Angel DI MARIA scores twice, one great free kick, in PSG’s league win against Olympique Marseille


Angel DI MARIA scored twice for PSG in their 3-1 win against Olympique Marseille.

The Argentine scored twice, one of which was a great free kick and assisted the other goal in his team’s league win. With the score at 1-1, DI MARIA scored from a very difficult angle, curving the ball into the side of the net and beating the goalkeeper.

At 2-1, DI MARIA decided to score one of the free kicks of the season. A lovely goal from well outside of the penalty area sealed the victory for PSG.


  1. We have seen Di Maria playing greatly for his club again and again and again in the past. Rather tired of his usual headless act in the NT and some rare brilliance’s too (hard to find a match but that friendly against Germany after the World Cup 2014 he was on real fire, But that was friendly)

    Its only because Palacios and Battaglia is injured that’s why he is there i feel. Palacios is a real gem for us i think. Anyway i think Di maria will play brilliantly in the next 2 friendlies and he will be in Copa squad and then what?? He will somehow turn into a headless Chicken back again Voila??There we have it, We missed him i guess..

    I think Aguero is more on Fire than Di Marias fire (too much on Fire Argentine players(As usual for Club only)I would take Aguero over Di Maria. let our midfield grow. Messi anyway is there that itself will impact our young Midfield a lot. I don’t know how they r gonna play now on wards.

    Another side note, Its a Controversial one. i be leave Di Maria is more suited to play in Messi’s position, He have hardly played for us in that position may be around 5 matches(that match against Germany he was playing in Messi’s Spot), I think Messi and Di maria shouldn’t be played together. On left side Di Maria’s impact is lesser. As per me. Messi cant be dropped so drop Di Maria. 😛

  2. He is scoring wonder goals, giving wonderful assists , running on the wings Still some haters will call him headless chicken. Dimaria is not headless chicken, its mbappe who is headless chicken fought with dimaria for penalty and later missed and didnt let him score hattrick.

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