Gonzalo HIGUAIN scores first two goals for Chelsea in win against Huddersfield


Gonzalo HIGUAIN scored his first and second goal for Chelsea in their 5-0 win against Huddersfield.

An HIGUAIN which looked sharp and participated in plays with his team mates saw him score his first goal for Chelsea. HIGUAIN received the ball from inside the penalty area and hit the ball first time into the back of the net.

The second goal came from outside the penalty area. HIGUAIN’s shot took a deflection off the Huddersfield players arm and into the net.


  1. Still not his usual self….his movements were good …..now he can show in the EPL that why he always was ahead of aguero in the pecking order for argentina

    • Aguero is the most productive striker in PL history goal/minutes, so it wont be easy, quasi Higuain has to be the best striker of PL ever to overshadow KUN

    • Lol even Chelsea fans are surprised instead of celebrating, Higuain maybe better than Aguero before 2014 in his real days but after that Aguero was miles ahead and higuain is finished now not even enough to play in China league

  2. Yoooo… these are the two best goals I have seen Gonzalo have in acouple years! Maybe he needed a new start! Good for him but he should never be on national team again

  3. Man….
    Chelsea have Giroud and Morata (well… had)
    and they thought the best option….
    Is Higuain?

    Boy Chelsea this season are really scraping the bottom of the barrel aren’t they?

    They’re not going to win s*** this season! LOL

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