Rodrigo DE PAUL, Ignacio PUSSETTO, Rodrigo PALACIO all score for Udinese, Bologna


Three Argentine players scored in the same match as Udinese won 2-1 against Bologna.

Rodrigo DE PAUL, who is rumored not to make this month’s Argentina national team squad selection, gave Udinese a 1-0 lead. A penalty in the first half gave the hosts the advantage.

However, the visitors would draw level before the end of the first half. Rodrigo PALACIO scored for Bologna from close range.

Ignacio PUSSETTO would restore Udinese’s lead with a towering header which would prove to be the winner.


  1. Today is my birthday, and there’s only one wish I want to make on this day , to pray that somehow Argentina with whatever squad wins the Copa America.
    It’s not only for the Argentine people , the squad or Messi , but as a hardcore Argentine fan , I also feel the pressure , stress and anxiety that we did nt hold a cup since 1993.
    Hope god listen to my prayers, at least for once.
    Vamos argentino.

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