Argentina and Colombia to host 2020 Copa America


Argentina and Colombia will co-host the 2020 Copa America.

Reports in the media are confirming that both countries will host the 2020 Copa America. It was initially rumored to being held in the United States like in 2016 but that idea was shot down.

Per the reports, the 2020 edition will see Argentina host two groups while both countries would get a semi-final each. The final would be played in Argentina.


  1. I’ll take it!!! Argentina plays in Argentina.. semifinal in Argentina and final I. Argentina!!! Let’s be grateful we even have another chance to win a Copa America at home!!

  2. Good news after all!
    But would be more happy if it was just HOST, not CO-HOST!
    Btw, another chance to win!
    Love from Bangladesh….💞🇦🇷🇧🇩💪

        • i think thats all about money … co host is a bad idea when its miles away!
          who can tell me, why copa america is all year ???
          in past was every 4yrs. 100th anniversary i understood in 2017 but now in 2019 and in 2020 again ?!

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