FC Nantes retire Emiliano SALA’s number 9 shirt


Following the death of Emiliano SALA, FC Nantes president Waldemar KITA has confirmed that would he would like to retire the number 9 shirt.

The body which was recovered from the plane wreckage was confirmed to be that Emiliano SALA. Following the confirmation, club president KITA stated he would like the shirt to be retired.

“I don’t have the words. It’s a tragedy, I’m crushed. Emiliano left his mark. That’s why like many fans, I wish to honour him by retiring the number nine.”


  1. It is a tragedy that has touched all of us who love this sport. He was a young man, who everybody loved. He was known to be a kind soul as the testimonies of his character has been coming out and he was pure class. In the day in age where so many people behave in such a cruel and pretentious manner, he was none of that. He fought and earned everything he got in this sport.

    He deserved to play and have a long career. Unfortunately, life can be cruel and life can end in a split second. I am not a man of God but my thoughts do go out to his loved ones. I hope they find some solace.

    And to all those here, remember to always hug your loved ones and never to forget to tell them you love them and how important they are to you.

    May you RIP, EMI.

  2. I really feel sad like many, when a young soul is lost. This guy was such a nice humble person according to his coach at Nantes Vahid Halilhodzic who could not hold back tears talking about Emiliano.

    I pray for his family to cope with the loss of their beloved member.

    • Sometimes we need to reflect in life
      Ask ourselves what is the purpose of
      Why are We here? and where re we

      Good to see you comment again

  3. Will miss you ever Sala.. maybe you should have got your deserved place in this copa America. How life and nature turns the page in such merciless way is scary. It will take a real long time for their family to come back to normal life. At least will they get any monetary compensation from Nantes and Cardiff?

    • Shubham, Would you have said that if your own family member in Salas shoes?

      Bro, you got no idea what closure means to family who don’t know whether their loved ones are alive or not.

    • How could you say something like that?
      Families need closure , and a grave to visit and mourn the loss.
      Your comment is absolutely inhumane and uncalled for.

    • @Shubham_v Why are you even here? I hate to say it but even people who didn’t know Sala would have traded your life in exchange for his. Go to hell, and don’t ever disrespect Emi again. Fuck you.

        • @shubham_v

          I think I get what you’re trying to say as it’s a common opinion when observers are determining “cost to benefit” of actions.

          The problem is *how* you said it.

          The same sentiment can be expressed by saying “I understand the need for the family and public to have closure by finding the corpse or survivor but I feel like the money could be spent on the homeless instead”.

          But no….you start off by saying “whatever” which makes you sound like a stonecold arse. Its completely void of any couth and during an emotional time, the vitriolic reaction here is expected.

  4. If he didn’t have the season of his life, the transfer would never have happened and he would not have boarded that rickety plane. It’s crazy to think that each goal he scored, he came closer and closer to death. Life can be ruthless.

    At least now the family can have closure. Rip

    • my friend life have very strange ways of work.
      many things or even one single choice for something can guide you to roads that can lift you up or guide you down.

      nobody can know unfortunately.
      we don t know anything.

      i will say you something else.
      you know your birthday as everybody knows.
      it is one day inside the year calendar.
      that day is coming and going every year.
      year after year again and again.

      just think my friend that inside this same calendar
      makes exactly the same circle again and again and the death day.
      the only difference is that we don t know that day.

      the important for me is what you are doing during this time inside this world.
      how you live and what kind of human you are till your time comes to leave this world.

      Emiliano left.
      At least he left in way of one kind and honor human.
      Everybody will remember him in good and kind way.
      This is the important in this story.

      R.I.P my brother

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