Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI confirms Argentina line-up against Morocco


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI confirmed his team’s starting eleven for Tuesday’s match.

Speaking at a press conference, SCALONI announced his line-up against Morocco. As we reported earlier, both Paulo DYBALA and Lautaro MARTINEZ were rumored to get the start and they will both be in the eleven.



  1. Being a successful manager for this Argentina squad is so easy.
    We have the BEST attacking talent in the world yet we use Benedetto and Lautrau suarez hahahaha pathetic.
    We find it so hard to use both Messi and Dybala on the same pitch when all you need to do is add Dybala as a second striker alongside Aguero in a 4-4-2.
    It baffles me how we call up MLS youngsters instead of world class EPL, Serie A, La Liga players.
    Surely these would be our best line ups:

    Bustos – Otamendi – Pazzella – Tagliafico
    ———–Battaglia – Lo Celso
    ——Messi—————-Di Maria
    ————Dybala – Aguero


    Bustos – Otamendi – Pazzella – Tagliafico
    ——————Battaglia – Lo Celso
    ————Di Maria – Messi – Lamela

  2. Scaloni should’ve had a core of atleast 6-7 players in his mind just after the World Cup, and those core players should be:-
    1- Consistent in their performance in the club.
    2- Should make National Team as their first priority. If they want to skip a game, even if it’s a friendly, then it’s better to not include them atleast in the starting 11. I’m saying this because National Team rarely plays matches. We have like 8-10 max. every season. Whereas, the there are 38 league matches played in the Club and other Cup games, Championship etc. Why can’t clubs give rest to players in one of those 38 matches to the players if giving rest is so important.
    3- Should obviously, fit in his system.

    He should’ve played them each match after the World Cup and slowly we would’ve get our core of 15 players. But every match there is a completely new lineup since Sampaoli took charge. I think this is not the way to build chemistry. This is not the way to build a system.

  3. i don’t know why so many people are complaining. 1 bad result and all people are professional managers here.
    C’mon this is a nice lineup.
    Andrada over Armani any day. Montiel had his 1 chance and you all are complaining let him play 1 more.
    Defence of Left and right foot combination looks nice.
    What has Tagliafico done so you are rating him so high let Acuna have one more chance he is too an awesome wingback.
    I think its more of a 4-3-1-2
    and de paul will play behind lautaro and dybala and ahead of 3 man midfield of Paredes Guido Pereyra like a diamond with guido as dm and de paul as am.
    What else do you guys want this is 10 times better lineup than against Venezuela.
    And de paul>>Lo Celso for me.

  4. No matter what formation scaloni offers ,vs Morocco without messi and specific tactics, the outcome will be disastrous.

    It is not the matter of players individual ability ,it is all about scaloni’s tactics. He doesn’t know how to build up and train a team with different tactics.

    His team didn’t look like playing counter attack nor high compressing possession .or traditional European long passing tactics. Or wingers ,LB RB overlap. Without no look pass and one touch tikki takka .it make me very confused

  5. Scaloni is the worst coach in NT history
    1, no experience
    2, after a year still trying
    3, not too much tactics
    4, historical lost to Venezuela
    5, always choose unsuitable players and formation

    Look at his portfolio , no matter as a footballer or coach ,it is not impressive at all . Actually after losing to Venezuela he should be fired as soon as possible.

    How can a coach losing 3 goals to Venezuela after one year trying still able to be head manager of Nt? Ridiculous

  6. Too bad no Lo Celso
    He needs to be in every game for Argentina he’s the midfielder we got at the moment.
    Other than that I’m happy with the formation 442. Great to see Lautaro he did well so far in NT

    • seriously. its baffling why coach is keeping on changing the core of team. players like Lo Celso should play all the matches . Also parades , guido in central look a dull midfield. In a 4-4-2 , Lo celso could have played the CAM role upfront well.

  7. 1)Only positive is 4-4-2 Is back.
    2) Not sure why Saravia is not playing? He did a phenomenal job against brazil.
    3) ignoring Ascacibar sounds foolish. Stuttgart not playing well doesn’t mean that he is to be dropped. He is a regular starter at Stuttgart
    4) GK seems unsolved . That spot hyper experimentation has only left it more hazy. I think for copa romero is safest bet. Too late to try Benitez now.

    My 11
    Romero( wish gazziniga was given more opp)
    Saravia , otamendi, Pezella, tagliafico
    Palavios ,Ascacibar, lo celso
    Dybala , aguero

    Gazzaniga, Ruilli
    Montiel, kannemann, Foyth, acuna
    Parades, pererya, dimaria, pity
    Lautaro, icardi

  8. Sadly it seems that Scaloni only picked up the bad habits from baldie namely not using the same lineup more than once and not allowing the team to gel 🙁
    I am all for experimentation and giving young players a chance, however by the 7th and 8th friendly he should’ve settled on a line up and use those games to implement and solidify the system.
    Scaloni had 2 good lineups to build from; the attacking lineup he used against Colombia and the defensive line up used against brazil, I hope to dear god that in the 2 training weeks before copa he takes a good look at those games and try to tinker alittle bit to find a balance.

  9. Scaloni will bring in Copa america one team without chemistry.
    in best case till June will have one more friendly game after Morocco game.

    he will put 11 other players to test little before Copa and that is all.

    when it was the last time that we see same 11 in 2 straight matches really i don t remember.
    as usual we will play against teams with chemistry and our super coach will use the “Messi system” in end because he didn t create one real one and if we fail in end of game everybody will accuse Messi as usual for the failure.

    i am really tired and angry with all this.
    maybe one solution will be to say to Scaloni visit AFA headquarters and when he enters inside
    to put one bomb to explode inside there.

    after we can really start to build one new team from beginning !!!

  10. Never have i seen more irrational people on mundo. When we bring in new faces we want “the best possible line up”.when we bring Aguero, Otamendi, Di Maria among others we want new faces. Yes the Venezuela game was a disaster but LET SCALONI WORK.. Atleast this coach is trying new things out. The point of this copa america was to experement. We are preparing for the world cup not the copa america. Impatience from is fans and shitty Journalists and reporters are a big reason as to why we dont win anything. Stop being assholes.

    • “We are preparing for the world cup not the copa america.”
      Why do you people think that Copa is for experiments? And that too Copa in the backyard of Brazil. It will be a shame if lose 4-0, 5-1 against teams like Bolivia, Venezuela etc. Do you think the local media will praise the coach and players after that? Do you think that it will increase player’s morale? Do you think that ONE FULL YEAR isn’t enough for experiments? Calling new players, changing lineups every now and then isn’t the solution now. Otherwise our condition in COPA 2020 will be the same as WC18 & COPA 2019. Where we’ll need to call a DM to replace an AM just before the tournament (like WC18) because we haven’t done with the experimenting part. I’m a big Messi fan, but if Messi has decided himself to not play in the Morocco match, I criticise him for that. If he wants to win an International trophy, ITS VERY IMPORTANT FOR HIM TO BE WITH ARGENTINA NOW, and get fully involved in the process, motivate the players, train with them etc.

    • Lol and we will win the 2022 world cup is already a certain so let’s waste two Cops Americas.

      At least get into a coaching role in real life to understand how it works.

  11. I like this line up, however I would like to see Saravia and Lisandro Martinez as fullbacks. As well not sure about Dybala.

    Scaloni informed that Racing and Defensa players will not got much minutes against Morocco because their clubs compete after Superliga title. So why he didn’t gave Saravia the start against Venezuela?

  12. Looks balanced line up compare to previous match, if LO Celso played ahead of Pareyra and Tagliafico ahead of acuna then it would be the strongest available squad, i think scaloni still want to experiment and hope Lanzini played in the 2nd half and put a good performance i can see lanzini probably left out for copa

      • If he continues to experiment till the last match, it will mean that the first competitive game he plays – it will be an experiment.

        • Nice reply. Why the heck cant he stick to best possible eleven? Every manager does that barring injuries and slight tactics modification. Why is Augero not called? So many questions.

          • He does not have the best 11 yet..!!! Some are injured, some are not playing for the club and..some are not called for reasons AFA only knows..

            These matches are for experiments and fund raising..

  13. Just 3 from previous match rt..? I think he still wants to experiment. He doesn’t care criticism. He wants to test. Hope this is for good and not like Sampaoli.

    • Why the heck cant he stick to best possible eleven? Every manager does that barring injuries and slight tactics modification. Why is Augero not called? So many questions.

  14. I don’t understand what this fucking and nasty dog shit coach is doing. No consistency at all.

    If Argentina keeps selecting players from MLS and Mexico league, we will never get better.

    Look at what Netherlands did in last few years and now they become one of the favorites in Euro 2020.

    • in this line up no MLS player or 25+ local league players wish scaloni do the same against venezulea and not messed with messi comeback

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