Lionel MESSI talks rivalry with Cristiano RONALDO, Ballon d’Or and more


Argentina and FC Barcelona man Lionel MESSI gave an interview with Spanish media Marca where he discussed a number of topics.

From finishing 5th in the France Football Ballon d’Or ranking to his the rivalry with Cristiano RONALDO, MESSI spoke about it. Here’s what he had to say:

“I love football, but family is above everything.”

On his rivalry with Cristiano:

“It was a nice time that we went through together during that competition. Each one tried to¬† win for his team and the rivalry with Cristiano was very healthy and very beautiful for the spectators.”

Lionel MESSI on the Ballon d’Or:

“I knew I wasn’t going to win it this year. When I heard the names of the candidates, I knew it wouldn’t be me and after that I didn’t want to see if I’d finish third or fourth.”


  1. Argentina like Colombia were robbed their chance of winning the world cup: thanks to the men in black.
    Messi is the best!!! No matter who the big guns want to push….
    It aint over yet!!!! He’s unstoppable!!!

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