Lionel MESSI double secures draw for FC Barcelona against Valencia


Lionel MESSI scored twice for FC Barcelona in their 2-2 draw against Valencia.

After going down 2-0 against Valencia, FC Barcelona were awarded a penalty kick. The captain Lionel MESSI stepped up and made no mistake scoring to reduce the lead to one goal.

MESSI added a second one in the second half, a goal which only he can make look easy. He received the ball on the outside of the penalty area and with players in front of him, shot it into the back of the net.

He has now scored in 8 consecutive La Liga matches for the third time.


  1. Problem is that..Otamendi, Pezzela,Foyth,Mammana,cristian Romero ,ezaquel Garry, Musacchio,nahuen perez,balerdi
    all are right footed central Defenders.thats why our coatches were always called up less talented Defenders like Rojo,Funes mori,kahnman.We badly need a world class left Footed central defender.Otamnedi can play left, but that is not a solution.

      • IMO his passing is way more than just decent, he’s actually quite superb, as are his dribbling skills. Still he’s yet to finish a whole season in Argentina so we have to wait and see if he remains consistent, which he has thus far and then he has to move to europe and to a strong league where he gets challenged regularly, all that has to happen before we find out for sure if he’s the real thing but thus far he’s a revelation.

      • The main problem of Argentina national football team is AfA and the coaches. the afa chairman or president should have football technique and management skills . Also the coach should know how to manage the players with football psychology. E.g coach like Jose perkman that that discovered likes of Fabian Ayala, saviola, Gabriel heize, cambiaso etc. This are the type of person that Argentina needed to reform the football team of Argentina. Person that can discovered player ability and manage the player. Correction need to be taking otherwise Argentina will be wasted with most of the young talented players produce yearly without any trophies. Thank u. Am Lukson from Nigeria.

  2. Barcelona has better player than Argentina in midfield and in full back this is the reason Messi shines with Barcelona.If team player around him are good then you will see Messi thing.

    • Xavi and Inesta not anymore in barca, messi himself create opportunity and score goals, Suarez is finished, Coutinho overatted where dembele is injury prone, only messi and tar stegen saving barca ass even defensively barca declined too

    • rubbish.

      First ROnaldinho left and then Xavi and then Alves and then Iniesta and Messi still has similar number of goals and assists like he always had.

      Messi had two direct assists against France in case you didnt watch that game. Argentina lost because they couldnt defend for sh!t. They conceided goal every single game. Messi put them ahead against Nigeria and then they conceided a penalty.

    • The fullbacks of the Barca last night were horrible, same for the midfielders. I think what made the difference for Messi is the style and the system used by Barca. He oscillated between half 9, playmaker and right winger. With the national team, his position is too far from the goal.

    • Because he is alone in his own league and category. Maybe they think if he is not scoring 50 goals in season anymore so he didn’t deserves for Ballon d’Or. But still more goals and assists than others and his influence for what happens on the pitch is incomparable.

      Openly or not in fact everyone knows he is always the best but that creates also speciall standards and expectations to him. Now the expectations are to see him winning something with NT, not to be top goalscorer of European leagues. If he will not succeed with NT he might not get Ballon d’Or anymore. People are bored of Messi scoring countless goals for Barca.

  3. Barca in recent times is completely messi dependent like Argentina with a quality GK and Full Back

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