Argentina U20 team look for first Sudamericano win against Ecuador


Argentina will look for their first victory at this year’s Sudamericano when they play Ecuador.

Fernando BATISTA’s team drew 1-1 in their opening match against Paraguay with PSV’s Maxi ROMERO scoring the lone goal for Argentina. A win, depending on other results, could take them to first place in the table. They’re currently in 4th position in Group B with Ecuador having already played two matches.

The team will wear the traditional sky blue and white shirt with white shorts.

Argentina’s kit for the match.


    • Nonsense what you’ve said because this U-20 players have nothing to do with over 20 (categories ’91-98) youngsters we want to see in NT instead of oldies.

      • If you are accusing these youngsters of failure, tell me what have the oldies achieved at senior level so far?

        Many of these youngsters have a big potential and the talents and skills are there, but the management is failing to unlock these players’ potential. That’s the problem we are facing right now, if you ask me. Don’t blame the boys for something out of their control!

        • Do not worry Dadir 10 you will always find an excuse for their or your failure.What oldies done at least they played in football’s grand stage at WC final but these young generation going to be eliminated in group stages.

          • What excuse? It seems you are looking for excuses to show the oldies to us as winners. But the reality is they are FAILURES at national level. I know truth hurts but you have to face it, dude.

            Losing to Chile twice has no excuse!

          • “Move on bro world has gone too far ahead”

            I’m for the change (by supporting the rebuilding process) and you are against it, so who needs to move on?

            What a contradiction! Lol

  1. It is not a day for us to complain about results. Unfortunately, we perhaps lost one of our own. A footballer who was having his dream come true by playing in the biggest league in the world. I hope that Emiliano Sala is found alive, along with the pilot.

    • Agree, no continuity in squad, no continuity in coach. Yesterday started only one player of that COTIF tournament – Mura.

      • I am really disappointed with afa’s choice Batista over camboisa ,why do we have to suffer for their mismanagement ?Despite of having heavy potential we are trophy less from 1993 because of mismanagement

    • Weird sekection
      Poor coach
      Irritating play
      poor results

      still with many opportunities to score unlike one opportunity of Paraguay and Ecuador

  2. Nothing special in the first half. Our box-to-box midfielders Lo Celso and Insaurralde are weak. Romero is invisible. Poor crossing. I saw some chemistry in a moments of first game but not this one. Only De La Vega is doing something dangerous but bad finishing.

    We had opportunities but it doesen’t looks good. No chemistry.

    Gaich, Maroni/Almada must enter in second half.

  3. Honestly, watching the game for a bit, and neither team is playing good football, but then again, it’s an U-20 game. All the game is passing between CB’s and to the wingers, pretty much passing around in a U shape with a cross here and there. Nothing going on in the midfield. Even the stadium Fiscal de Talca is completely empty lol

    I’m not going to watch the whole game. Keep me posted tho whoever will.

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