Possible Argentina home shirt for 2019 Copa America


A potential Argentina home shirt for the 2019 Copa America has been leaked.

With the 2019 Copa America being held next year in Brazil, the rumored shirts have already started coming out. Adidas, who manufactures the Argentina team kits, has released the Paraguay shirt and now an Argentina one has been leaked. This per Ezequiel Fernandez who originally posted it.

Rumored Argentina home shirt for the 2019 Copa America.

It would seem as if Adidas would make a new shirt for Argentina for every tournament and not every 2-3 years as they previously did.


    • It really doesn’t matter much where he will go now. Even being Atlanta player he can contribute a lot to NT. Most probably he will be called up again and his NT value/wheter he will stay longer in NT or not will not depend on his league choice, only on his NT performances.

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