Chelsea agree Gonzalo HIGUAIN loan deal with Juventus


Chelsea have agreed to sign Gonzalo HIGUAIN on loan with Juventus.

Per a report by Sky Sports, the London based club have agreed a deal with Juventus which would see Gonzalo HIGUAIN, currently on loan with AC Milan, to join them on loan until the end of the season. The deal, according to Fabrizio ROMANO, would see HIGUAIN join Chelsea on loan plus a buy option for 6 months.

The deal can reportedly be extended as a loan until the 2019-2020 season.


  1. I wish he does well in England. He has a struggled a lot since the Brazil WorldCup but he was by far a better player in Argentina shirt than Aguero ever was. His 1v1 finishing has always let him down at both club and international level but he’s an instinctive finisher and very good at that. Besides I hate him for his 3 mess-ups and don’t want him to wear the national colours again. He had his chances (and so too the rest of the “divas” club).

    PS: It’ll be interesting to see the reaction of the “divas” fanboys if Higuain starts to put the ball into the back of the net on a consistent basis. Would they be rooting for him just like they did for Aguero and the rest?

  2. El Pipita did not perform well at Milan, hence it is a worth trying at EPL due to his long relationship with Sarri and new atmosphere. Hopefully he will enjoy London and regain his form and instinct to score much.

  3. Pipita will have a tough time being chosen as first choice because of his weight. He has gained so much weight since moving to Juventus. He needs to get in shape for EPL. He was in peak form for Real Madrid. Which is why he still has more goals than Benzema.

  4. I admire his courage to join a new league at his age, didn’t see many successful examples for a 30y old player started his experience in EPL so far. But the advantage is Sarri used to work with him which should make him the 1st nine.

    Usually I don’t like 433(prefer much more 442 or 352) but I am big fan of Sarri’s football style: 2 hardworking fullbacks who can break the lines when they attack, 1 holding capable of playing as 10, surrounded by a box to box and a creative midfielder who can defend and cut in the box as an additional offensive player, a playmaker and a true winger on each side, both strong in dribbling, with a fwd or false 9 in the middle, possession oriented and pleasant to watch. The regista is as important as the playmaker in his system. I don’t know if Scaloni checked a bit this system, actually it’s quite a good fit for the players we have: Saravia and Tagliafico as fullbacks, Paredes or Banega as regista, Ascacibar or Almendra or Palacios as box to box, Lo Celso or Lanzini or Vazquez as CM, Messi or Lamela or Dybala as right playmaker, Pity or Cervi or De Paul as left winger, Angel Correa or Lautaro or Icardi as striker.

    • Actually China is even more difficult than you can imagine. I saw many world class players struggling there, there is a gap of culture between local people and foreigners and football is a team work. The few time I watched Witsel playing there, he was very far from the Witsel we saw during the WC or now at Dortmund. I guess Sarri will keep on using Hazard as false 9 but give him some playing time when he need a true 9. Giroud the 2nd option an Morata should leave soon.

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