Ever BANEGA wants to play Copa America with Argentina, talks MESSI, RIQUELME


Ever BANEGA gave an interview with Ataque Futbolero on radio.

The Argentine expressed his desire to play at this year’s Copa America while also giving his thoughts on the lack of trophies as well as Lionel MESSI and Juan RIQUELME. Here’s what he had to say:

“If one day I am called up, I would welcome it. I see myself for the Copa America but not for the World Cup in Qatar, no.”

On not winning a trophy with Argentina:

“We value everything that we did because it cost us a lot. We always went forward and I can’t take anything away from us. We all wanted the same thing but it wouldn’t happen. Now there’s a new road and hopefully it goes well.”

BANEGA also spoke about Lionel MESSI and Juan RIQUELME:

“Enjoy MESSI because when MARADONA stopped playing, no one thought we would get to see another alien like Leo. Hopefully he can bring the Copa America title.

“I would have liked to have seen MESSI and RIQUELME play more time together.”


  1. I think that Banega is one of the worst players that we have not because of talent but because of his inconsistency. I have never seen him with a hunger to win games, he doesn’t go above his capabilities. he is very slow and not good at defending. He should accept that his time is over like Higuain and Biglia. Thanks and no thank you Banega

      • That is so true
        You know Marcelo bielse liked
        Aimar more than riquelme
        Jose pekerman loved riquelme
        You remember 2006 world cup
        Last 16 against Mexico messi
        Aimar came in sub we had on
        The field one time together
        Riquelme aimar messi and tevez
        English commentator was screaming
        With that talant and football
        We played I don’t know how
        We didn’t win world cup in 2006.

    • @elpipita @godin11 @sulav787
      For me 2006 lose is, was and will be the most painful lose. I felt no team could beat us. People like either Aimar or Riquelme but I loved both. Why do we always pit the players against each other. We can love them both. They were best friends and all they wanted was playing together. They were born to play together.

      • I loved both and agree with you
        I didn’t think any team could beat
        Us in 2006 our team was so balance
        At back ayala heinze sorin
        And burdisso f.. footbal that
        Deserve to lift the world cup.

  2. He has been maintaining a good performance for his club quite consistently but when it comes to national team Banega has never really impressed. He is consistently inconsistent. I think we have quite a few young midfielders in that position now. He doesn’t defend and is very slow . Yes his playmaking skills could be handy but it’s time to limit the number of senior players if we are to get out of this all time low period. Messi, Aguero , Dimaria , Otamendi and Romero should be more than enough to mentor our young guns. Having said that if he gets picked ,we could certainly make use of his experience from the bench but since Scaloni hasn’t called him for a single game so it’s highly unlikely he will be selected.

    Like Banega , Mercado’s pace and performance seems to be going down hill too. Mercado at best can be Saravia’s back up and please never ever play him as our CB. Having too many slow players is not going to help us!! For our goal keeper position, if its between Armani and Romero , I would prefer Romero!!

  3. NO Thanks, please retire like Higuain. Palacios should be selected in copa, he has potential let show the whole world that Argentina have young talent to carry Real Madrid after modric, Palacios is a future superstar without any doubt

  4. I love Banega as a player. But he has to be moved on from the national team(as Scaloni seems to have done). At 34 in 2022 I can’t see him helping the national team. We need to give the younger generation as much experience as possible.

    For me holding on to Biglia after 2014 till the World Cup in 2018 really affected a player like Banega being able to be fully utilised in the national team. Holding onto Banega will affect a younger players development in the national team for what is the ultimate aim in 2022.

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