Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI: “I have not talked to Lionel MESSI”


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has stated that he hasn’t spoken to Lionel MESSI in a while.

With rumors coming out that Lionel MESSI would be returning to the Argentina team, coach SCALONI has stated that he hasn’t spoken to the captain. Speaking with Ole, here’s what SCALONI had to say:

“I have not talked to Messi for a while now. He has a match in a few days and we’ll see if he can play.”


  1. what style of play do you all want ? fancy attractive football ..i’d settle for boring football and cups anytime! most of you go on about Bielsa tactics ..whats he ever won with the way his teams play ? hardly anything (we had a messed up 2002) yes we have a chance of winning the copa 2019 just like any other team in the tournament ! come on argentina till the end !!

  2. Who is the worse coach Messi has had to deal with?
    He has to deal with Valverde on a daily basis.
    He had to deal with Sampaoli for over a year.
    He had to deal with Bauza for a couple months.
    If he returns, he’ll have to deal with Scaloni.

    Messi doesn’t have it easy doesn’t he?

    The attacking Duo of Messi and Aguero could cover up for a lack of Tactics for a while, but two guys aren’t enough to win a Trophy.

    And with STILL NO STYLE OF PLAY, the odds of us wining the Copa this year are very low!

    • Bbbbuut Scaloni aka Mr training wheels called X new face so he’s a amazing!! Ooh lala…ALL HAIL SCALONI.

      I feel for these players, one awful coach after the next. I hope Mr training wheels proves me wrong though but it’s not looking good.

    • He had to deal with with Sampaoli for like 5 games

      He had to deal with Bauza for like 3

      Valverde is treating him like the god he is

      Scaloni has a vision unlike the other coaches, don’t undermine them before they even get a chance to prove themselves

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