Argentina win-less at Sudamericano following loss to Ecuador


Argentina remain without a win after losing 1-0 in their second match of the Sudamericano against Ecuador.

Fernando BATISTA’s boys are in trouble of not qualifying to the second round. Following a 1-1 draw against Paraguay, the kids lost 1-0 to Ecuador and find themselves in last place in the group. Here was the starting eleven:

Manuel ROFFO
Facundo MURA
Nehuen PEREZ
Facundo MEDINA
Francisco ORTEGA
Francesco LO CELSO
Santiago SOSA

Argentina’s next match is on Thursday against Uruguay.


  1. definitely not the worst result but quite disappointing. Luckily for me I wasn’t watching, was too busy with my work – writing, editing those research projects…ugh. Fortunately I’ve found a helper – useful website so when the next game is on, I’ll watch it.

  2. Watching the game, these kids got NO midfield.
    It was constant passing between CB’s, fullbacks and wingers, with a cross here and there.
    NOTHING in the midfield, nothing.
    That is due not only to bad tactics, but players unwilling to step into the half spaces to create something. Also, a lack of vision form the other players to pick out passes, create plays, take the initiative.
    Don’t expect much from the U-20 team if you ask me.

    Game was pretty boring to watch too, might I add.

    • You are right. No midfield. The midfield – that was my concern since Batista released his list. Almendra and Ayala were crucial duo of central midfielders in 2018, during COTIF tournament. Ayala was touring with senior NT whole the last year gaining experience and Batista rejected him.

      Moreno, Lo Celso, Insaurralde are not good and Batista has not good subs for them due to wrong selection.

      There’s no continuity. Batista was punished for rejecting the previous coach – Scaloni – team. That team looked really good. They were able to play solid football playing even with 10 men against Uruguay. Batista fielded yesterday only one player of that team regular starting line up. His arrogance and ignorance is punushed. He thought he will nuild good new team within one month.

      We need also one creative AM. I think next game Maroni should start. Or even both Maroni and Almada. Batista rejected also good wingers from COTIF like Barreal and Marinelli.

      Now we need beat Uruguay. If not I will not even watch the last game.

      • You know the odds of us beating Uruguay are VERY low?
        I won’t watch it, one because the team is VERY boring to watch, and two, we will most likely lose anyway so there is no point.

        Just hope we are not so disappointing during the summer as we are now.

        • We won the Uruguay last year during COTIF and in 2 friendlies as well but that was with Scaloni, now I doubt about that. Maybe little more chances if Maroni, Almada, Gaich will start.

  3. no continuity in squad, no continuity in coach. Yesterday started only one player of that COTIF tournament – Mura.

  4. It’s worse result than before, but It’s OK. Hopefully, The Boys will get better result in the next matches.. So, The Boys will become the champion for this championship.

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the champion!

    Supports Argentina National Football Team U20 no matter what……

    GOD bless…

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