Argentina, River Plate’s Pity MARTINEZ named South American Footballer of the Year


Gonzalo Pity MARTINEZ has been named the South American Player of the Year.

A big achievement for the 25 year old as he is the first Argentine to win the award since Andres D’ALESSANDRO back in 2010 with Internacional. It’s good news for MLS club Atlanta United as that looks to be his next destination.

MARTINEZ won the Copa Libertadores with River Plate and even earned played his first match and scored a goal for Argentina this past year.

Congratulations to MARTINEZ!


  1. Magallan moved to Ajax. There are better and brighter defenders than him in the league. I don’t know what is special about him that Ajax preferred him over the better defenders.

  2. The problem of MLS is once you play there, the European clubs will lost track of you and you will stay there forever. I don’t remember any ex-MLS player joined an European club in the past few years. What annoyed me the most is the agents today just wanted fat fee for their commission and sell their players to anyone for that.

    • That is true. But for Argentina NT fan most important is what he may contribute to NT (being there already) and not some European club. Still to play in MLS does not excluding behind NT value. That is true most of best players from local league is sooner or later transfered to Europe however Pity Martinez case is best prove just “most” and not all. He was always one of brightest talents in Argentina league. For several not so clear reasons (also maybe lack of European ancestry and EU passport) he was not transfered to Europe.

    • “his career is almost over”

      Maybe you want that but fact is only his NT will decisive. He might be good contribution to NT still being in USA. Even China league players might be usefull

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