Lautaro MARTINEZ double, Mauro ICARDI scores in Inter’s Coppa Italia win


Lautaro MARTINEZ scored twice while Mauro ICARDI got on the scoresheet in Inter’s 6-2 win against Benevento.

Inter captain Mauro ICARDI scored off a penalty kick in the third minute. With the score at 3-0 for Inter, Lautaro MARTINEZ got his first of the match, a jumping header just three minutes into the second half.

MARTINEZ’s second was a well worked team goal. The former Racing man received the ball inside the penalty area and fired home a low shot.


  1. If argentina want to win trophies they have get rid of tagliafico. They guy is errorprone, slow, too agressive, bad crosser. I would still prefer Rojo as a LB just for copa 2019 and tagliafico as his sub.

    • Or Angileri? He has been pretty impresive for Godoy as LB!

      Tagliafico too never impressed me either. Didn’t contribute ANYTHING, offensively or defensively. In the World Cup, he was just taking up space.
      We would’ve done better had Rojo been LB, with Otamendi and either Fazio or Ansaldi as CB’s.

      My Ideal back line for the Copa would be:
      Saravia/Perruzzi-Otamendi-Lisandro Martinez-Rojo

  2. Glad that Spalletti started playing both together. Hope he keep on doing this just not against weak teams.

    Impressive progress of Lo Celso. Last year when he played against Real with PSG he was like a kid and last night was a great performance despite the result.

    • Yea….
      Against one of the Worst Real’s in History, who even Eibar and Alaves managed to beat at home,
      Real Betis lost at home against them.

      If you can’t beat the giant when wounded, when can you beat him?

  3. Messi + Aguero = Two of Argentina’s deadliest forwards right now
    Dybala and Lauturo are their like for like replacements.
    All four will be vital for the next World Cup.

    Say for the World Cup 2022, we start say like this.
    Lo Celso-Paredes-Lanzini
    Messi-Aguero-J. Correa

    And we do what Barca did with Iniesta his last season. Knowing how good and important he is, they let him start, but only played for about an hour (60 mins), and would sub him off for someone else younger.
    Same we could do with Aguero. Start him, and give him about 60 min or so, then sub him off for Lauturo. That way, you have a like for like replacement, and a young gun with fresh legs to terrorize the defense.

      • Ascacibar who? You mean the guy who’s about to be relegated into the Bundesliga 2?
        Good choice!

        Palacios who? The guy who was supposed to go to Real for several weeks now, but they bought Briham Diaz of Man City instead?
        Good Choice!

        Icardi? You mean the guy who has yet to win a title? The guy who former Inter and Milan man Antonio Cassano said would rather have Higuainn at Inter than Icardi?
        Good choice!

        • Time will say everything buddy, you didn’t even keep Dybala in your 11 who won trophies for his club,
          Oh dear do you think j. Correa is better than him or icardi!!!
          btw this is 2019, 22 is far away…
          One thing i want to mention here, wc winner French defender pavard is also from the same team of ascacibar, if you want to know more about him, please watch this analysis

          • And also i have enough doubt, that really you watch football or not?
            What a mockery!!!!
            In Mrinal 1235 comment you replied
            —- (Tagliafico too never impressed me either. Didn’t contribute ANYTHING, offensively or defensively. In the World Cup, he was just taking up space)
            Inspite of written this you keep tagliafico in ur 11,
            You said —- Icardi? You mean the guy who has yet to win a title?
            Then what’s about Lauturo you want him as a sub of Aguero….
            Isn’t icardi & Lauturo Club teammate?
            Icardi is much better than lauturo, thats why his market value is over 100 m…

  4. Lautaro Lo Celso & Foyth are only class young players from Argentina, icardi and Dybala already superstar

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