Argentine Champions League preview, Lionel MESSI, Sergio AGUERO, more


The big clash this week in the Champions League comes in Spain where an Argentine jewel will look to eliminate Diego SIMEONE’s men.

Five Argentine players will be taking part in this week’s Champions League matches. Lionel MESSI, Angel CORREA, Paulo DYBALA, Sergio AGUERO and Nicolas OTAMENDI. Beginning on Tuesday, Lionel MESSI will travel to France as FC Barcelona are against Lyon.

Wednesday has the rest of the Argentine players. Angel CORREA and Diego SIMEONE host Paulo DYBALA. That’s the heavyweight clash of the day.

The other match on Wednesday is Schalke against Manchester City. The reigning league champions will look to make it far and win this year’s tournament. Sergio AGUERO and Nicolas OTAMENDI will look to make sure that it happens beginning with a win against Schalke.

Lyon vs. FC Barcelona (Lionel MESSI)

Atletico Madrid (Angel CORREA) vs. Juventus (Paulo DYBALA)
Schalke vs. Manchester City (Sergio AGUERO, Nicolas OTAMENDI)

The Argentine players left in the Champions League are:

AS Roma: Diego PEROTTI, Federico FAZIO, Javier PASTORE
Manchester United: Sergio ROMERO, Marcos ROJO
Tottenham Hotspur: Erik LAMELA, Juan FOYTH, Paulo GAZZANIGA
Borussia Dortmund: Leonardo BALERDI
Ajax: Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, Lisandro MAGALLAN
FC Barcelona: Lionel MESSI
Atletico Madrid: Angel CORREA
Juventus: Paulo DYBALA
Manchester City: Nicolas OTAMENDI, Sergio AGUERO


  1. If i had to bet my entire life savings and assets on the team going as far as possible in Copa in 3 months time, id put my money on this:

    Di Maria – Aguero – Messi

    Lo Celso – ? – Paredes

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – ? – Saravia


    If Pavon was doing well, it would be a toss up with ADM. Hes amazingly talented but dipped since the WC so choice is easy. A Correa, J Correa, Martinez are options but i still think “brainless noodle” ADM is still superior.

    DM is a void right now. Maybe Caseres. Poch trying Foyth at DM. Ascacibar isn’t progressing. Would warrior Rojo work..100% destroyer and he can distribute well and win arial duals (i can just hear mundo users gasping in frustration at this thought 😉 ). I doubt hell be called up but still interesting to think about.

    CB void with Pezzella is injury. Foyth, Kanneman, etc?

    • To neither Di Maria nor Pavon are the best options for LF. Both similar. A lot of running, not enough thinking. Time will tell who will be the chosen one and wheter it will work.

      • Gonzalo: so true and ” not enough thinking” is an apt description for them both but in d/m case these days id say that is a generous assessment.

        • Just like you I really feel thanks to DM we were somehow deprived in last 2 years or so something vitally basic from the left wing – a goal bringing crosses.

    • your opinion is very close with my thinking.
      Pezzella and Palacios was my choices but unfortunately i don t know about their injuries
      how will be on June.

      Pavon is my first choice in front together with Messi and Icardi till recently.
      but unfortunately idiot Icardi is inside his wife s underwear and she is doing him whatever she wants.
      after this bad condition that themselves create with Inter milan i don t see him as my first choice.
      i change my mind and instead Icardi i choose Aguero.

      • Yep..Pezzella and Palacios were definitely choses but who knows if they will even make it.

        Icardi is being really stupid lately…like he’s digging his own grave. Whether it’s wanda or Icardi pulling the strings, Icardi is still responsible for his image and how his “agent” behaves publicly. She should not have said in a live TV show “his inter teammates are bad and thats the reason why Icardid isnt scoring”. Same thing with stupid argentina media, dummy should not have said “the feeling is better in the dressing room”. He’s a great player but kinda of a knuckle head and its not going well for him. Now Inter took away captaincy and many fans are preferring Martinez or Aguero.

        (pavon pavon pavon, great player. i still have hopes even though hes bad lately)

    • I will choose foyth as cb
      Vargas instead of di Maria
      Vargas need to be given chance
      He is hell of talant good passer of
      The ball good dribble
      Holding mid Dominguez or Marcone
      Of boca. Even though he is more
      Similar to paredes.

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