Sergio AGUERO, Nicolas OTAMENDI win Carabao Cup with Manchester City


Sergio AGUERO and Nicolas OTAMENDI lifted the Carabao Cup as Manchester City won 0-0 (4-3 on penalties) against Chelsea.

It was a less than stellar match but it wasn’t one without controversy. With the score 0-0 and the match going to penalty kicks, Chelsea coach SARRI wanted to bring on goalkeeper Willy CABALLERO for the shootout. Having played with Manchester City and being very good at stopping penalty kicks, CABALLERO would be brought in for the shootout. However, ARRIZABALAGA, the Chelsea goalkeeper refused to be brought off.

Willy CABALLERO stayed on the bench and Manchester City won the match with Sergio AGUERO scoring City’s second penalty kick.


  1. @mamoun elpipita thanks to you, Gonzalo and Godin11 on your feedback on my previous post with my 11 inspired from Belgium and France in 2018. I agree with elpipita that will be nice to have a real DM but we only have Paredes by now who is half 8 half 5. I guess 3-men midfield with Lo Celso and Zaracho is enough for the balance. As Gonzalo mentioned, it may be a bit early for Zaracho but don’t see any other player who can play as box to box and half-time winger, who can carry the ball and play between lines. A mix between Verratti and Matuidi. I also realized that I discover Robertone a bit late since he played in a more advanced position like Lampard and Sneijder style, kind of box to box and 2nd striker. His characteristics don’t seem correspond much to what we need. Besides, as Zaracho can play on both side, he can support Messi on the right and can switch to LWB when the team plays in 343. It gives some variation.

    Lisandro Martinez I discovered quite recently too. In my opinion, he’s not tall enough for CB but good for a defense of 3 or left back. I like to have a libero type CB like Ota, Mammana and Foyth along with a stopper like Mussachio, Barboza or Pezzella. That’s how the best team looks like.

    Vargas as I explained, he’s the most versatile player on the left even though I’d prefer a fast player for counter attack. But again the left winger position depends on which type of forward that Scaloni chooses. If we put a false 9 like Kun or Dybala, then the left winger should be more forward like De Paul or Joaquin Correa. if we put Benedetto or Icardi, then should be someone who focus more on crossing, so more like Pity, Di Maria and Cervi. Vargas has all these qualities.

    • No worries Canadianroyal, I’m always happy to criticize someone else’s selections 😉

      As I said before Zaracho is a good player and if he gets called up for the next friendlies and plays well and keeps up his form in the primera then I’d see no prob in taking him to copa but still I’d prefer Robertone since they’re both very similar in style with the latter being more of a natural CM with good attacking instincts, while Zaracho is more of an AM with good defensive discipline.

      I agree with you on Licha Martinez he shouldn’t be a CB, not because he’s not good at (he is!) or because he isn’t tall enough (he’s very good in the air), the reason why I don’t want to see him as a CB is because he’s way too skilled with the ball and passing to be a CB. His ball skills are even better than Foyth’s IMO and he passes like a regista, so infact I would like to see him as a LB or a DM in the vain of Kante.

      Vargas I like but he needs abit more consistency. He was amazing last season and then this season he dropped off completely and then just recently he started picking up form again. He’s definitely one to watch but for now I would take Pity and Maria (for backup). J.Correa is too inconsistent while Cervi is not a winger (even if he has played as one). Depaul could pull off the LB position so can Ocampos but since no one’s established themselves in this position quite yet it’s gonna have to come to down to their performances in the next friendlies and their overall club form.

    • Zaracho vs Robertone is good rivalry. For me also slightly Robertone over Zaracho. So far Zaracho got call up so far though

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