Boca Juniors accept offer from Ajax for defender Lisandro MAGALLAN


Boca Juniors have reportedly accepted an offer of €9 million for defender Lisandro MAGALLAN.

As we reported a few days ago, Ajax had made an offer for Lisandro MAGALLAN and per a new report, the South American club have accepted the offer. There remains the contract and other details to iron out.

Should MAGALLAN join Ajax, he would play alongside Nicolas TAGLIAFICO.



    WTF who the Hell Modric thinks think he is, Its their Choice to attend or Not, (If I was in their place i also will not go to see such an undeserving Player winning the Best player Award.). Or is he really thinks he is the Best Player?? It’s a fluke win, He better keep that in mind. Let’s see where he will be next time. Crap. This is what happens when an undeserving player’s r catapulted to the Top. SMHHH

  2. This list will be further trimmed to 23 startng 11
    Benj. Garre…….Almada……….De Vega

    *:-Nahuen perez is selected on the basis past hype…currently I am not sure how he is doing. Avila who played in cotif is also a good alternate option.

    *:-Again Romero due to his potential. Inform players like Gaich and Colidio can also be considered eventhough colidio was my least favourite during COTIF trnment.

    If there is anybody here who is new to these youngsters and interested to watch them..then I suggest to look out for Thiago Almada. I believe he is special

    • Absolutely no need to disrupt the solid defence of COTIF tournament. So Avila also should be in starting eleven as well as Barreal instead of Garre. Barreal was probably our best player during that tournament. So far he didn’t deserved not to play with him still. If things will not looks well then Garre may take his spot. Barreal might have also better understanding with Almada as both are Velez players.

      There’s few really promising strikers: Gaich, Romero, Alvarez, Chancalay, Colidio. It’s not easy to choose from. My choice is Gaich as he did well on Cotif, had scored 3 goals and reecently were showing big potentiall in Superliga being starter for San Lorenzo. He has already 2 goals in Superliga and every game was one of best players (if not best) of his team. 1,90 cm, intelligent with surprisingly good ball control as for such tall player. My second choice is 18 yo Julian Alvarez from River. Big talent. Got minutes in Copa Libertadores. 3rd choice Maxi Romero.

      We need continuity, the more alredy have new coach. For the reason should add only possible cracks like Almada, De La Vega (Garre):

      Barreal…………..Almada………….De La Vega


      Since the COTIF tournament club status of some players has changed for the better. If Magallan leave Boca that means Balerdi will got more starts (already had some) if himself will stay there. LB Pereyra is starter in San Lorenzo. So was recently his teammate Gaich. Almendra with Gago injury and possible transfers of players like Barrios may stay regular starter soon while already was in the less important matches. De La Vega is somwhere between bench and starting eleven in Lanus. The 3 Estudiantes players Pourtau, Mura and Ayala still didn’t got matches in Superliga but they all were among our best players in L’Alcudia. Needs continue. Andres Ayala was always with senior NT within last year wherever they travelled. In Russia on WC, on US tours (the only junior who went there with seniors) and elswhere.

      • Just wonder wheter all the players will allowed in January/February. Now it’s not problem when Superliga has break. Maybe if Brazil will have players like Rodrygo who is on their list that will mobilise also our forces.

        • Your conceptions of success in football are long time obsolate. All I hear from you is: “posession football” “domination by posession”, “posession”, “ball control by posession” and one more time “posession”. Really one-dimensional narrow football vision as there’s no one precipe for success. Standing posession, without gaining space has no aim.

          Was not you the one who was talking during last WC this France is not strong as nothing more than physicall strenghts and that the only one with good technical skills there is Pogba. France were not playing posession football and they won the torurnament, so hold on your sick claiming for posession football only.

          Moreover you are contradicting yourself: who was claiming that Pity, Cervi or others our wingers are not enough good for wing because not that fast as Di Maria? So it’s about fast? Is Di Maria player of posession football? No, he is exactly the fast chicken race football player (De La Vega already looks more inteligent).

          To that: Barreal and Gaich are at least as good on the ball as Barco and Colidio. De La Vega is too good not to play with him. Almada with his playmaking abilities should play more middle while neither Barco nor Maroni will not take right wing.

      • Yaa I know continuity for COTIF players are important that why I included majority of that team.
        As for Garre, I always have soft spot for players coached by guardiola, pochetino so I want evaluate garre, to check whether he is a ‘crack’ or not

        • Garre is possible crack, just like Almada, De La Vega, Barco and maybe Lovera, Almendra. But we don’t know wheter even one of them will really shine (there might be other revelation instead the expected). So far it looks just great on paper so I say most of the players that won COTIF should be ATM starters unless other will not prove being more usefull on trainings or spars.

          Even the less known players, like Chancalay among strikers, looks promising. Chancalay was good in spars, inter alia scored winner in away win against Uruguay.

      • Beside Matias Pellegrini, Cristian Ferreira and Gaston Veron maybe the list lack also Alan Marinelli from Rosario Central who had score 2 goals on COTIF including the winner in final.

  3. Speaking of Balerdi, him as well as Almendra, Maxi Romero, De La Vega, Chancalay, Maroni, Almada, Barco, Lovera, Porteau, etc were all called up for the U-20, Lots of talented youngsters there…

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