal you think is the best goal.

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  1. Messi’s goal was technically the best. Perfect 2 touches at such a fast pace. check out this slow motion Its sheer beauty. the thing about that goal is that maybe a handful of people on earth can do that at that pace with so much control.

    Di Marias goal was a beauty as will..really stepped up that game despite not playing very well.

  2. I just saw on TYC sports that Boca is not renewing their coach at the end of the year. I thought he made a tactical error removing Benedetto but that is about all. For any Boca fan here (that is objective), what am I missing? River in my opinion was more organized, but they have MUCH better players. When you are dusting off Gago and Tevez off the bench, what chance do you have? I just don’t get it. Their best young player Pavon would be like the third or fourth best young player on River.
    What is happening here?

  3. Both Messi and Di Maria’s goals had their own beauty. Messi positioned himself and controlled the ball amazingly and then finished with style, too.

    Di Maria’s goal was also sensational in terms of the distance he scored the goal.

  4. Di Maria’s goal was power and placement, meanwhile Messi’s was beautiful control with placement. Two very different goals.
    Aguero’s goal was good too, but he scores those week in and week out so nothing new.
    Rojo’s goal was more of a relief considering the circumstances we were under, not so much quality.
    Mercado’s was pure luck to have gone in.

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