Argentine striker Franco DI SANTO joins Rayo Vallecano


Argentine striker Franco DI SANTO has joined Rayo Vallecano on a free transfer.

The former Chelsea man has left Schalke after spending four years with the club. DI SANTO, who played over 70 league matches for Schalke scored only five goals.

He was capped three times for the Argentina team.

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  1. Verratti + Paredes + Draxler Midfield might actually happen.

    I can understand why he (Paredes) didn’t play against Lyon, he just got there. But at the end, it cost them, without an actual DM holding the line and a makeshift midfield which looked out of place at times.
    Verratti is back in training, and may be fit for the Champions League fixture.

    With the Midfield of Draxler-Paredes-Verratti, the front line of Mbappe-Cavani-Di Maria can be formed, and actually provide a threat to Manchester United.

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