PSG confirm signing of Argentina midfielder Leandro PAREDES


PSG have confirmed that they have signed Argentina midfielder Leandro PAREDES.

It’s been made official. PAREDES has signed a four and a half year deal, which would keep him at the club until June 30, 2023, this per the club’s official website. Still only 25 years old, PAREDES will be wearing the number 8 shirt at the club.

Speaking on PSG’s website, here’s what PAREDES had to say:

“I’m very proud to be joining Paris Saint-Germain. After my previous experiences in Italy and Russia, I now have this fantastic opportunity, not only to discover a new league, but above all one to wear one the most prestigious club jerseys in the world. I’d like to thank the chairman and the coach for the confidence they have shown in me by signing me.

“We all know the extraordinary sporting dimension of Paris Saint-Germain, its players and staff. I share the same high ambitions and I will do everything I can to give my club what it expects of me as a midfielder. I also look forward to the passionate atmosphere of the Parc des Princes, as I grew up with football fever in Argentina.”


  1. very good news
    extremely helpful for our NT box atleast the comebacks to a mainstream club..and only 25 years old ..
    only Sad news is about Sala…please God save him alive

  2. Guyz can anyone give links to watch Ecuador vs argentina….
    Would love to see Almada de la Vega alvarez Romero to play together …..
    Good lineup against ecuador

  3. Wining formula for Argentina copa 2019, just make a solid defense with messi magic plus icardi finishing in front of goals

  4. Ghostdeini, glad to read from as always and may God always light your way amigo!
    I don’t want to get rude or being disrespectful to anyone in here, but honestly some comments are being way too disapointed and disrespectful towards our team and players lately that make me feel sad and even ungry when reading them.
    Besides the “barca way” have lots things in common with the way Argentina used to play in late 90s, Guardiola himself expressed his admiration to Bielsa and Argentina after all.

    You have written once a post relating to Argentina’s players and history and i have told you that you should repost this comment again, just to remind to some people in here the priveledge of supporting Argentina, remember that?

    Well, i think you should do that.

    • Thank you! I wish you many others to live the day we can celebrate the World cup title and copas.”

      Not only the players you mentioned.
      we even gave other countries Legends.

      – In 1930 we went to the Finals next time some of our players that were there played for Italy and became 2 times Champions.
      – The Legendary La Maquina by River and Labruna, Moreno, Munoz, Padernera, Loustau inspired the Dutch Total Football.
      – Alberto di Stefano A top 5 player of all time if he only had the World cup would be ranked with Maradona and some do it anyway.
      he won the Copa with Argentina in 1947 scoring 6 golas in 6 matches and Argentina refused to participate in 1950 where he could have won us the World cup, he never played for Argentina again.
      it’s so sad for us. he played for Spain.
      – Sivori a Juve legend, Maschio, Angellilo “the dirty faces” who won the 1957 Copa moved to Italy and were banned by our AFA to play for Argentina so missed the 1958 World cup.
      Again missing a chance – self inflicting pain. They played for Italy later on.
      – 78 Menotti left Bochini at home, winner of 5 Copa Libertadores, a time when not all the best players played in Europe. Bilardo corrected the wrong and took him to the World cup 86 to make a wrong right.
      – Ramon Diaz in 90, we chose to let him at home but we missed him in the final.
      and in recent times we all know what happened.

      How we played in 2006, our style was copied and teams won Champions leagues and World Cups with it.
      Our History is rich like no other team, because our brand of football was taken copied and people won titles with it.
      We could have had more Titles if it weren’t for some egoistical people, and people supporting them.
      We have Legends and we will always produce legends that is what I guarantee you, but winning titles I don’t guarantee because ego is always above our team, and we lack managing, administrating, and coaching. Those things as proven in this post have held us down and continue to hold us down.
      2 World Cups, we could have won at least 4.”

  5. I dont know why people still think we need to play like Barca.
    Tagliafico is not Alba and vice versa.
    Why are people underestimating Messi?
    People think Messi can only play in a team like Barca. We need to a Alba we need a Xavi and iniesta, Alves.
    You are saying that Messi is a system player. I believe Messi can play in any team. Just need to build a balanced team based on merit.

    Tagliafico should be captain.

    • Messi grew up learning the “Barca way”
      That’s the style he knows.

      If we had a Xavi, Iniesta, Dani Alves, Jordi Alba, etc it would be perfect, we wouldn’t even need Messi as desperately for every game.
      Honestly, Jordi Alba isn’t even that good. He’s just fast, like Mbappe. Messi makes him look 10x better than he actually is.
      But what do all these guys, even Suarez, Rakitic, Sergi Roberto, Pique, Busquets, have in common?

      They KNOW how to PLAY WITH MESSI.
      Something Argentina hasn’t learned to do.
      They don’t know how to move around Messi, to be open, keep the width of the pitch, NOTHING!

      And honestly, bringing in new players won’t change this, unless the manager in charge teaches the players how to move, make late runs, apply the “third man” principle to the team, etc.
      That is why I’m so critical of Scaloni, because he is NOT the guy to do that. He’ll instead park Lamborghini’s instead of driving them!
      Unless a manager comes in who can actually teach this new guns these concepts, Argentina will NEVER use Messi to his FULL capacity.

      Paredes is a lazy player, so is Icardi, Saravia, etc. If they don’t learn how to move around Messi, it will be a disaster.

      This Video shows what I’m talking about

      • Movement with or without the ball is something I have been blabbering for years that we lack and need to improve.
        Paredes has played 10 minutes with Messi. Saravia was active like no other the last game. We dont know how they would do in a team with Messi. Tagliafico never stops moving.

        You got the movement problem right…but you are blaming the wrong people. You should blame players who played with Messi all the time but lacked movement around him.
        But somehow you want all those guys to play.

        One other thing.
        Running doesn’t necessarly mean movement. Some players don’t run much but move cleverly into the right spaces and places positioning themselves creating adventages. They also pick the right moments to do that. One of those guys is Messi. And so is Paredes. You also need runners and athletism to cover space creating the right balance and shape. A team has its shape like the body of a human. You need a head but dont need two heads. You need two hands, legs, not 3 hands and 1 leg. Everything has its purpose. We fielded disbalanced team all the time losing shape, balance and cohesiveness. Actually we used to put 4 attackers and 6 defenders in the recent years. What we also lacked was team play. You must attack and defend as a team. Scaloni’s team defends like one, he must figure to attack as one.

        • “They KNOW how to PLAY WITH MESSI.
          Something Argentina hasn’t learned to do.
          They don’t know how to move around Messi, to be open, keep the width of the pitch, NOTHING!”

          “And honestly, bringing in new players won’t change this, unless the manager in charge teaches the players how to move, make late runs, apply the “third man” principle to the team, etc.
          That is why I’m so critical of Scaloni, because he is NOT the guy to do that. He’ll instead park Lamborghini’s instead of driving them!
          Unless a manager comes in who can actually teach this new guns these concepts, Argentina will NEVER use Messi to his FULL capacity.”

          I am not signaling players like Biglia, Higuain, Pastore, Zabaleta, etc because yeah neither did they which I acknowledged before, but blaming them now has no benefit. We need to focus on players who will play this summer.

          What I am saying, which we apparently both agree on is yes, Argentina MUST work on their movement without the ball.
          Why single out Tagliafico? Because we have already seen him play with Messi several times, and it’s the same story all over again.
          Paredes because with Zenit and even in recent Argentina games, he’s kinda Lazy. He plays like sort of Pirlo did, not much movement but good distribution. Thing is, the teams Pirlo played in were built around him, and he had guys like Chiellini to cover for him. But we Don’t!

          What I’m saying is we need a manager to teach them all this, but Scaloni is not the guy for the job.
          Hopefully we can agree on this as well.

          • Barca is finished since the retirement of xavi now messi is carrying barca single handily just like Argentina, even Argentina have world class striker where barca have declining suarez without messi Barcelona can’t even beat even lower mid table la Liga teams, only positive in barca is Tar Stegen along with messi saving barca ass, let’s see how De Jong change this average barca site

          • @dontbethatguy

            100% agreed that’s it’s the managers responsibility and Scaloni certainly isn’t giving us confidence. Even when Messip isn’t on the pitch, you don’t see players moving. Our passing has been dreadful the least few matches. Not looking good

          • Paredes picks his spots. He moves cleverly. What worries me about him is his defensive discipline as the last man in midfield. There is where he has to work on.
            You cant have 2-3 luxury players. Messi is that for us. Paredes needs to work on defensive discipline to not be a luxury player.

            Scaloni has his flaws in attack which I hope will be fixed.
            So i support him.
            I dont see any possible candidate who is better than him.

          • One of the smartest, best posts I have seen in nearly 9 years on this site…….Spot on.

            The young guys may not have the skill today the last generation did, but they can run all day. If you don’t stay active, your chances of scoring goes way down. Look at Higuain today vs Higuain in Real Madrid. The guy can’t even run anymore. But look at a guy like Simeone, who has far less skill than Higuain, and he can get to the spot at the right time to capitalize. Sometimes skill wins, sometimes effort wins. To win a championship you have to have both at the same time, as well as health.

        • @ghostdeini

          Couldn’t agree more except who we are pointing the finger at. The buck stops with the coach. If he didn’t see biglia or Banega supporting Messi (making runs, etc) then the damn coach should have pulled the players aside and demanded change.

          I put blame on the manger.

    • Argentina should play like .. Argentina, period.
      We can not build a system that suits certain players.
      Messi or anyone else can adapt to any style, It’s the coach’s job to make that happen.

      • If this is enough good for news on Tyc, the more good for mention on Mundo comments. For you nothing is worth attention about our youngsters. Either it’s win on Sudamericano, transfer rumours or transfer to Borussia. You want to see people keep silence about Argentina talents on Argentina football site…

      • No, the news is when the player proves that he is worthy and justify his place in the team and the hype, something that noumerous Brazilians failed to do so despite that we are getting quite busy of pointing out our own players’ failures.

  6. Romero
    Mercado pezzela Otamendi Tagliafico
    Lo celso Paredes Banega
    Messi Icardi Dimaria

    Oldies+Young blood=copa 2019 champion
    come on bro… we r 100% favorite

  7. Pastore version 2.0 smh! Had a chance to join Chelsea in the PL but no! Chose PSG. Now Paredes has done the same. Things like demanding to join a big club in a big league or, forcing a move for a better football career doesn’t exist with our talents. Paredes could’ve played regularly for Chelsea this season. But he likes The Extraordinary Sporting Dimensions of PSG :@

    • Chelsea wasn’t serious. They didn’t want to pay too much for Jorgino back up. Chelsea wasn’t giving him shit. They were looking for back-up.

      • Nobody has valued him around what PSG are paying now. Inter backed out of a deal last summer because they weren’t convinced about Paredes’ abilities. Instead, Inter tried to sign an old Modric. Milan were also rumoured to be interested about Paredes this winter. But I haven’t heard they made any bid. So there was only Chelsea and PSG.

        Chelsea were serious about him. They were the first team to make any concrete offer. PSG started bidding later. But being serious doesnt mean they have to pay well above their valuation.

        • So how that was Paredes fault? Chelsea can pay 35 million for Drinkwater to sign him and hesitate almost same amount for Paredes. Milan and Inter are tried out. They unlikely will pay any big amount for any young players so obvious they wanted someone is proven. Modric was just a roumor. Not going Chelsea was good for Paredes maybe. They doesn’t deserve him. Imagine they wanted Paredes as Jorgino backup. I think Paredes is better than Jorgino

          • Technically, it’s not Paredes’ fault. I am just disappointed that he didnt try hard to move to a bigger league. I dont care about Chelsea and I have never been a Chelsea fan.

            English players are generally overpriced due to homegrown quota and media hype.

      • I agree with you Mrinal. But I wanted him to play under Sarri in a demanding league like EPL. It could only improve Paredes. Besides, Sarri plays a regista which is ideal for Paredes.

        • Premire league is physically demanding league paredes i doubt he would shine there , he is another lazy player like pastore.

          Well you don’t know unless he plays
          There in your own argument
          Than di Maria failed .
          Messi followers keep deying
          Any good player for Nt
          other than Messi generation
          It’s staggering keep talking
          Rojo where f…k is he
          Man Utd dumped him

          • Look what happened to pareyra ,lanzini, lamela, jorghino these players are not fit enough to play in premire league they need some slower league like serie a or league where they can spend time on the ball.
            Rojo is another player who is not able to cope up with demanding league he was not bad before injury he was mourinho’s one of favourite.
            Dimaria’s case was Di Maria was more of an attacking player who loved to run freely on the wings and give breathtaking passes and crosses.Louis Van Gaal wanted him to play more short passing game and wanted the team to pass and take the ball forward , rather than running through the wings and putting in crosses which United have always been known and feared for. One of the worst manager i had ever seen even when the team was 2–0 down , United didn’t attack enough and passed ball a lot more times to defenders and the goal keeper.

        • Chelsea wasn’t serious enough for paredes…..
          Btw he is a world class player….. Idk why u people think EPL is the toughest league in the world …every league has thier own challenges

  8. Paredes to PSG
    I hope he shines. I am one of his biggest supporters. Let’s wait and see. Hope also that Lo Celso returns to the team so they can play together after shining at the Copa.

    Tottenham & Pochettino
    MAN UTD, Arsenal, Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City are all bigger clubs than Tottenham (sorry Pablo.d). Tottenham used to be in the same boat as Everton and Newcastle but have been elevated to a big club and becoming one of the top 6 clubs with constantly making CL. A big part of that is Pochettino. Demanding trophies from him is not correct. When he coaches a bigger club and doesn’t bring trophies then you can judge him.
    Declarations are declarations. Don’t take any player, coach, or manager to his word. It’s a business and people always break their word.

    Under 20 team
    I want to see Almada, De La Vega and Maxi play together.

    Rumored player selections
    I don’t like Mercado, Funes Mori, Di maria, Romero, Armani and am lukewarm to Otamendi.
    But if Scaloni thinks those guys should be there then they should be there and I don’t have a problem with it.
    I will support the team. We all should. No matter what. Correa or Correa, I don’t care because I like both of them and we must hope that all our players become the best players of the world.

    • “Hope also that Lo Celso returns to the team so they can play together after shining at the Copa.”

      Are you from the future? lol jk
      Lo Celso is good, but we already think he’s going to assist everyone.
      Remind you the “New” Argentina hasn’t really impressed yet.
      ARG 3-0 GUA (Who played their FIRST game after a THREE year BAN… should’ve been at least 7-if we’re ass good as we think we are)
      ARG 0-0 COL
      ARG 4-0 IRA
      ARG 0-1 BRA (Even after parking a BIG ASS BUS… Mourinho would be proud)
      ARG 2-0 MEX

      Personally, What I think we should do for success is build a solid defensive foundation, such as
      or something like that,
      and do what Valverde did with Messi last year.

      They had the usual defense of Roberto-Pique-Umtiti-Alba, but the difference between last season and other prior seasons was the double pivot of Busquets and Rakitic.
      That double pivot allowed for more defensive stability.
      For the 2017/18 season, Barcelona only conceded 29 goals, only Atletico conceded less.
      Granted their goal tally went down as well, to 99 last season.

      But the point is that with a good double pivot, and good CB pairing, the defense would be solid.
      Yes, it’ll ask more of the fullbacks, but as long as the center of the pitch is secure, it shouldn’t be a problem.
      And if Messi can make Sergi Roberto look good, he can make say Saravia look good too.
      The attack for Barcelona that season all came from Messi & Suarez, best striker partnership in Europe right now.

      The same can be done with Argentina, instead with Aguero & Messi.
      Provide a stable double pivot to give those two offensive freedom, and they’ll shine! I guarantee it!

      Say a line up as such:
      Di Maria-Lo Celso/Caseres-Paredes-Lanzini

      That way, Messi can influence the midfield and dictate play, and Di Maria can play in the right wing, where he is the one of the best.
      The double pivot of either Lo Celso or Caseres and Paredes should provide enough defensive stability and creativity to remove the need of Messi dropping too deep.
      Aguero Stays up and the fullbacks can provide overlapping runs.

      • Bro the difference between barca and argentina is they have jordi alba and we have tagliafico(hope scaloni doesnt start him, i would prefer rojo instead).
        In barca when opposition tries to press , barca starts utilizing the passing accuracy of ter stegen as an extra defender argentina lacks in that department.

  9. He cannot play CL for PSG this season as he already played for Zenit in Europe. He has to wait till next season.

  10. Batista once again with different eleven for today’s game. Almada, Alvarez, Romero starts.

    Manuel Roffo; Aaron Barquett, Nehuén Pérez, Facundo Medina, Ortega; Sosa, Fausto Vera; Pedro De La Vega, Almada, Álvarez; y Romero

    • Again Vera? It should be Insaurralde. I mean he is no box-to-box but atleast he can recover and distribute the ball well.
      Also maroni instead of alvarez…if it is rotating due to hecting match schedule then ok I think.

  11. Whatever you want to see about level and quality of the PSG club you must to see them in confrontation to other league clubs because there’s big gap in French league between PSG and the rest.

    Anyway it’s possibly far better place for him than Russian league unless he will be regular bench warmer.

  12. Mauricio pochettino some of the terrible comments ( total immature comments) 1) since he was a coach of espaniyal, he can’t be coach of Barcelona (mind the gap between Barcelona and espaniyal) 2) when asked by the reporter manu and real interested, he says he wants to stay in many years in Tottenham ( he could have said I would be happy to coach them in future ) 3)saying top4 is more important than trophies is totally ridiculous just look at arsenal

    • Mate fa cup is nothing compare
      Getting top 4 in modern football
      Ask anyone who’s know football
      What pochettino achieved is
      Incredible no manager did in
      Recently history three years in row
      In champions league football
      Two times finish above arsenal
      Is pochettino who did that
      With beautiful football that Is
      Why man utd want pay him over the odds

      • Tottenham needs trophies not only Top4 , what happened to arsene wenger he guided arsenal to consecutive 12 champions league qualifications then he had leave arsenal (actually arsenal sacked him but since he is a arsenal legend they said it was mutual agreement to part ways with arsene wenger). Pochettino is a one of the best manager with attacking band play needes trophies, should ask Tottenham to give him more money to spend else he has to leave for manu or real or psg because without trophies nobody will recognize you in long-run.

        • @chintu
          Thanks mate
          First let me myself clear I’m not
          Tottenham fan niether arsenal
          Come to your point
          Arsenal was different situation
          Than spurs because arsenal
          Was successfull club and was
          Rival club to man Utd in terms
          Epl than Roman Abrahamovic
          Bought Chelsea than they took
          Over arsenal than pochettino
          Come to Tottenham than finishing
          Above arsenal first time
          In arsene Wenger
          Era so there for arsenal was declining and fans had reacted .
          Rest history I used love watch
          Arsenal fan the way they abused
          Arsene Wenger.

  13. PSG will easily beat Manchester United in champion league.PSG have Di maria Verrati in midfield. Mabape as forward and my favorite Cavani as center forward.Even in absense of Neymar they will beat Manchester United

    • I’m a big fan of Cavani too, he plays almost as a box to box. I don’t know many strikers running and involved so much in defensive task. Verratti will be off too normally for this game. So I guess they will keep on playing in 442.

  14. Midfield of Verratti, Paredes, and Di Maria or Draxler!
    Very strong midfield. Now imagine if PSG had gotten De Jong?
    De Jong-Paredes-Verratti.
    Plus MCN up front.

    We’ll see how Paredes holds up against Pogba, Alexis, Martial, Rashford, Lukaku, etc.

    • We’ll see how Paredes holds up against Pogba, Alexis, Martial, Rashford, Lukaku, etc

      Hhhh af course he will handle well
      Against man utd midfielders
      I can see Leo paredes controlling
      In the middle of park..

      • You haven’t seen much of the new Man U haven’t you?
        NOBODY can stop them right now!

        And with a fully fit squad…. Watch Out!
        And their going up against a PSG without Neymar for both legs.
        HA! PSG are f***ed!!

        • I watched them a lot mate
          They just having good time
          Last time spurs finish them
          If it wasn’t the de gea that game
          Could have 5 to 1 or 6 to 1 to spurs
          Nothing espacial about them
          They re just reacting to the new coach that is normal in football.

          • Godin11 and mauricio pochettino always find excuses.
            After kicking out from FA cup pochettino’s statement is winning a trophy is not important playing in champions league is important.
            Paredes is definately not a world class player at 25 still playing in russian league psg bought him because allan declined the offer.

    • Yeah will be a very tough game for PSG and Paredes. Yes they won 8 games over 8 since Mourinho left, but the only high-level one was against Spurs. De Gea saved clearly their ass. The CB are slow. Tuchel need to use Paredes’s passing skill to serve Mbappe for counter attack.

      • On the contrary, it’s United who will play the counters.
        They’ll be more than happy to sit back and absorb pressure, then unleash Rashford, Lingard, Martial, Lukaku, Alexis, whoever starts.
        PSG will be playing with possession, as that is how they are used to playing. United will be waiting for the counter. Question is, will Paredes, Marquinhos, Alves, etc be able to keep up with Martial, Rashford and the rest?

        We’ll find out in two weeks. Can’t Wait!

  15. I watched the highlights of psg rennes, the pair Marquinhos-Dani Alves in the middle seems to work very well even though midfielder is not their natural position. Paredes need to work hard to win his place. Amazing to see how good is Di Maria. Has something to do with Tuchel, almost his level at RM. He likes this fast football and counter attack

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