Lionel MESSI lands in Madrid with Argentina national team, training on Monday


Lionel MESSI has landed in Madrid and will be training with the Argentina national team on Monday.

As we reported on Sunday, a few players of the Argentina national team are currently in Madrid and were in the gym. On Monday, the official Argentina Twitter account tweeted out that captain Lionel MESSI has also landed in Madrid and will join his team mates.

Per the Twitter account, the team will train on Monday where the first 30 minute will be open to the accredited media.


  1. De gea is likely to leave united as they are not accepting his proposals to make him highest paid player ,moreover his contract will end in 20 ,so there is a high chance that he will leave in summer ,that means Romero will finally have full playing time

  2. I dont who should be in first 11 on copa or at else in the squad but surly i cant imagine attack without messi-kun-dimaria up at front. It will be redicolulose making space for i dont know lautaro or even worse icardi. But we will se till then what will happen. Now, i am so happy the goat is with the team. On and only …..

  3. Two most expensive MLS players ever Gonzalo Martinez and Barco are struggling, huge disappointments so far, Martinez in 7 matches 0 goal 1 assists cmon in a league where Josef Martinez (a bad Serie A sriker), Miguel Almiron, Piatti, Acosta, Valeri even Federico Higuain dominate.

    • You will never learn from your own mistakes. Master of rash, arrogant sums up. Not long ago I heard you talking similar things about Lo Celso giving a shit on his first performances in Betis. Do you estimate him higher now because of great games and, of course, Real interest? Oh, I know YES – because the big club interest is sense of football for you.

      the MLS players ou mentioned also needed some time to become starts there…

      • Besides that’s not really matter what Martinez is doing in MLS as far as he will got the chance in NT. Wheter he will stay there longer depends only on upcoming NT friendlies.

    • Pity is a legit talent and while struggle he might in the MLS if he brings in for the NT (in the upcoming friendlies) like he did against Colombia then I see no reason why he shouldn’t be included in copa.

    • They both made a mistake by choosing MLS in the first place. Geeezzzz. They should have gone to a smaller club like Real Betis, Where they have better competition too.

      I dont know who makes decisions like this nowadays with so much access to the other parts of the World.Well money speaks

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