Angel DI MARIA assists twice for PSG in win against Manchester United


Angel DI MARIA provided the two assists in PSG’s 2-0 win against Manchester United.

We highlighted earlier that DI MARIA would return to Old Trafford and he played like he had a point to prove. He leads Ligue 1 in assists and today added two to his name in the Champions League.

Di MARIA took the corner kick which lead to Presnel KIMPEMBE scoring the first goal. A run down the left wing and a low cross in to Kylian MBAPPE lead to PSG’s second goal.


  1. With Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Lanzini, Pity Martinez in the team, Copa 2019 final is a must.
    Just need a real DM and good defenders.

    Batistuta-Simeone’s generation had Copa 1991, Confed 1992, Copa 1993.
    Riquelme-Aimar-Crespo’s generation got nothing on senior level.

    Don’t let Messi-Di Maria-Aguero’s generation got nothing. Give them 2 last chances (Copa 2019, Copa 2020). Include Higuain too.

  2. For me it is very simple theory:

    Who needs to be replaced?

    Answer: When you had the likes of Masche, Enzo Perez, or Meza (or Biglia) in our midfield just less than a year ago. You know for sure that they all need to be replaced. Those players are either too old or too mediocre for Argentina. Not too mention that some of them were 33-34 in the World Cup.

    Result: Scaloni has done a good job replacing them with the youngsters with his totally new midfield.

    Who need to be retained for the Copa America in 4 months from now?

    Answer: Scaloni tried the youngsters in attack but they were far from convincing. The midfield and defense were convincing, NOT the attack though.

    So who needs to be retained for a country that always produce the top scorers in 3 major leagues (Spain, England, and serie A)? Those who are in form and still play at the highest level.

    Result: All Messi, Aguero, and Di Maria will be back, but the likes of Higuain is done since he is the only one among the veteran attackers who have decreased.

    The overall result is: we will use mostly new players in defense and midfield but the same veterans, who are still in form, leading the attack.

    It is very simple theory. So unless you are a total moron or an amateur, you would do this simple coaching.

    • Some comments to the article are:

      Scaloni no tienes pelotas. Otra vez vas
      A llegar los viejos fracasados.
      Seguro va a llamar Higuain Romero Rojo.
      Di maria se va a lesionarse durante el torneo como Aguero.
      Higuain va a seguir rompiendo corazones…

  3. Anyone knows of any promising players who performed extraordinarily in the under 16 champion team recently? Sadly, there is little to no coverage of that recently held tournament.

    • Also the under 17 South American tournament will be held soon in March. Most of the players who will be participating are the ones who won the recently held under 15 tournament. We have a good crop of young players to boast currently. We can all turn our attention to this tournament as Argentina will be deemed as one of the favourites.

      • De La Vega(definitely a future star for us), Moreno ( did well in the last few crucial games), Perez (very solid centre back), Almada ( another superstar prospect )..for those of you who are worried about his size, fyi messi and maradona are slightly shorter than him. Roffo (pretty solid and not mistake prone. Let’s not undermine his overall contribution as our GK )..last but not least Gaich..our very own version of Mandzukic. If we have good wingers to cross, this guy would excel as our target man. Could potentially be more dangerous than players like Icardi due to his physical attributes. Any good central defender may find him tough to contain.

      • Perez
        De la Vega
        Those were very good
        F Mura
        Did more than ok
        Almada whenever he played looked
        A real super star proper Playmaker .
        Put this way next fews years you
        Will see many very good young
        Argentina players playing top
        European leagues.

  4. Here we go again same old s..
    Di Maria well well after 97 caps
    20 goals for Nt.
    Let me tell you something
    Messi followers who wants aguero
    Di Maria and messi back to Nt
    For Argentina sake would like
    see them Retire those guys had chance
    After chance wtf… more do you
    Want you guys messi followers
    After three world cups three copa
    I excluded 2007 copa which young
    Messi played and 2006 which pekerman
    Robed us .
    Di Maria in terms the caps had
    and the Performance he gave
    To the Nt isn’t marching sorry
    If you look the percentage is like he played
    1 decent game after 15 Matchs
    Oh he scored against France
    And Switzerland in 16 of world cup
    That is little contribution in terms the
    minutes He played for the Nt
    The bottom line is we been here before
    Are we guys getting exciting
    Before each tournament start
    Messi performing miraculously
    In Fcb shirt scoring wonder goal
    After wonder goal.

    Aguero scoring week in week out
    And we all got hope this going be
    Our year because we have world
    Class players playing world class teams
    I’m afraid football don’t work that
    Way putting bunch of stars together
    And hope things will sort out it self

    It’s so easy to blame the managers
    And the afa. As example Argentina
    Have world class managers and coachs

    Don’t you ask yourselves why aren’t they
    Managing the Nt. Do you guys think
    You have more love than Diego simeone
    Gallardo and Marcelo bielse to the Nt.
    You won’t see Gallardo simeone
    Poch and bielse even heinze beccacece
    Managing Argentina NT while those
    Guys are still in the considerations
    That is for fact.
    Because they want team not 11 stars.

    • Here we go again same old s…

      My friend, you’ll never convince the vast majority of the planet that Messi isn’t the best option for the NT. Including athletes, sports professionals, recruiters, sports analyst, and coaches. The world would literally laugh at the suggestion of dropping him. You’re opinion truly belongs to the fringe. Aguero also has strong support but obviously not nearly as much as Messi.

      About blame: you’re right, it is so easy to blame managers because they were fucking awful. Are you really sitting there with a straight face trying to defend Bauza, Sampaoli, and Amateur Scaloni? i really don’t want to sit here and write down a mountain of evidence to support how bad they truly were although Scaloni still gets free pass because games haven’t mattered but i haven’t seen anything yet to give me confidence and deep down i dont think hes the guy.

      Lastly, about your conspiracy theory.. have you heard of the Christophers Hitchens quote:

      “what can asserted without evidence, can be dismissed without evidence”?

      That applies here. your claim is the opposite of a fact so I reject it because its baseless and ignores obvious barriers to their willingness to join the NT. Simeone has famously said:

      “I’ve always said in the national team you have room for what I call the son, father and grandfather types. In coaching terms, I think it’s a place for a grandfather — someone more serene and composed who can see things in a different way.”

      He simply not ready, professionally nor financially. Him and Pochettino have incredibly cushy jobs, insanely paid, massive houses in England and Spain, glamorous, living the highlife. It’s also the day-to-day training that they still crave and not wanting to take on training several days a year. You think they’re ready for a pay-cut and having to deal with the AFA? The afa who couldn’t even pay security, basic needs, and transportation for the NT so Messi picked up the bill? Come on…

      • My friend firstfal I have to congratulate You.
        I like the way you defend your
        Arguement I realy mean it
        Let us come to our topic now
        Bauza sampoali Tata they were
        Wrong time: afa were mess that
        Time after 30 something years
        One leader .

        Come forward
        For arguement sake I give you
        simeone and pochettino.

        But why Tata turned down and opted
        Mexico: I and you loved Tate
        I secretly was hoping he will
        Accept the offer that tapia
        Made for him there is the
        Reason why he rejected
        Argentina and choose Mexico

        Gallardo: don’t you realy think
        He will take the Nt job over river
        For me that is no brainer
        He would have gladly accepted
        But he knew his reputation would
        Have be on the line while those
        Guys still around.

        Do you realy think afa would have
        Gone in copa with Scaloni if they knew that Tata or Gallardo would have Said yes to them .

        That’s why they extended scaloni
        Until end of copa.
        The original plan was scaloni under
        20s Tata to be manager again
        If he say no than Gallardo didn’t
        Even want to talk to them .
        That is why they appointed Batista
        For under 20s So late.
        and scaloni continues With the senior team .

        • no coach in the right state of mind will accept the job after WC. Why would he come? to be abused by media and fans,undervalued, insulted and degraded?
          at the end, be called a puppet for calling some players of “messi generation”

          And on top of that, not getting paid.

        • I have no clue what happened behind the scenes with Tata and Gallardo.

          What I do know is AFA fired Tata and refused to pay him for a long time and they settled for lower amount eventually. It was really fucked up so perhaps that left a sour taste? That’s what we know, anything else is pure speculation.

          Now with Gallardo I recall someone saying that’s odd well known he has a really poor relationship with Tapia or another senior AFA executive. Maybe thats it. Anything else is again, pure baseless speculation.

    • Messi followers??
      come on.
      Why you keep implying that fans who call for Messi,Aguero ..etc are Messi followers?
      Maybe they are more supporters of Argentina than you!
      having some of the seniors back will give us more power for copa19
      With my respect,

  5. I love the post pic if Di Maria fake drinking beer.

    All the united fans booing and one threw the beer bottle. Youngs nasty shove off the pitch (btw, United’s pitch has dangerous gutters, did anyone else see how poorly designed it is?). After the goal, Di Maria saidfuck you to the fans in Spanish and English. It was freaking hilarious…so glad he spanked ’em in their own house.

  6. Dimaria past his best since 2015 and frustrating to watch in NT since then but under touchel old dimaria is back, he can be the March friendlies

    • Who hasn’t been frustrated to watch on this national team? Did you miss the 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2006 world cups? Someone posted an article here recently about Ortega 1998 goal, did that Argentina team made the final during the 1998 world cup? No, but of course, I’m sure Argentina probably need guys like Ortega or Riquleme or Aimar or Zanetti in 2019 to win them a world cup.

      • Agree with u kidulthood….some of the guyz hate di maria ,higuain, aguero Nd all…but the reality is this generation was far far better than riquelme, aimar, zanetti,ayala ……
        What this generation has done is truly remarkable….higuain di maria garay demichellis lavezzi mascherano etc…they were world class

  7. Dimaria playing immensely good under touchel last season he was bench warmer at PSG where this season Dimaria is the key under new coach

  8. Di Maria scored in two consecutive world cup round of 16 games for his country. What else do people want from the guy. Di Maria equalize against France; then later Argentina took the lead through Mercardo from a Messi fluke shot/pass. Argentina debacle in defense cost them against France (Sampaoli: let’s go into a sprinting competition with the French players especially leaving Rojo and Fazio one v one vs Mpabbe). Di Maria also assisted Higuain goal against Belgium. Who are the other Argentinean players outside of the Messi ”generation” in the last 25 years that have been more productive at a FIFA World Cup than Di Maria? A team that conceded 4 goals at the world cup have no business progressing further.

    Now Tapia hired an intern coach to manage one of the biggest football country in the world. Without Messi, Di Maria, Higuain, Masche, Aquero, Zabaleta, Romero, Lavezzi, Garay, Demchelis, Rojo etc. this modern Argentina team would barely be mention in the main stream. Without these big names Argentina can’t even sell tickets. Did anyone look at the stadium in the State when Argentina played Colombia? I would be lying if I say ten Argentina fans was in the stadium.

    It’s also funny people think Scaloni is keeping Aquero off the team. Scaloni is in no position to block Aguero from returning to the team. Aguero is holding the same standoff as Messi. So what’s the big deal if Aquero didn’t play against Guatemala, Iraq and Mexico Olympic C national team? Tapia is the one calling all the shots not Scaloni. Tapia is behind closed door begging guys like Messi and Aguero to come back to his national team.

    Who is the next big young Argentinean player in the main Stream sport news right now? Where are the young Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Higuain, Masche etc. of this world coming up through Argentina football? Where are the next big block buster young players emerging from Argentinean football?

      • LOL, Icardi is an old school poor man’s Peter Crouch. Icardi is useless on the pitch if he doesn’t score, might as well play with ten men than including Icardi in your team. Dybala had potential but haven’t grown into the top player he was supposed to be. Biggest mistake Dybala made was staying at Juventus, the club where over the hill football stars goes to retire. With Ronaldo at Juventus Dybala will never grow as a player. Moreover, Juventus style of playing won’t get the best out of Dybala on the pitch. With Higuaín at Juventus Dybala was excelling because Higuaín was looking out for Dybala best interest as he does his. Ronaldo on the other hand only cares about what is good for Ronaldo and not what is good for a player like Dybala. Messi don’t have any problem letting guys like Dembele, Coutinho (a big waste of money), Suarez, Neymar etc. having their moments on the pitch over his.

        • Talk all the shit you want but Icardi is the most efficient scorer in Europe. Highest number of goals per minutes. His style is just an extension of how dogshit inter play. Cross and nothing else.

          Completely agree with Dybala and Juve/CR7. hes needs to leave asap. to spain im hoping and i wish Icardi and Martinez follow as well.

    • Icardi, Dybala, Lo Celso, Paredes,Tagliafico, L Martinez, Palacios, Foyth, Gazzaniga, Pavon, A & J Correa, L Acosta (Gonzalo aka talent scout can call out younger or league players)

      We wont we see Messi replacement so don’t bother. I also don’t see next Masche and even all of the above aren’t necessarily showing they can reach golden generation level but they do look incredibly talented.

      • How many of these players you mention make the front pages of the main stream press sport pages across Europe and the United States? Everyone has some form of talent. Ecuador by winning the South America U20 Championship can honestly boast that they have the best talent in South America. The truth is, most of these young Ecuadorian players will disappear off the footballing radar. You guys brag about Lo Celso, why is this? Lo Celso is playing for a mid-table team in Spain with no concrete offer from any major club across Europe. I could put a list of young talented Brazilian, French, English and Spanish players who are far ahead of the guys you mention. Icardi can’t even get his team pass PSV in the UCL and this is the guy going to lead Argentina attack? Dybala who never impress for Argentina is going to lead the national team in the future? Tagliafico at his age is not as good as you people make it seems, he is playing in a weak league against majority youth players in Holland. Tagliafico to this day is no better than Lucas Orban. The other guys you mention, I never heard of them. Is their an 18 year old Argentinean player at the level of Borussia Dortmund Jadon Sancho? Dembele? Mbappe? Rasford?

        • poor comparisons really when Mbappe and Dembele are #1 right now. its as silly as comparing people to Messi and Ronaldo.

          Icardi and Dybala are valued at 100m+. No offense but ‘Ill take value over your opinion.

          I bet you’ve never seen Lo Celso play before but yet you have such a strong opinion. Check him out someday, you’ll be pleasantly surprised. Paredes just joined PSG and ill wager Tagliafico will be transferred to a top club within the next year.

          The rest are talented youngsters and i’m basing my opinion on they “eye test” and not simply on the number of freakin’ reddit posts…

    • Wow kid you never disappoint! You go away for a while and the first thing you do when you come back is inflame the message board.

      Dimaria is a world class player but like it or not he’s been largely a disappointment for the NT for some time now. You mention the france game to defend Maria but to be honest he -like the rest of the team- wasn’t good even if he did score a fine goal and if we go back to his opening round performances he was abysmal!!!
      Who has been more productive than maria in the last 25 yrs? You kidding me? What about Batistuta, Crespo and Riquelme?
      Still I say Maria should go to copa but not as a starter but rather a supersub who comes and tortures tired defenses in the last 20 min or so.

      Who cares whether Argentina sells tickets or who the next ‘big thing’ player is, Argentina had plenty of those in the past yet no title for 26 yrs. I would rather Argentina be a team of nobodys that wins as opposed to a team full of starts that doesn’t.

      Icardi is a poor man’s peter crouch? I don’t understand the hate that this board has built up against Icardi, the guy’s a sniper and you talk about his UCL performance but he scored 4 essential goals from half chances and people say kun is better but if Icardi had the same midfield that kun has he’d bang just as many goals.

      You talk about Celso and as usual you bad mouth a player without even bothering to watch said player.
      Celso according to MARCA is THE best acquisition by a spanish club this season ahead of the likes of Vicinius and Arthur. He’s currently one of the highest rated midfielders in spain and the best player (statistically) in the europa league, so try and watch the kid before you bad mouth him.

      Tagliafico gets alot of crap from people on this board but like it or not he is one of the best fullbacks (statistically) in the UCL.

      We seem to go in circles about the old vs the new but it’s actually simple, I want to see Icardi, Lautaro, Pity, Paredes, Celso, A.correa, DePaul, Dominguez, Ascacibar, Barboza and maybe C.Romero and Licha Martinez given a chance, atleast in the next friendlies before we dismiss them and return to the same old well that hasn’t won Argentina anything.
      In saying that I’m not so foolish as to dismiss the likes of Romero, Otamendi, Banega, Kun and Maria to copa and have them as backups because winning copa is as important prepping for 2022.

      • ah yes classic di maria-yep we seen it all before then too many go wow lets keep him in the team forever then close to 10 plus matches of poor, close to crap football later, enfact he holds a world record for the most times losing the ball in a w.c match-impressive of course-to be world class a player 1 has to do what he did vs france 4 out of 5 games not 1 out of 10 at best.

        2014 w/c “Di Maria gave ball away 51 times and just four out of 19 crosses were good
        Pass completion was 63 per cent – worst in the tournament of those who have played more than 40 minutes.

        • It was response to your comment:
          he has his moments in that star studded psg team but not with the n.t.

          I simply pointed out that he “has moments in the NT” like against France.

          • choripan: a fair enough point from you,
            it was a case of when I was writing the 1st comment the change time expired before I had time to alter my words.
            yes he has had moments in the n.t but nothing like what he should have and has been doing with his talent at club level, we have seen it for may years with madrid and now psg at club level but for the n.t is just far to erratic sadly, my self its time to move on for him as

            I cant see what he offers at n/t level these days or in the last few years barr the odd goal and for me hes not scoring any where enough goals to be in the n/t for that reason alone.

  9. Di Maria and Kun both scored a great goal against France. Weak defence and midfield what cost Argentina that day.

    I think Kun and Di Maria would be in Copa, at least they’d be part of the team even if not a starter. Pavon hasnt been impressive and Higuain certainly not a consideration anymore.

  10. Great game Di Maria, you showed why you were voted the best player in the UCL final several years ago. Simple put it, Di Maria is the reason PSG made it to the round of 16 and not Neymar or Mpabbe or Cavani (who barely does anything in big games especially the UCL).

    The EPL to this day is the most overrated league. The teams from the farmer league always destroy the EPL teams in the UCL. In the last several years; Monaco kick Arsenal out of the UCL, PSG kick Chelsea out of the UCL, Monaco kick Manchester City out of the UCL, Lyon defeated Manchester City at the Etihad earlier during this season UCL group stage and PSG is on the verge of kicking the overrated Manchester United from the UCL.

    Zlatan: “I liked the Premier League. I found it very motivating and very exciting. It gets a lot of attention, although I feel the quality is a little bit overrated – the individual quality, the technical part.

    Defensively the EPL is the worst across the top five European leagues. 722 goals already scored in the EPL, how is this even acceptable in terms of the defensive aspect of the game? La Liga 556 total goals. Serie A 593 goals. Bundesliga 577 goals. Lique One 570 total goals.

    teams like Manchester United look good in the EPL because they’re playing against teams like Burnely, Fulham, Everton etc. who are all tactically poor in buildup play. Man United midfielders look like genius in the EPL until they play against the PSG, Sevilla etc. of this world, teams who have better ball playing midfielders, defenders etc. compare to what they’re use to playing against in the EPL. Even the so call ”top” teams in the EPL are poor i.e Arsenal, Chelsea, Totenham. Tottenham is just another Everton being manage by a pragmatic coach in Pochettino. Manchester City is the only team that play quality and attractive football in EPL and it’s all because of Pep Guardiola.

  11. when Di Maria played whole heartedly he is just the best winger and important player for the team. Kun,Di Maria,Banega,Lamela and Pastore needs consistency and right manager to bring their excellent form. That’s one thing the N/T manager missing off.

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