Lionel MESSI scores La Liga record 400th goal in FC Barcelona win


Lionel MESSI scored what was his 400th goal for FC Barcelona in their 3-0 win against Eibar.

MESSI, who was already La Liga’s highest ever goal scorer, continued to add to his tally. It was his 400th goal in 435 league matches.


  1. Pochettino is a great manager …..he is doing great with spurs ……
    but still I think Ayala was just equal to otamendi not more than that.
    He was excellent with Valencia nd was incredible in la liga or ucl with them but he only played world class football for just 4-5 years like otamendi

  2. Pochettino is a world class manager, hands down. His team not winning “Mickey mouse cups” or yesterday’s narrow loss doesn’t change anything. He created this “wonderful Spurs” side single handedly(spending peanuts in the transfer market). And they’re improving day by day. And his contributions to the premier league and the England national side, there’s no need for an explanation. The ones who worship only “star players” and don’t care about “team” and who only care about results and mickey mouse cups wouldn’t understand a thing.What to expect from those who don’t even rate Ayala? There’s no point in watching this beautiful game for them.

    NB: If Spurs had been clinical in front of goal last night they would have won the game comfortably. And how is it that it’s Poch’s fault that normally clinical Kane and Dele missed glorious chances in front of goal?! Not to mention other players as well like Llorente.
    Unpredictable Lloris,Vertonghen and Trippier have cost them time and time again. Poch has no option unlike other top 6 clubs to spend big and replace with top quality. And look at their midfield right now?! How many players are available?! It’s a joke they’re competing in all 4 competitions.

    If any team(club) that has a right to make excuses right now is Spurs. They’re human not machines.

    • Pochettino is a great manager …..he is doing great with spurs ……
      but still I think Ayala was just equal to otamendi not more than that.
      He was excellent with Valencia nd was incredible in la liga or ucl with them but he only played world class football for just 4-5 years like otamendi

    • Pochettino is the most overrated manager of the premire league. He should manage some b team where he can develop young players, he cant win trophies. His team always sucks at big moment. They barely qualified for knock out stages in the CL due to mercy of barcelona. He can develop players but he cant surprise with his tactics.
      Even valvarde outclassed him at wembley lucky to get 4-2 , scoreline would be even worse.

  3. It will be difficult to handle brazil in copa ,Arthur is too good against pressure , countinho’s one touch passing is amazing (saw that in yesterday’s match) and stopping ferminho ,neymar ,Costa ,Marcelo will be difficult

    • Let me tell you mate the team on the sheet
      Never wins you a game we have
      Great example for that as Argentina fans
      We had so many great names of the parper and we didn’t win anything
      For last 26 years … that is that
      Football is all about right tactic
      Team work with good players
      I believe Argentina can win copa
      In Brazil if scaloni choose right
      Players for his stlye forget names
      Example if it happens Brazil vs arg
      We will beat if set up like this
      Firstly will set bk and take the pressure
      Than we hit quick contra attack
      We must able to retain the ball
      At least 40 or 45 percent
      He should set like this against Brazil

      ……… ascaciber paredes

      …………. Lo celso………

      Pavon ………………………. j correa/pity

      L Martinez
      Pavon has pace he will be perfect
      For contra attack j correa he is more
      Direct skill full quick too the both
      Will benefit the long passes from
      Paredes …. remember this set up
      Is only against Brazil
      Note if messi choose to come bk af course he will
      Play but not depending
      On him we must play as team.



      • Pavon has pace but he is awful in final third ,I will choose lanzini as lw or pity Martinez over him anyday and if we want to defeat Brazil we have to exploit their weakness which is their not so excellent defence and for that we need messi and ageuro together
        My lineup against brazil will be

        Saravia otamendi pazella tagliafico

        Parades. Le celso
        Messi ageuro lanzini/pity
        And saaravia ,ascacibar ,otamendi have to be solid defensively and all other players must run like klop’s Liverpool against brazil
        And lautaro is slow + he gets dispossesed easily so I won’t take him as a starter untill he fix these loopholes

        • Lanzini is my favourite a long with
          Paredes and lo celso this new era
          He will be my starter any day but
          Realistically he wont be much fit
          In copa but he will be our main
          Creative player next 4 years and Beyond
          Of course messi and aguero
          Will start ahead of any body
          But the question if they will go .. personally I would like move forward without old generation nothing but respect for them but they had
          So much time plus the soon they start playing nt the pressure will get them no matter how much they perform thier clubs for that
          Reason we must move forward

          • Mate I am talking about copa ,we need to use ageuro and messi together and lazini (if fit in lw ) ,a strong combination of new and experienced players in copa and after copa we will continue our building process

      • @Godin11 Exactly mate. If football was played on paper we would have arguably won the last 5 Copa America!
        It’s a “TEAM” we desperately need. And for that “right players” more important than “star names”. We don’t need “divas” who think that they should be in the team no matter what woeful their performances are. And we shouldn’t build a team around one player anymore. All we need is a system and we’re fine.

  4. Real Madrid got raped by Lo Celso, Betis got 74% possession, Madrid only got 26%. Madrid only won to late super sub by the TRAITOR CEBALLOS. CONGRATULATIONS LEO!!!

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