Argentina qualify to U20 FIFA World Cup with win against Uruguay


Argentina have qualified for the U20 FIFA World Cup following a 2-1 win against Uruguay.

The boys made it three wins out of four in the second stage of the Sudamericano. Fernando BATISTA’s team opened the scoring with a great strike by Anibal MORENO. His first time shot from outside the penalty area made it 1-0 going into the first half.

At 1-0, Gonzalo MARONI doubled Argentina’s advantage after some poor defending by Uruguay. Late in injury time, Uruguay would make it 2-1 but Argentina would hang on for the win.

With that win, Argentina have qualified for both the U20 FIFA World Cup as well as the 2019 Pan American games.


  1. Congrats to the lads. Started with a lost and a draw , but ended up being the first to qualified.

    Now lets avoid losing against Brazil so we dont have to see them in youth cup & olympic.

  2. Some people are only big fame and money followers. Once again: our ugly ducking Gaich has scored 3 goals so far. To thast 3 goals and assist on Cotif tournament. So no coincidence. Where are the Sudamericano goals of 50mln Rodrygo?

    • Exactly Gonzalo. He scored 2 in the game against Venezuela in the group match but almost completely disappeared later on. If he can’t penetrate youth defences like in this tournament, why do they even assume that he’ll do well against senior more experienced players? In the end it’s all about how you market these players and the league they derive from. The 50 million Madrid paid for him is merely for his potential.

      • Rodrygo might be future star (it’s also always good to play on highest level) but as far as someone try to depreciate our players just because they did not join Real for 50 mln I must to protest against such narrow logic of estimating.

      • Tener en casa a tu papá
        Te juro que aunque pasen los años
        Nunca nos vamos a olvidar
        Que el Diego te gambeteó
        Que Cani te vacunó
        Que estás llorando desde Italia hasta hoy
        A Messi lo vas a ver
        La copa nos va a traer


  3. Colombia is leading 2-0 against Venezuela which would make Brazil’s qualification to the wc very very complicated. Argentina might win the tournament(due to their superior goal difference) and one shot kick brazil out with just a draw against their arch rivals. Double celebration for us haha

    • Also for whoever who is hyping up all the Brazilian youth players such as the real Madrid bound Goes and so on can find yourself a toilet bowl and shove your head in there. Thanks

      • Dont agree that its critical to have players in Real and Barca but they are the best and theres nothing wrong with hoping our players are attractive enough for Barca/Real to come knocking.

        Also, it’s unrealistic to deny Brazils talent pool right now. 26 or less – Arthur, Coutinho, Malcolm, Vinicius Junior, Militao, Jesus, Fabinho, Alison, Telles, Ederson, and Marquinhos. And they also have freaking Neymar, Allan, Firmino, Marcelo, Costa, and Sandro. All these players belong to the worlds top clubs. I cant stand Brazil but in some ways i’m a bit envious…. buuuuut that doesnt mean i dont think were unable to spank em.

        • Lol key players in top club consider best not supporting player, expect Neymar Brazil don’t have any superstar where Argentina have messi Aguero icardi Dybala are superstars

        • Choripan
          Bro I get your point but
          Argentina are raising again
          Honestly speaking I could
          Care less what other teams have
          One thing i’m sure .
          if Arg management get things
          Right they will beat any team
          Anywhere in any given day
          What has been killing arg in
          Recently history is wrong
          Choice of managers in wrong time.
          Yes Brazil has all those players
          You have mentioned my friend
          But Argentina have lo celso parades
          Dybala foyth taglafiaco l Martinez
          Lanzini plus all those young players
          Currently playing under 20s likes
          De la Vega Perez balerdi sosa
          Almenda also a lot of young players
          Who re playing Argentina sl.
          Like Vargas Dominguez Alexis
          Mac Allister and many more
          All I’m saying is my friend as
          Arg fan I’m realy exciting what is
          Coming for Argentina NT.

          • The only Brazilian player other than neymar who is consistently performing for its club this season is filepe Anderson of West ham.
            Not those real Madrid or Barca players
            I compare j correa with Anderson because he replaced Anderson in Lazio….
            Filepe Anderson not only hv good dribbling skills just like correa but is also much better finisher than j correa

          • Hey friend, my post was simply an observation of the current brazilian players an. Like you, i’m also very excited about Martinez, Paredes, Lo Celso, Dybala, Foyth, Tagliafico, Martinez, Acosta, etc. To your point about coaches, I’m honestly terrified of our constant hiring of horrible coaches like Bauza and Sampaoli. Im not saying Scaloni = them Bauza and Sampa yet because it’s a bit early but i haven’t seen anything to get excited about. Attacking wise i think most would say he’s awful. Now some praise his defense by saying “its fixed” but I challenge that as well. The score lines were flattering, even B rated mexico fucked up, any other better squad and we would have lost by 4 or 5. In other words, the score lines are not a reflection of great defense, it’s about the opponent’s attacking mistakes.

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