Lionel MESSI with a chip goal for FC Barcelona in win


Lionel MESSI scored a vintage MESSI goal in FC Barcelona’s 2-0 win against Girona.

It’s not often that MESSI doesn’t score for Barcelona. And it’s not often that when he does score, his goals aren’t memorable. Which is why against Girona, it was a typical, vintage MESSI goal.

With the score at 1-0, MESSI was one on one with the goalkeeper and in brilliant fashion, chipped the ball over the goalkeeper.


  1. PSG chairman Nasser Al-Khelaifi says Leandro Paredes will bring guile and strength to the club’s midfield.

    “Leandro brings with him the traditional strengths of Argentinian football, a fighting spirit and excellent technical skills,” he said. “I am sure he will fit quickly into our coach’s well-organised and ambitious team.”

  2. Those who say DYBALA IS AVERAGE PLAYER are Fools here……..who is better false 9 than him …name one….Look at DYBALA VS LAZIO in youtube…..he can control tempo of game and was involved in Both goals ans assist l as messi does though he is not at par with messi……but a small version of messi for sure……….he is a quality playerso clubs are ready to cheque 100 millions for him………so plz put your illogical judgement with yourself guys

    • When someone has a very limited knowledge on football it’s always expected from them to call great players overrated.

      It was only a few days ago when I read a post from a mundo member who lablled the whole team overrated.

      Dybala overrated
      Icardi overrated
      Lo Celso overrated
      Paredes overrated
      Saravia overrated
      Tagliafico overrated
      Pezzella overrated
      Ascacibar overrated
      De Paul overrated

      It’s shocking how such a person wants to call themselves Albiceleste fan.

      It’s true that nowadays we don’t produce as much talent as we used to, but we have enough talent to make an amazing team that can win a trophy or compete with the strongest teams. Brazil are our worst enemy in football and when you look at their achievements in recent years you realize we are the better team. And then someone pops up and say we are far behind Brazil. Such guys are here just to mock the team and they aren’t Argentina fans at all.

  3. Estudiantes – Velez 1:2

    Matias Vargas with goal, Lucas Robertone with goal and assist. Scaloni was watching on the stadium. I bet not only Vargas, Gimenez, Dominguez are on his radar but also Lucas Robertone. Much versatile player. Creative one.

    • Velez are getting better and better, infact soon I think they’ll be as good as defensa.
      Robertone is a certainly talented but still somewhat inconsistent and to me Dominguez remains the only player whom I consider a “finished product” and I think he needs to move to europe next season and should be given a chance with the NT.

      • Well, my first choice for left wing is Pity. Vargas, Cervi and De Paul as subs for him. Vargas might be best option for the position sooner or later but ATM Pity is ahead of him in pecking order for severel reasons, also age. There’s also Joaquin Correa which is my second choice after Pity on LF. Pity, Lanzini, De Paul may take also other positions like AM or RF but with Messi somwhere there the question seems to be closed. Lanzini and especially Pity, De Paul have the playmaking nerve.

        Lanzini was once one of my fav players. I was first here who started to talk about him when he was yet in UAE league but:

        1. Now his health makes me doubt about his any longer term utility in NT

        2. Pity Martinez being in his mould and type for me is even more talented.

        • Appreciate your feedback. Me 2 actually I believe in Pity and Vargas. But also like Cervi and De Paul. Ideally will be have Cervi as left midfielder and Lanzini or Pity or Vargas as left winger/Playmaker in a 343 but you will need to sacrify Tagliafico and Lo Celso.

  4. My NT 2019

    Striker: Joaquin Correa, Alario, Facundo colidio

    Wingers: Pity Martinez , Lucas Ocampos, Ignacio pussetto ,Benjamin Garre, Pedro De la Vega

    MF: Lo celso , Paredes, Lucas Robertone , Reynoso ,Santiago COLOMBATTO

    LB: Alexis Soto , Martinez(denfensa#justice)
    RB: Montiel
    CB: Juan foyth ,Manmanna,Pezzella, Barbosa

    GK: Juan musso, Damian Martinez,Paulo Gazzaniga

  5. Villarreal and Stuttgart will relegated soon in 2nd division. I am very much disappointed for our youngster also our future hope like ascacibar, casares, Ramiro funes, Nico gonz

    • No they are in a relegation zone but they won’t get relegated especially Stuttgart ….against Bayern they played some good and intelligent football……if nico gonzalez somehow improve his final third skills than he can be a big star …he works hard and has a damn speed and technically good..
      Whereas ascasicbar I don’t see any improvement in that guy he just run and tackle ….I don’t know if it is bad form or what but his skills with ball is below average these days

  6. From 2018 to 2019 massive improvement of Argentina in Defense and midfield and downfall of Brazil since 2018 world cup for me Brazil isn’t favorite at all where Gareca peru is going to be the underdog of copa 2019, Argentina will start as favorite to win it

  7. “If Neymar has surgery, the source warned that his recovery time will be longer than it was last time and that it will almost certainly end his second season in Paris prematurely and seriously threaten his participation in this summer’s Copa America with Brazil on home soil.” (ESPN).

    • Oh cmon then he mustn’t hv come in first place from the start……leaving a tournament in its very imp stages…how could he …..what if somehow Perez or Medina get injure who will be our quality back up

  8. As predicted Magallan was a huge flop at Ajax. Arch rivals Feyenoord beat them 6-2. The biggest loss in decades. It was his debut so still early for a verdict, but judging by his terrible positioning there will be more terrible performances

  9. I am really impressed with Juan foyth. He was the only bright spot in yesterdays spurs team. He should definitly be copa19 squad. After copa there will be 6 friendlies and the coach can develop young CB pairs during these keeping 2022 WC in mind. My candidate for foyth’s cb partner would be c.romero or lisandro martinez.

    • Foyth is good with ball but every time he gets nervous while defending 1v1 situation .We need calm and composed and error free defenders.
      Foyth may be future of argentina defence but not ready yet.

      • Did you watch yesterday
        How he handle one one
        Against zaha who is very dangerous
        On one one situation no defender
        Likes to face zaha on thier own
        Mate to be honest the ball
        Is ready he should first choice
        In the Nt.

        • Still totthenam conceeded 2 goals. I am talking about yesterday’s match only watch him carefully he makes usual things more difficult and gets nervous every time. He is a talent but not ready yet he needs more experience, if he starts in copa 2019 it will cost argentina.

          • Bro Tottenham will always be
            Conceding goals coz the way they
            Play the goals they conceded
            Yesterday wasn’t foyth fault
            One was penalty other one
            Was Sanchez .
            Mistake if i be honest foyth
            Looked better than Sanchez
            Who coast 40 million for spurs

          • May be your opinion but what have i seen ,he shoud not start in copa america 2019 a mistake from CB generally results in conceding goal that position error free and and little experienced player.

          • Foyth absolutely needs to improve and his inexperience is what led him to have back to back fouls in the box not too long ago. Is he ready for prime spot I don’t know.

      • @mrinal1235
        On the contrary he is very calm and composed on the ball. He is also good at dribbling the ball(sometimes too much I fear). Not only me, even spurs fan praises him for his calmness. His criticism is sometimes he mistimes his tackles and leads to foul.

  10. Watched the last 2 games of Juve, glad that Dybala is finally used as false 9, his favorite position, like in Palermo. Not number 10 or right winger anymore. I like this Juve’s attack, CR7 cut in as a forward and Costa making the difference with his dribbles. Dybala is not a dribbler and does not have a playmaker’s vision. His stuff is his shot, fast decision making and finishing. I think that’s also why Real is interested in him to replace Benzema in long term.

    In the national team, Dybala shouldn’t be considered as Messi’s sub on the right but a potential candidate for the striker role, in competition with Icardi, Angel Correa, Lautaro, … etc. The only player who has the creativity and dribbling skill to be Messi’s sub is Lamela.

    • Lamela is s…t mate honestly
      He never been consistent
      To have messi replacement
      We need team no individuals
      No one can come near
      to Lionel Messi.
      To say lamela is messi replacement
      Or even mention to same bracket
      is disrespecting mate .

      • haha, not much option on the right other than him. Give me name of a player who can be Messi’s sub(Lanzini can play on the right too). Most of our best talents play on the left. His problem is his playing time at club. If he can give up part of his great salary to play for a club that can offer him a starter place, he should be much more consistent.

        • Mate lamela there is nothing special
          About him he can even get regular
          His club I don’t want talk about him
          Much but lanzini is much better
          Than him that is one example
          I don’t bring too many names
          The point is lamela is not nt
          Material simpale as that .

          • Other than Messi, our best attacking players with the best vision, dribbling, and goal scoring abilities are Lamela, Dybala, Lanzini, Lo Celso, Di Maria, Banega, and A Correa. Next level after that is Pity, J Correa, De Paul, Pereyra, Cervi.

            I really like Lamela because he does it all, like Lo Celso. Presses like crazy, can play enganche, great vision, silky dribbling, etc. You’re right about consistency but he’s certainly not shit.

      • Lamela is not consistent but no doubt about his dribbling skills.He can play at left or right wing or as a playmaker in 4231
        Lamela Lanzini Di maria can play in various positions.

  11. High chances Villarreal and Stuttgart will relegate, i wonder which team will buy Ascacibar, Nico Gonzalez, Caseres, Funes Mori…second division is not an option.

    • For sure will be definitely a bad thing if Ascacibar and Funes Mori play in D2. But they are both replaceable. It’s much worse to see Pity and Barco playing in MLS.

  12. Is hard to forgive Roberto mancini
    He took our most talant defender
    From Lyon to zenit no question
    Mammana is our most talant defender
    Argentina have but sadly scaloni is
    Pefering funes mori over him
    That is staggering.

  13. Jose Luis Gomez and Renzo Sarvia should be our Right Back time to say goodbye to Mercado. Ansaldi and Angelleri should be our Left Back.
    J.Correa should be in the team he somewhat struggles in penalty box but apart from it he is an useful player.A. Correa is also good but I would prefer J.Correa.
    J.Correa would be a good competition for Lanzini and Di Maria in left wing.
    We should find alternative to Otamendi.Right now he is good but for future we need good center back pair

    • Lanzini yes if he can find back his level. Di Maria I don’t think so. Nothing against him but left winger is definitely not his best position anymore, should be used as central midfielder like with PSG this season with lot of freedom but in 4 years I don’t know if he still at the top. You also forget 5 other players like Pity, Vargas(big fan), Pereyra, Cervi and De Paul. They are all great left attacking midfielder.

  14. Everytime when I see Cristian Ferreira from River I’m so impressed. He scored yesterday once again long range golazo. One of our best talents. Such a shame he was not taken by Batista on Sudamericano instead one of our strikers. River with 3rd consecutive lost in Superliga.

    • De La Vega yes maybe because we don’t have enough players on the right but seems to be tough for Garre. I think in this generation, those who have bigger chance to go to the WC are Palaccios, Almendra, Balerdi and De La Vega.

      • Balerdi is talented but last match his performance is disastrous. Almendra is overrestimated .Palacios is decent and need to improve .Pedro De la Vega is the best in U20.

        Pedro De la Vega , Benjamin garre ,FACUNDO colidio, Santiago Sosa , J alverez

    • Noooo!!!!!!…..
      Angel correa can be more useful than j correa
      J correa lacks composure in the box while a correa is much better finisher and he works so hard for the team…..we need more hard working players bcoz messi nd our no.9 won’t run …..
      That’s why a correa and lamela are much better option than j correa.
      I know j correa is talented but argentina is lucky to hv so much attacking option so it would be tough for him

        • J correa played well but A correa will be better for NT . J correa looses his control when he enters into the penalty box , he can only show his skill on the wing but A correa is lethal inside the box.

      • I agree with you for the most part. The thing that separates them is theor work levels. J Correa participates defensively too, and he still has stamina. A correa is probably faster and a better dribbler but he always stays up and he has low stamina.

    • Joaquin Correa is a must in NT. He is talented, fast And technically very useful.

      IMO , If we use messi as a striker ,we need Joaquin Correa as a partner. He can be a winger too. He is more useful than dybala in NT

    • On the left, I think Scaloni looking for a playmaker/traditional winger for crossing and you have already bunch of decent players: Pity, De Paul, Pereyra, Cervi. There are also Lanzini who isn’t recovered yet and the amazing Vargas. That may explain why Joaquin Correa hasn’t his place. It depends really on really on the coach’s tactical choice. For example, he may switch to a right playmaker and a left forward. Then yes, Joaquin should have his place in this case.

      Angel was average with NT because he had so far few chance to show his talent and most of the time he was used as right midfielder which is not his position. His best position is striker like what he did with his club, I believe in his partnership with Messi. Should give him a chance to play as 9.

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