Nicolas TAGLIAFICO of Argentina, Ajax, reportedly wanted by Real Madrid


Nicolas TAGLIAFICO is reportedly wanted by Real Madrid.

The Argentine has done very well since moving over to the Netherlands and joining Ajax. He’s become the starting left back not only for club but for country as well. His great form has reportedly sparked an interest by Real Madrid coach Santiago SOLARI.

Per a report by TyC Sports, the Argentine coach would be interested in signing TAGLIAFICO, should the former stay on managing Real Madrid. Still onl 26 years old, this would be a massive move from TAGLIAFICO, especially considering that there are rumors linking current left back MARCELO away from the club.


  1. Taliafico is Marcelo replacement in real madrid next summer probably and regiliion is Marcelo back up playing only because of poor from of Marcelo, Cristiano moving to juve affected Marcelo performance

  2. He is certainly better than reguilon …..
    I think he is also improving his wing play match after match….that’s a sign of world class player if I m not wrong

  3. Tagliafico is mediocre LB.Always lose his position to come in a front of goal post as there is no goalkeeper between the post.He was also responsible for France goal vs Argentina in WC he was not in his position.

  4. Rulli masterclass again, is on fire 🔥 since the start of 2019 one of the best GK in the world for a reason

  5. Contrary to popular belief Tagliafico is a very good LB, as can be seen from his performances in the CL and Argentina has other options like Licha Martinez and J.Silva who has been quite good for Leganes.

    Going to Real is rarely a good thing, the club’s been a graveyard for many players. Arsenal have shown genuine interest in Tagliafico before and I’d most certainly prefer to see him go there than Madrid.

      • In arsenal he will be a substitute for nacho monreal.

        Bro do you real think nacho Montreal
        Is better than taglafiaco?
        I heard all this before like
        Every Argentinean players
        Will be subs if they go better clubs
        Like paredes will be subs if he go
        Chelsea or psg taglafiaco will be
        Subs if he move to real or arsenal
        Romero will be subs if he go to
        Juve or inter it’s really staggering
        Some people in here have consistently negative towards
        To New generations that is very
        Weak mentality to have .
        If that is the case than guys you shouldn’t bother to Support Arg Nt.

  6. left back options: m. acuna,sebastian durbarbier, leonel vangioni, c.ansaldi or leandro grimi. centre backs: jose luis palomino, e.mammana, m.mussachio, w.kannemann. midfielders: Jose mauri and ignacio pussetto. strikers: s.aguero, s. driussi and rogelio funes mori

  7. Nicolas TAGLIAFICO is the best left back
    Argentina have at the moment period.
    The guy is captain material It won’t
    Be long before he moves top European
    Club. If you guys remember I was keep
    Saying same thing about Leo paredes
    Finally he moved to psg which is
    Top club.I can’t believe some are saying
    He will be sub for Reguilon if he moves
    To real Madrid for me taglafiaco is
    better than Reguilon.

  8. We badly need a left footed central defender. Otamendi, pezzela, foyth,garay,musachio,mammana,perez, balardy all r right footed central defender. Otamendi can play left, buy that is not the solution. Left footed central defender like rojo,funes Mori, kahnman are not so much talented.

    Our another week point is defensive midfield role. Paredes, lo celso, Banega are super in central midfield role, but they are not defensively solid. Our only option is Battaglia(injured not classy), ascacibar (his improvement is very less), Casceres( passing ability good but inexperienced ).Gaston giminez,Guido pizzaro,ivan marcone,guido rodriguez (any one) can be option for copa 2019

    Our another week point is full back. Tagliafico may be OK but not world class.
    Mercado also. Renjo saravia (only defensively solid) doing well vs Brazil BUt his One match performance is still doubtful for playing tournament like copa America. In next 4 matches scaling should use him properly and may find out other.

  9. Sergio Reguilón is younger and better. No way Tagliafico can have a starting position in RM.
    Tagliafico is a medicore LB in europe, but it’s fine and enough for national team.
    Our RBs are purely garbage players. None of them can play for a mediocre team in Europe, not mention Ajax.

  10. “We can see Leo Paredes is very clever, he likes to make some decisive passes between lines.

    “Marco is Marco. He can always find a space which is not possible to be found. He finds the key, always. It’s his quality.

    “They both were doing great. It’s good for Leo as he needs to play more minutes.”


  11. No…as per some of the pundits here on Mundo…he’s not good enough.
    Anyway..Its better for him and Argentina if he joins a team in Top5 league where he can play regularly.

  12. Some people here on Mundo still think he is not good enough for the starting LB spot and that supposedly Ansladi, Angileri, Bravo or Soto are better than him.

  13. Not gonna happen. Reguilon looks to be starting as the starting leftback now. Tagliafico should either stay at Ajax or go to a team in the bigger leagues where he will be the starting LB.

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