Giovani LO CELSO scores second goal of the week in Real Betis draw


Giovani LO CELSO scored for Real Betis in their 1-1 draw against Alaves.

For the second time this week, the Argentine scored, this time from close range. LO CELSO gave his team the 1-0 lead but Betis couldn’t maintain the score with Alaves drawing level.



  1. In my opinion, Lo Celso is not a central midfielder that some members here suggest. Although he can play in many positions and move around quite a lot, he performs much better in advanced position because his main weakness, after 2 years of observation on him, is he always looks to play with his left foot no matter the situation, which made very predictable for his opponents. That’s why he suffers quite a lot when he plays deep under pressing. If he plays in more advanced role, with position football like practiced by Betis, he can use his short dribble, shot or creativity to make the difference.

    It seems to me that 433 is the only way to have him in the starting 11 without sacrificing other talents. We need a more defensive player with him and Paredes.

      • I haven’t seen him enough. Only few games of local league. He’s good for his age but wasn’t that amazing(I read comments on him before watching him so I paid more attention to him). But for sure he can still progress like Palaccios and Nico Dominiguez.

        So many things can happen in football, in 2017, I thought the future would have been Kranevitter-Paredes. Before the WC, there was Battaglia but he wasn’t selected. Last year after the world cup I thought Ascacibar could step up. Few months ago we talked about Palaccios but until now we are still in the same situation.

        • Guys, lease to watch more Lucas Robertone of Velez. Nico Dominguez is more No.5/DM type. Yes, he connecting with forwards but not for his passes but physical presence. Type of Khedira.

          While Lucas Robertone is more creative one. Very good passer. Box-to-box. Good vision. He apt more the Palacios place as more attacking one than Nico Dominguez.

          Almendra is another option. And don’t forget about really versatile Matias Zaracho who was called up for last friendlies. He is the same type CM as Palacios.

          • Anyway it’s always good to see Velez. 4 possible call ups: Vargas, Gimenez, Dominguez, Robertone + future prospects Almada or Barreal.

    • Celso played as a typical CM in both Rosario and PSG so people are correct in labeling him as such but I agree with you that CM isn’t his ideal position. IMO box to box is what he should be due to his attacking prowess (11 goals already for betis), intelligence and defensive discipline.
      I also agree that a DM needs to be there with him and Paredes and at this moment my choice would be Nico Dominguez (Caseres or Ascacibar as possible backups).
      Gonzalo mentioned Robertone and I think he’d be a solid choice but I prefer Dominguez due to his superior defensive capabilities not to mention the fact that Nico is more consistent.
      Almendra is mentioned often and he shows talent but to be honest I’m still not quite convinced about the kid. Still he’s quite young and has plenty of time to develop, not to mention that Inter and Napoli’s interest in him (according to Boca president) indicates that there is talent in the kid.

  2. Paredes and Lo celso…these guys are must in our midfield trio. We just need a proper solid defensive midfielder.oour main problm is fullback and defensive midfielder.scaloni need to find out this..

    • Maybe a 3421 with Foyth as defensive midfielder along with Paredes, a more attacking winger back on the left(maybe Cervi), Messi and Lo Celso as playmakers behind a striker. It may not be perfect but at least allows to fix your problem. PSG has played in this way during the recent games since Ney is off.

  3. I really like the way lo celso plays. He always gets the ball near his own half and always creates something. This guy is a must have for the national team. Theres no way betis can keep him for one more year.

  4. Worth mentioning how well lautaro Martinez played last night with his tricks and lovely touches. Loved his intelligent dummies as well. Mark my words this guy will progress rapidly and become our future center forward if he gets his mins in inter.

    • I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again, the first time I watched lo celso and exequiel palacios play, I somehow knew that they were gonna make it big. They can potentially revamp Argentina’s central midfield and make it world class again.

        • Bro the boy is only 20 give him
          Chance it’s way too early to call
          Him overrated same goes to
          J correa is talant but Lazio
          Style doesn’t suit him for sure .
          If you watch him when he was
          Playing Seville was very skilful
          And direct all those young players
          Need time and proper coaching.

        • We need a more defensive box to box player next to Paredes, similar to Keita and Kante, whether Palaccios or someone else(Almendra for example), Scaloni got to find this guy quickly.

      • He just needs a few more starts to rectify some of his minor mistakes and he’ll eventually do well. All three players ( lo celso, palacios and martinez) are workhorses who never stop running. With them in the team, argentina’s game won’t fade even in the second half. This was one of our problems previously when our midfielders were too old and sluggish.

  5. Lo celso is not false 9
    Real betis play different style
    From other teams thier midfielder
    Moves around a lot.
    Some mundo followers come
    Here bashing our next generation
    Of stars keep calling too slow
    You must know this is football game
    It’s all about tactics and technically
    Is not a marathons they aren’t runners
    The funny thing if any old guard plays
    a bad game you re making
    Good excuses.

    Guys please give them chance
    let them play at least few games
    For thier clubs and the Nt.
    Than you can say your opinion fairly
    So far lo celso parades l Martinez
    Did good the games they played for Nt.

    • Unfortunately Betis’s budget seems to be quite limited. They still rely on Joaquin despite his age, they can only get Jese in attack which is quite desperate solution. I am not sure if they have enough money to buy Lo Celso by the end of this season after the loan. I’d like to see him being coached by Emery again at Arsenal, eventually with Vargas. Emery likes working with Argentinian players, very successful experience with Banega, Di Maria and Lo Celso.

  6. It’s not a good thing for argentina as lo celso is playing so upwards for betis……
    We badly need some players who can run with ball and can connect defense to attack…..I will be more happy if he will play central midfielder for betis

    • I suggest you look at the heat map, Lo Celso was all over the place, dropping deep and pulling wide. In fact he spent most of his time outside of the penalty box even though he was nominally playing as a false 9.

    • Disagree, Celso has played as a CM and an AM and for the last few matches he’s been playing as a striker, this is great for him developing into an effective b-2-b midfielder, which argentina needs badly.
      When you watch hi betis matches you’d realize that he’s everywhere, tracking back to defend, running forward to assist the attack, dribbling and creating space for others.
      To be honest if he keeps playing like this a massive club is gonna come and buy him for a lucrative price so I doubt he’s gonna stay at Betis for too long but in the mean time he’s developing quite well.

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