Argentina home kit for 2019 Copa America leaked


Argentina’s home kit for the 2019 Copa America has been leaked.

We’ve reported in the past about the upcoming kit but new pictures have surfaced and the shirt is now being sold in Panama. Per pictures from TodoSobreCamisetas, here is the new Argentina shirt.


  1. Not only rulli was pathetic last night including Mercado also..why Mercado selected again and again I don’t know..there has been lot of right back options in our domestic league..

  2. I can’t put my head around what the f…k That di Maria still in the squad
    Even the journalist asked scaloni
    Why di Maria not aguero which
    Is right question he answered
    Because of palacios and battaglia
    Are injury at the moment that is
    The reason. so I figure ou if those 2
    Players recoveries on time he may
    Not make the copa which I think
    Is wise move .

  3. It looks like Adidas has run out of ideas… this jersey is an insult to the very famous Albiceleste.
    probably time to move on to Nike.
    crap of a jersey.


    Really Romero, who the f##k he think he is God damn Oliver kahn, or Gigi Buffon. What the hell is he thinking. See this is what happens when someplayers think themselves as irreplaceable. It’s only because of our past coaches idiots like Romero always got chance even if everyone knows that he is below average (apart from some games for us)

    Look at the way he is proclaiming. He can’t even understand why he is not played by his club coaches for 40 games a season. Because u r not gud u idiot…

    No matter who our next Goal keeper is but never want to see assh**e Romero again back for us. Such viruses should be kept away from our next generation of players. God damit

  5. As I always said and I’ll say again, Sky-blue and white never looks bad….at least to me.
    With all fairness, kits tend to look worse than what they really are on the screen, I hated the away WC shirt but wasn’t that bad in person.

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