Lionel MESSI scores two goals, two assists in FC Barcelona win against Lyon


Lionel MESSI scored twice and had two assists in FC Barcelona’s 5-1 win against Lyon.

Another match for Lionel MESSI and another great showing from the captain. MESSI copied his good friend Sergio AGUERO for his first goal. A penalty was awarded and MESSI scored a panenka to make it 1-0 and give his team the lead.

COUTINHO would make it 2-0 and Lyon would draw one back and make it 2-1 but not for very long. Lionel MESSI would receive the ball, bamboozle two defenders and score with his right foot.

MESSI would get his first assist of the match. Off a counter attack, he would play the ball across the Lyon back line with his right foot and Gerard PIQUE would score.


  1. Judging by the draws in the major cup competitions this season I wouldn’t bet against Man City facing either Porto or Ajax in the quarter finals; most probably Porto. It is something inevitable with Man City this season.

  2. Atletico madrid and simeone
    Are way too defensiv I wasn’t
    Expacting man like simeone
    To be that defensive manager
    Especially he has been played
    under alfio basile and Marcelo bielse.
    the best form of defending is to attack and keep the ball I mean retain possessions like Gaurdiola and bielse ‘pochettino and af course near future Argentina manager Marcelo Gallardo who is kinda mix simeone + mourinho
    Bielse + gaurdiola I mean his team
    Can defender very well plus can attack
    Very good his team is very good
    To watch …

    • News circulating that simeone’s time in Atletico is about to be over end of season. Hope Gallardo will be appointed.

      • I won’t surprise that news
        But my worst nightmare will
        Be simeone coaching Argentina
        I don’t want him no where near the Nt
        Unless he change his stlye of playing
        Plus Cesar monetti doesn’t like
        Simeone stlye he is big fan of Gallardo according to a lot of sources that Gallardo will be the
        Nt manager after copa 19 unless
        We win it either way it look like this
        Season will be Gallardo and simeone
        Last time they both to manage
        Thier respective clubs .

        If it happen that Gallardo become
        Atletico madrid manager
        I would like to see Seb beccacece
        Coaching the Nt it will be fascinating.

        • Dont forget before Diego simeone coming to atletico madrid they were a mid table club at best with that style and his tactics he has taken them to UCL finals twice while many teams still dream of being in UCL finaland won la liga .I understand his football is not attractive but it gets results and 1 bad game isnt going to take away all of simeone achievements .his style is somewhat similar to sabella who took Argentina to WC final which wasnt done till 1990 it would be great if he manages NT in the future and hopefully Simeone stays next season and wins UCL for his beloved club before coming to NT hopefully

          • That is true.. It’s because of Simione, Atletico became a powerhouse in Spanish and world football. Before him they were Spanish version of West-ham or Newcastle. His players are aging and his bench is weak that is why his tactics are not very effective anymore.. Atletico needs fresh blood not new a coach!!

          • True, Simeone gave more than anyone in the history of Atletico coaches, But he needs to change style according to match importance, let us be honest, he did not approach that match wisely. Griezmann was falling back big time. along with all players and still gave freedom to cristiano

    • In the beginning the style wasn’t a problem at all imo. They’ve had many excuses to play it that way. In the 2014-15 season, he tried to get them playing an attractive attacking brand of football but soon reverted back to his old style after witnessing some early failures. The man couldn’t even wait. 1 or 2 early failures, then he quickly abandons the new project. Then on, it’s the same old El Cholo way; getting results here and there but not enough. Besides, look at the players like Koke then and now. How far have they regressed? El Cholo sucks the life out of almost every flair player. Saul is an exception maybe Griezmann to an extent. But it’ll be better for him to move at the end of the season to either Man City or Liverpool or he’ll end up like Koke.

      • ” The man couldn’t even wait. 1 or 2 early failures, then he quickly abandons the new project. Then on, it’s the same old El Cholo way; getting results here and there but not enough.”

        That is EL CHOLO, Impatient

        “Besides, look at the players like Koke then and now. How far have they regressed? El Cholo sucks the life out of almost every flair player.”

        Koke has regressed big time

        Very True Bro.

      • Yh pal leeds United vs Sheffield Utd
        This Saturday at noon if Leeds win
        I will be 5 points ahead Sheffield Utd
        I can’t wait to see Leeds United got
        Promotion this season It will be
        Hell of a achievements for bielse
        After years leeds failures to come
        Back come to the promising land
        The only reason I was following
        The championship is mainly bielse
        Mate when his team click together
        There is no better team to watch
        Than his team in world football
        the other night i watched Leeds vs west Brom which was high pressure game for both teams but Leeds dominated from first minute to the last it was absolutely was art of football attack after attack with intensity. Man I asked myself
        F… k Argentina how they have
        The most influential football manager in the world and don’t
        Let him to coach the Nt and Messi
        Again to have his revenge after
        F..king collini robed him in 2002.

    • With the squad he has he has done wonders, if it weren’t for his tactics they would not have won the first leg 2-0 in the first place. Too bad they came up against CR7. With Simeone Atletico are a feared team and continue to battle with the elite. With him gone they will be a shitty team again.

  3. Dammit how on earth Athletico ruined it against Juve, It makes me sick to see Cr7 face all over net. Thankfully Messi did great as usual yesterday, But the stars are always aligning towards Cr7 in the Champions League for last 3 years, I don’t know why an Average player is the chosen one. Make no mistake he was a great player but now he is a shadow of himself. Messi while is improving like an Old Wine, But Still in 2019 its disturbing to see there r people who thinks Cr7 is the Best? really. I hope he dont win it this time with Juve. I would take any other team winning it rather than Juve. Cant stand his sick face smiling.

      • Gud to see u all here again @godin11 Hows all going on for u, Well its been some rough times but some greatest times too in my life, Some of my long time dreams r coming true. I used to read articles and postings from my Office whenever i get free time, But unfortunately one staff has been on my head for sometime. Now i m releaved that shes gone for good, So hope i can do keep in track here, but i always follow the Argentine football via La Nacion, Ole, TYC Sports and Mundo ofcourse even if i m not posting anything here.

        But in general it was dull period in general for football. Hope to keep in touch with u all. Hope all r doing great.

    • I know the feeling Bro, I tried as much As I could not open any sports website all day and night yesterday, because that f..k face was all over.

      But it was nice to see you again here 🙂

    • @Mik In my opinion post 2015 Cristiano is the best version of Cristiano. The old one doesn’t even come close. He used to go missing in big games more than often. He tends to give up easily. However this post 2015 version is a real beast, hell of a player. Both dangerous in and out of the box and living just for the big occasions. You can see it in his eyes and body language. That hunger and passion, you rarely see it in other players as much as him. Everyone knows he’s not blessed with ability like some of the greats but he makes up for that with his sheer will, dedication and hard work. That’s incredible. You have to admire him for that.

      • That’s true i still remember the Face before he was going to take that free kick against Spain in the 2018 WC, That determination is commendable. But that’s it i hate his face anyway, generally i don’t like arrogant self obsessed egomaniacs. But i think as a player even if he is scoring more goals if we look closer 90 percent of them are tap ins and Penalties(he cant even score free kicks too nowadays). Before he was more involved. I think Real Madrid ruined the player in him, the Creator in him. Any way I just wish he don’t win the CL, I would take any other team even if it is a EPL team (Oh gosh cant wait to see English website praising the EPL teams as if they r the greatest, That’s a nuisance.)

        But i really dont know why it is him who is the chosen one to be the rival to Messi. Sighsss.

  4. Max Allegri came up with a straightforward way to undress Atléti the other day. When teams stay in compact 4-4 shapes to defend right around the borders of 18 yard rectangle, push really deep into the wings and start banging in crosses. Their full backs were really good in doing this. When you have great air monsters like Cristiano or Mandzukic (who though didn’t have a great game the threat is always there) it’s only a matter of time when one or two out of 30-40 crosses get converted.

    Why am I bringing this up? Facing Venezuela and Morocco it is quite possible we will face some some compact shapes. Without the aerial threat of Icardi unlike what Juve had it will be interesting to see how Scaloni tries to solve it and if Benedetto and Lautaro can rise to the challenge. At the same time I am not defending Icardi right now. It will be close to two months since he has played or practiced and it is right to drop him till he sorts his situation. It is just one of the things to watch out for.

    ps: Messi is messi. spends time walking and studying, wakes up for 5 minutes and finishes game.

    • Good point fella but last time I saw
      Morocco playing was world cup
      They played offensive football
      They were unlucky against Iran
      Portugal and Spain.

    • Sforza is an Argentine U 17 player. Typical, small statured left footed nimble winger/forward. U can catch glimpses of him if u view clips of Argentina u15 sudamericana matches from last year.

  5. Man I don’t want any Argentine players in atletico Madrid , both alario and Tagliafico have been targeted by atletico , simeone have destroyed slot of Argentine players , be it vietto or gaitan.
    I don’t know how correa is thriving so much , to much defensive football, it will impact his natural play , if you ask a forward to defend, and I don’t know what the hell he gonna do with nehuen Perez .

  6. Messi and Aguero are still scoring at the same rate as they did in last many seasons. Amazing feat no matter how you look at it.

    They should be in Copa, I think they’d blend well with the younger guys. We just cant field all new players without few veterans.

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