Sergio AGUERO, Mauro ICARDI expected to miss out on Argentina squad for next month


Sergio AGUERO and Mauro ICARDI will likely not be included in the latest Argentina squad announcement for next month.

Per a report by TyC Sports, the Inter forward will miss out on next month’s matches against Venezuela and Morocco likely because of his lack of playing time with his club. It appears as though Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI is looking at possible alternatives to ICARDI.

There are also possibilities that veteran goalkeeper Sergio ROMERO also misses out on the team selection. SCALONI would reportedly prefer Boca Juniors goalkeeper Esteban ANDRADA. Sergio AGUERO also looks like he won’t be included in the team while Angel DI MARIA’s future with Argentina remains in doubt.


  1. Why many are attacking Scaloni?
    If I was him, I would keep ADM and Aguero away until the last match before COPA.
    Remember guys, If Messi will come back, there is no need for Aguero and ADM to play with him in friendlies, They already know each other’s way of playing, and they already understand each other.
    Let us call Messi first, and get him to build chemistry with the younger players because that was the plan, Build a team first and worry about the seniors later, and then work to incorporate Aguero and ADM , or any other player who will be needed after giving the younger generation a chance for competition.
    I am sure ADM or Aguero do not need to build chemistry as they are professionals who been with the NT for long and know exactly what to do if they are called up.
    I think Scaloni is keeping Aguero and ADM or anyone else as an emergency exit which is the right thing to do considering all the critical thoughts of the AFA, Media, FANS and the players themselves.

      • It is hard for any coach to manage 2 tasks at the same time, Rebuild the team but keep it competitive at the highest level, and this is the best way to approach it, always have a plan B if first choice fails. Worst case scenario, call Aguero or anyone else when we feel we are running out of choices. I am even not against calling Aguero or ADM until first match in COPA

        • Yes, you are right. Messi, Aguero, Di Maria have been playing together for years. They all together may back every moment. Now there’s some priority to younger generation + Messi. If our front lines will still not work properly then Aguero and even Di Maria may came back to try once again to muster up something out of them.

    • Chemistry isnt isolated to just forwards, midfield, or defense. The entire team needs to gel in order for smooth transitions and support. For example, Messi and Suarez may have good Chem but how important is Chem for Messi and Alba? Same shit with NT. We’ve always had great attack but our mid has been very weak. Imo, mid Chem with attack is just as if not more critical than chemistry amongst the forwards. Again, changing players constantly is exactly what dog shit sampaoli did and now amateur scaloni is doing the same. We only have 2 games left and we still have no identity.

      • “We only have 2 games left and we still have no identity”

        Scaloni was not entire year with the team or so… Just few months and he did a lot:

        1. We know the defence line
        2. We know the base midfield players (Lo Celso, Paredes, probably Palacios,…)

        add to that Messi and we know 9 of 11 starting players. The last 2 spots are for either new ones (if they will show quality) for No.9 position Lautaro/Benedetto for LF Pity/? or for Aguero and Di Maria,

        • 1. Pezzela injured so there’s that. Also, Defensive line still questionable. The results from friendlies were flattering and do not tell the real story. Truth is we did not win or tie because of our defensive strength, it was only due because the opponents attack sucked ass and better players would have easily scored 2-3 more goals.

          2. Agreed with mid with respect to players but they looked so lost. Poor direction from scaloni was so obvious.

          • My friend, I know how worried you are, but I think We always have the senior players to resort to , in case of an emergency.
            Scaloni is under tremendous pressure to deliver, I know.

      • Look at it from another prospective
        Tagi or Acuna will be playing left back, they both played with the seniors
        Pavon on the other hand was there too
        Lamela, Lanzini, Dybala were all there too,
        Paredes was involved somehow before the world cup, Lo Celso too

        So I am not worried about chemistry, all I am worried about is the performance of the younger players mainly the Defensive Midfield part of the team before the final roster for COPA is set.
        I think Sampa did a terrible job, Scaloni found himself ‘FORCED’ to do that to silence the critics of the seniors, trust me he had no other choice but to try and find the best possible ‘Fresh blood’ to inject into the team. and he can only do that by trying more players.
        Now, He will just call mostly players that had caps with the NT.

        • My friend we rarely disagree but this one…. I have to say that you’re underestimating the chem concern. It takes players months and years to build trust and calling players until very last friendly will not help chem at all. Veterans or Dybala, PAVON, etc are still human and they also need to practice together with new mid and def.

          It’s counter intuitive to think that we don’t even a starting 11 yet or any attacking identity but somehow it’s all supposed to “click” on the last practice. I don’t see it happening and again, I’m really nervous.

          • I know, maybe I am just too hopeful that things will be alright, and I am just hoping for the best.
            I am worried too, But I always look at the glass being half full, rather than half empty. If I have Scaloni’s number I would let him know that 🙂
            I think this is the best way to silence the critics, If younger players will perform better, then that is very good, if not We will resort to some of the ‘oldies’ and they would be playing with less pressure

      • So if he will call up Aguero he won’t be joke then? Does single player able to change everything? You are reacting as if Scaloni was just losing Copa while it’s all about your favourites being excluded. So actually who change his mind radically according to wheter Aguero is called up or not.

        No one see him as saviour. NO one. There’s no base to say such thing. On the other hand you can’t name his a joke just because he may exclude one player. You can’t name his a joke before our last match on Copa 2019. So far his Argentina looked positively. Not much impresive but positive for sure. The more he had to use different teams due to injuries and other selection problems.

      • If you are so sure he is a joke then I don’t think calling up single player or not will change anything. If you are not so convinced about him being a joke then let’s wait for Copa.

  2. I think scaloni will step down after copa america. He is not that impressive both in tactics and formation .

    He looks like a u17 manager . Those friendly matches scaloni lead didn’t show a solid ,well organized formation . We only beat weak team in friendly matches.

    The copa america and last two friendly matches should be enough to see if scaloni is the best manager for Argentina.

    Personally i really like Racing’s Eduardo Coudet as head coach of NT. He is an underrated coach ,his team always show us high vitality .I am really impressed by his chocie of players in different tactics

  3. Icardi is the main man of Argentina those who are thinking others farmers pick ahead of him keep dreaming, only Age factor is against Aguero as well as past otherwise best avaiable striker by a distance

  4. Relax guys, who said he has to play in friendlies?
    Scaloni is just looking for competition. We all know what Aguero is capable of. so let us find couple more strikers since Icardi looks like out of the picture. Maybe it is an understanding between them.

    • Hope theres an understanding but it wouldn’t surprise me given the history of stupid managerial decision making. im not against trying other players but one of the most important aspects of friendlies is to build chemistry. With 2 games left, we still don’t have an attacking identity and this joker scaloni is still fiddling around with players, like his sensei Sampaoli.

      • He will not drop Kun 99%.
        Only if he finds better than him, which there is none. Kun can develop chemistry in a heart beat. I expect Romero, ADM and Kun in Copa, Plus Leo ofcourse.

    • In Icardi’s case, the official statement is he is injured(may be he is faking it) so it will worsen already strained relationship with inter if he comes and play for argentina.
      As for Aguero, there is rumour(only just rumour, no evidence) that he didnt have good relationship with technical staff of which scaloni was a part of, during the world cup.
      Romero due to lack of playing time.
      For me I dont care these three play or not, I am still very much excited for the squad announcement.

  5. People are too emotional. I think Aguero is emergency option for Scaloni. Now he wants to try other strikers. If they will not do well he might still back to Aguero even without calling him up before COpa.

    • This makes a lot of sense. I don’t think it’s a big deal that Aguero is not called for friendlies. Scaloni will give Benedetto and Martinez more playing time which is good for competetion

  6. No Aguero No Copa
    Messi Di maria Aguero Banega Otamendi Ansaldi and Romero are must.Benedetto is good but not lethal like Aguero.
    From young players Lanzini Lo celso Paredes Foyth Sarvia Pezella Lamela Dybla should be selected

        • Hey pal I’m not here to discuss
          Who is better but what saying is
          Simeone more suit for the Nt
          Than icardi especially if messi
          And dybala start together we need
          Center forward like simeone who
          Will chaise every ball and work had
          Off the ball which makes a lot easier
          For Messi and dybala to have more freedom that is the reason scaloni
          Wants players like benedetto and
          Simeone this boy may not skilled or
          prolific goal scorer but he will fight
          For every ball unlike icardi

    • I always don’t like icardi .he is not suitable for NT. He is a typical Europe style striker lack of creativity ,skill .you must use a powerful midfield to support icardi .

      I really like Joaquin Correa, Lucas alario ,Adolf Gaich And Facundo colidio.

      Lautaro Martinez is decent but need to improve

  7. i think this coach has a hidden conflict with our guys. this is unusual to lack Aguero, Icardi and Di Maria in The Albiceleste, our failures may be rooted from their absence for sure. for the case of goal keepers, if Rulli and Benitez does not called up our chances for victory will drop suddenly. Scaloni should studied from mistakes made by sampaoli in order to correct them and put our team on the line but he begins to destroy it again.

    • The thought of leaving Aguero (and Di Maria for bench at least) home with their form is pure stupidity and lunacy. Doesn’t make any sense. Scaloni is an amateur. no real experience except he was under Sampoili during the managerial nightmare / disaster of WC18.

      • Messi and Kun don’t need to practice together, they been playing together for years.
        The Only player who will most likely be available for the friendlies (if he wants to come back) is Messi. and he might not play both matches.

        I don’t see a big deal in not calling Kun or Dimaria for next month

  8. No Kun, why?? why why why WHY is it always the same damn thing, issues between Argentine coaches and players??????? worse than the Dutch.

    I was always against the idea of Di Maria being included on the team but why not have him as backup, especially now with his form?

  9. Scaloni need to build his team with Messi; right decision not to call Icardi as he is not in form but wrong not to call Kun as he is on fire. Although it is a wise decision to select an alternative striker as Beneddeto is back. Main issue is GK; defence and creative mid field players…

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