Argentina 2018 Goal of the Year: Top 3 goals, Lionel MESSI, Manuel LANZINI, Mauro ICARDI


We are now in December and the votes are in for the top three goals of the year scored by the Argentina national team.

Manuel LANZINI’s goal against Italy was voted as the best goal scored by Argentina this year before the 2018 FIFA World Cup. As for the best goal scored by Argentina at the FIFA World Cup, Lionel MESSI’s goal against Nigeria was voted as the best. Mauro ICARDI’s goal against Mexico was voted as the best goal scored after the FIFA World Cup.

With the final three goals, voting is now open for the best goal of the year.

Here are the highlights and goals of the three you voted for.

Manuel LANZINI vs. Italy

Lionel MESSI vs. Nigeria

Mauro ICARDI vs. Mexico

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    • So you re saying Arg only can beat
      Teams when Messi and Co play
      But let me tell you something
      Argentina has been successful
      Before messi and co wasn’t there
      And definitely will be successful
      Nation again very soon
      I can’t wait till those guys retired.
      Because a lot of people in here
      Are messi and co followers
      Not a real Argentina fan
      Whenever they don’t see certain players
      In the squad or lin up they instantly
      Say Brazil or any other big nations
      Will beat arg so badly that is far
      From fact .
      Argentina re on of the fear nations
      In world football regardless who
      Plays. I will always support Argentina
      No matter which play or which league
      They play.

      • > So you re saying Arg only can beat Teams when Messi and Co play

        i didn’t say it but i’ll reply :).

        No, ARG can be successful in the general sense but were not talking generalities. Were talking about the reality of having inexperienced / lesser talented players and a coach that has been pretty awful in attack. Thats the sad reality of the team right now. If we had a better coach and players that performed better, the need for seniors would decrease but thats the opposite of reality right now. besides, these guys are still doing incredibly well. i want the most inform and best players on the pitch. I don’t care to gamble like you and say “well maybe just maybe something might happen” Sorry but i cant live in the realm of “rolling the dice”. you feel comfortable doing so which also explains why you may not care about tossing copa america chances in the toilette.

        > I can’t wait till those guys retired.

        You’d have to have so little respect to say something so horrible. You know how much all this means to players yet you say it so casually as if its a sunday league game or the boys getting together for futsal.

        • Choripan :my friend
          I swear I have big respect
          For them honestly speaking
          Especially messi kun Banega
          And otamandi I also want arg
          To win copa in Brazil so badly.
          But is not guaranteed for us
          To win weather messi plays
          Or not.

          • amigo, you are 100% correct that its not guaranteed. Hell, we have the best player of all time at his prime and we didn’t win. Nothing is guaranteed so decisions are made only on probabilities. Having Messi on the pitch absolutely gives a MUCH HIGHER probability of winning. Decisions are not made based on the lowest outcome possible. Let me ask you. if you were betting man and Messi was on the pitch, would your bet be lower if he wasn’t on the pitch? Do you really think the bookies will increase the odds of argentina winning when messi is not on the pitch? Absolutely not and that is how player selection should be.

            Most inform best players should freaking start. vamos!

    • Unfortunately boca rejected offers from barca and now I am 100% sure that the debacle of Argentine football is because of local clubs who don’t prioritise national team unlike Brazilian clubs

  1. Always an interesting character – Marcelo Bielsa. His exploits with Leeds United deserves respect from soccer media but still goes unnoticed.
    He is the man.👍💙💯✔
    Want him to lead Leeds United to the Premier League and win the title.
    He is the son of football. 👑⚽🏆👏

  2. It is criminal that Di Maria’s goal against France is not even in top 3 list of voting. It was one of the best goals of world cup. A truly great strike.

  3. Center forward- Aguero Icardi Lautaro

    Winger- Messi Dybla Lanzini Lamela De Paul Di Maria

    midfielder- Banega Lo celso Palacios
    Pereya Ascacibar

    Center back-Otamendi Pezella Manamma

    Full backs- Jose Gomez Saravia Acuna

    • First That is squad is not a balance.
      Secondly you left two players
      Definitely going to be in central
      Figer for Arg Nt years to come .
      I mean paredes and taglafiaco
      For me roberto pereyer has to be
      In the team a long side Vasquez
      The two are versatile players
      To be honest young palacios
      I don’t see anything special
      About him don’t get me wrong
      He is decent play and hopefully
      Will improve still young of course.
      If I pick up my starting eleven
      For copa will be like this
      …………. gazzaniga

      Saravia….. pezzela…. mammana… taglafiaco..
      ………………. paredes ………..
      …… pereyer…………….. lo celso

      ……… … …. lanzini if he fit/ pity

      Dybala……. ……………….. l Martinez

      My team will based attacking possession football will defend
      As unite I don’t need to put
      A defensive players to be solid
      As can see now days football
      Has changed if look Seville
      Man city even Tottenham
      As example.



        • So my friend if is not certain players
          No in the team we instantly
          Becoming poor team ?
          Life goes on mate.
          Arg must move on from Messi
          Generation that is my opinion.

          • Your words sounds like you only care about kicking out star players not about our argentina NT . To win a trophy we must include messi, aguero, otamendi, romero (and mercado , dimaria, banega as a sub) otherwise we will be trashed by some a b c teams in the copa 2019.

        • @ mrinal
          Nothing against our stars
          Let us ask ourselves..
          How many tournament
          They have played three
          World cups three copa
          How many more chance
          They need at least we must
          Give other players chance.
          In fact I love Banega aguero
          Messi otamandi.. but they had
          Thier chance it’s time to try
          New generation.

          • After messi & Aguero it’s icardi & Dybala but i want all of them where you don’t want world class players only want farmers who are capable for playing c grade clubs and panama national teams not big clubs or Argentina NT

          • Friend.
            yes they had their chances and they played 3 finals in a row and everytime unlucky not to win. But what tagliafico did with his chances?
            except some lethal mistakes in world cup. Everytime icardi plays he gets isolated ,it took 18 matches to dybala to open his first goal, lanzini can he play 4 matches continiously without injury. How can i trust on these guys.
            If some stars players will be there ,atleast there is chance but with your lineup there is no hope.
            Think for a minute will your lineup be able to cope up with star studed brazil team in their home soil.

          • @mrinal1235 does have a good point, seems like you care more about getting rid of seniors than actual ARG NT success.

            > How many more chance. They need at least we must. Give other players chance.

            As many as needed and as long as there are better players.

            You may not care about Copa and dont mind throwing it in the toilet just so the younger players can practice but i want players that will increases the chances the most and that OBVIOUSLY includes Messi and co. Besides, they get a free pass for eternity for all i care. They have bled so much for the NT that when he and the coach decide, thats when ill accept it. As long as he wants to…..MESSI, GO FOR IT. VAMOS. let’s do it.

            (PS: Cant believe id see the day when Pity Martinez is selected over Messi lol. come on man, you cant be serious. Hell has frozen over)

      • If you are saying that Taglifico will be central figure for Argentina in coming years then may God save Argentina.I do not see Argentinian league players like Pavon Meza Tagliafico(former Indiepentie)Enzo perez any good for NT.Only Sarvia Lautaro Benedetto are good.
        Armani is complete disaster when it comes to penalty or free kicks and these two aspects of game can change the situation any time reverse and Armani is complete joker for these conditions he can not survive that.He is only good in blocking the crosses.

          • Wez can try Acuna for right now,Ansaldi was way better he should have played as left back in world cup.Ansaldi was my favorite for that position but we have to try others in that position I do not want any weak link in team.All players should be above average even substitute so search for right man for left back.

    • Just two central defender, hope Argentina doesn’t play 3 man defense , too many strikers (4) , not look like balanced team, if scaloni continue it would have been better.

      • Yes, some serious doubts about selection. Just 2 nominall CBs and 2 No.5. No.5 Fausto Vera is called up depsite he was on COTIF only sub of Ayala and had played in poor game against India while Ayala who was one of our best players is out. Maybe Insaurralde will be better than Vera. Our defence was good so CB Avila should be there.

        Even 2 strikers would be enough. Out of the 4 called up Colidio is for me least promising. Instead strikers at least one winger more.

        Generally should be: 1 winger more, 1 DM more, 1 CB more.

  4. I still think di maria goal vs France was the best goal of this year because it was an equaliser in a knockout game and it was a lethal strike…priceless

  5. Off the the topic
    Forget gaurdiola pochettino Klop
    Or any other manager…
    Marcelo bielse is unbelievable
    He turn Leeds United to exciting
    Team to watch before he took over
    They were average he turns
    Averege players to proper balls
    That is what I call great coach
    They play such beautiful football
    With pace in I mean is so exciting
    To watch even now man Utd
    Considering to hire bielse.
    Because of his stlye of play.

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