Lionel MESSI scores in FC Barcelona’s win against Celta Vigo


Lionel MESSI ended 2018 in style with another goal.

The recently crowned Golden Shoe winner adds to his tally in FC Barcelona’s 2-0 win against Celta Vigo. A shot from the edge of the penalty area gave the Catalan club their second of the match.


  1. Messi will always be willing to preform for Argentina but will ArgentinA have a good enough midfield to play with him? We know one thing is for sure: With scaloni’s defensive style it will not be pretty but maybe we can get results similar to Portugal…. ugly defensive match and one moment of brilliance from Messi, Aguero, icardi or dimaria (our top quality players) and win 1-0. Which I would happily take at this point …

    • Celso and paredes are hella talented and if you add a 3rd offensive player like de paul or palacios or opt for a defensive player like Ascacibar or Caseres when facing big teams you’d have a pretty good midfield, they just need time to gel.

  2. Messi is Messi and has always been Messi ever since anybody with any footballing knowledge watched him play and said to himself/herself, ‘this guy is not just good but unique in his greatness’.

    At the age of 31, Running and I stress running when he wants to and even in Fifa 19 players get tired when they run around the whole game lol.
    I just hope he stays healthy and willing to perform for ARGENTINA and in the process wins all the trophies and personal achievements he could win, because HIS name should be upfront and clear of that dipshit.

    • I know you are madrid fan but dont worry he will never leave FCB , he will keep destroying madrid .For a barca fan there is no replacement for no 10 jersey and i know performing at magical level is is regular job but we will never get bored of it because he is only last only one there will never be one like him.

    • He was close going to city during his tax issues but they like him in barcelona. they even chose him over younger star neymar who wanted to be the main man.
      It is also a challenge to stay same place and perform year after year.

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