Argentina eleven against Venezuela at Sudamericano


Argentina’s starting eleven for the match against Venezuela at the Sudamericano has been announced.

After winning 1-0 against Colombia, Julian ALVAREZ keeps his spot in the starting line-up. Fernando BATISTA has set out the following eleven:

Manuel ROFFO
Nehuen PEREZ
Facundo MEDINA
Francisco ORTEGA
Santiago SOSA
Gonzalo MARONI
Adolfo GAICH


  1. Pedro De la Vega is the MOM .he is very useful and can be promoted to national team later .

    Gaich hatrick always play well but need to improve especially his shooting skill .Gaich has a perfect body and speed .very promising.

    Alverez is decent not too bad ,he can be a false 9.

    Maroni can dribble ,shoot but need to improve his vision and strength.

    Sosa is promising ,very decent can be another Biglia in future.

    Others are normal not that impressive.

    Facundo colidio is talent too but doesn’t have enough time to shine.

    Thiago almada seems to be less impressive than De la Vega.

  2. I am concerned about one of the best defender of the tournament Nathun Perez yellow card, is he suspended next match, please answer anybody? Congratulations to Argentina for beating best team of the tournament Venuzuala…

  3. The last 2 games against Brazil and Uruguay will decisive for all the teams and Brazil can be double motivated.

  4. Maroni is like Maradona in dribbling but he doesn’t have any vision. If he is coached properly he may turn out to be a really good player.

  5. Another one from Gaich. Now he made good use of his height. He is our best player every game just couldn’t to score till now.

  6. Almendra should have been taken for the tournament. He is recovered from injury quite good time and played well yesterday in league while Batista not using his replacement – Lopez

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