Mauro ICARDI scores panenka penalty, 9 goals in Serie A, in Inter win versus Udinese


Mauro ICARDI scored a panenka penalty kick to give Inter a 1-0 win against Udinese.

Inter left it a little bit late but their captain came up with the goods. After ICARDI missed a free header just minutes before, the match needed VAR as Inter were awarded a penalty kick following a hand ball decision.

The goal was ICARDI’s 9th in Serie A this season.


  1. Messi and Icardi are currently hottest Argentinian at moment, others like Aguero is injured Dybala is out of from where lo celso is underrated rest of all are Farmers

  2. Unfortunately Pavon has been disappointing. At this point, other should be given a chance to showcase their worth. If Pavon starts to play well again, we could revisit his inclusion.

  3. Some are saying Pavon is a hidden talent.He is good for nothing he is overrated.We have many player in his position better than him.He lacks vision and easily predictable not needed in team right now.Even Argentina lost to France because of him because of him Sampoli sacrificed Aguero.What a waste he is.

  4. Unlike to several fellow fans in here, i have big faith in Pavon and for me personally he is one of my favourite youngsters. He has tremendous pace, he is one of the fastest players in the world currently, he has good dribbling skills, he is physical and he also has a good and powerful long range shot. I believe that it is still to early to judge him on his decision maķing during a game as he is still immature due to his young age. This player under a good manager can run riot to every opponent’s defence.

    Arsenal is an ideal move for him, i hope this happens.

    • i am one of those that i have huge faith too about Pavon.
      i believe if he work hard in future especially in one club like Arsenal
      he can be one of the most important players for our national team.

    • After watching that video
      I wonder how those fans
      Come to together when
      Argentina NT play…
      That is not passion is utterly madness.
      Football supposed be enjoyment
      But in Argentina is war

  5. I liked Lautaro’s performance. He was consistently dangerous with his good ball protection and short passing. Would like to see more in this 442. On the other side, De Paul and Pussetto did what they could but not much support. In every counter attack there were at least 2 players at De Paul’s back. They need an additional offensive player in attack. By the way, 1st time seen Musso. Hope he can continue his momentum.

    Lamela and Angel Correa had both complicated match even though both of them show lot of involvement in defensive tasks and motivation. Honestly I saw nothing from Dybala, totally transparent. Hopefully the Argentine players will do better today.

    • To be honest we don’t need lamela
      pity Martinez and palacios
      And pavon will be back too
      I know a lot people attacking
      Pavon saying he is overrated
      I can say that is too early to say
      That .. the lad needs proper coaching talant is there .
      Plus I’m hearing arsenal want him
      I hope that happens and play
      Under great coach unai emery
      Than we will see real pavon …
      The boy only had 11 caps
      Mostly was substituted
      I have faith for pavon will be
      Hit if he moves to arsenal
      Play under unai emery

      • Different style mate. Palacios is more a defensive Midfielder, Pity is more a winger and Pavon as well. To me Lamela was initially the most gifted in this generation 92-93. Pavon is too predictable and maybe better in a 2nd striker position, like Claudio Lopez but he doesn’t seem to have that talent with the ball.

        I think Tagliafico’s move to Arsenal is on-going. If i were Emery I would rather take De Paul or Pity, offensive player who can play as winger or playmaker.

        • Mate I know football and coached
          As well with all due respect
          I know what position they play
          And what they ‘re capable of
          What I mean was those three players
          I have mentioned to you
          We will probably make the
          Copa squad than lamela..
          Plus lamela is hot and cold
          The player will Argentina
          Benefit more would have
          Been lanzini but sadly
          He will probably will miss
          The copa

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