Lionel MESSI scores panenka free kick goal in FC Barcelona win, reaches 41 goals


Lionel MESSI scored two goals for FC Barcelona in their 2-0 win against Espanyol.

MESSI has scored yet another sublime goal. FC Barcelona were awarded a free kick on the edge of the penalty area after MESSI was fouled. Up stepped MESSI and with a panenka chip, scored the free kick.

He would score a second, a lovely counter attack goal.


  1. Choripan
    I mentioned Pezzella for his fighting spirit not for his height. I think those 3 are fighters who give their all that is what I wanted to say. Other players are questional in this regard. Ascacibar I mentioned his height because Kante is the same height and plays the same position. Proving a guy of his height can be successful. If Ascacibar will be a great player depends on his ability not on his height.

      • IMO, height matters much for :GKs,DEFENDERS and STRIKERS
        don’t know since when a #5 has to be tall. because his main attributes are tackle and distribution, he is called a ‘pivot’ for a reason, anchors the team. how often you see a #5 breaking up play using hi head?

    • Ascasicbar is a good player I m a huge fan of playing atleast 1 or 2 neverending energy type of players….but ascasicbar only does this….I hv been following Stuttgart for while and seriously ascasicbar is not doing enough there to earn a spot in copa America….his passing skills are really poor this season ….that guy is seriously out of form……he isn’t performing on the level of Lucas torreira…
      And furthermore scaloni prefers a no. 5 who can really protect our defenders and I m not sure about ascasicbar here too.

  2. Ascacibar had a bad phase out of which he got. Stuttgart consider him essential, he runs and runs and is 5th in distance covered in Bundesliga. Kimmich first with 2 games more played.
    They say he is too aggressive and with experience he is going to learn.
    I hope coaches think more rational than us fans here who give up quickly on players.
    I also hope Palacios returns to form because we need him.
    No doubts about Paredes.
    Lucas Ocampos also should get a chance. Maybe after the Copa.

    • Yes Ghostdeini. But i would prefer form and role play players than go by big names….We have seen enough big name players not living upto expectations in national team..

      • Ascacibar…5’6″. A midget destroyer. Enough said….Really? Not only will they flip the ball over him they will run right by him with his tiny legs.

          • lol Pezzella is 6’3″..why do you include him with Asca and Tag?

            Ascac looks great btw. height is irrelevant to your point about kante. Masche also pretty short.

        • Mascherano was only 5’8 and was one of the top destroyers in the game, this is not the GK or the CB or CF position we’re talking about where it would be better if the player has some height on him.
          El Russo is a heck of a player and he’s a better passer than people give him credit for, he should be called up.

          • I think Mascherano was taller than Ascacibar. Anyway Kante or Gattusso is good example El Ruso height will not be hindrance…

            “El Russo is a heck of a player and he’s a better passer than people give him credit for, he should be called up”.

            I noticed he is growing still on the passing regards. Still better year after year being only 22. He is the type of player who will be only better with years.

  3. I usually do not post line ups, but I will make an exception this time. Based on what I have seen in the friendlies and on club level I would play a 4 4 2 system.

    Saravia – Pezella – Kannemann – Tagliafico
    Palacios – G.Rodriguez – Lo Celso – A. Gomez
    Messi – Aguero

    Rodriguez is an odd choice, but Parades disappoints and Ascacibar’s level dropped at Stuttgart.
    Alejandro (papu) Gomez because he excels every week at Atlanta
    Messi in a free role behind Aguero

  4. If scaloni fail to impress us in copa america ,i think the best choice should be Eduardo coudet and gallardo ,.pocchetino seems to be impossible and SIMEONE ‘s ugly football is not my cup of tea .

    If scaloni fail ,no need to use aimar just let them continue in u17.

    I think there is not that much difference between coudet and gallardo .IMO coudet is better in promoting new bloods .such as lo celso , Franco cervi ,Lautaro Martinez , zaracho . Pol Fernandez . He use 4132 is very solid .actually Argentina can use 4132.
    J Correa#lo celso#di maria

    • Foyth is not DM, Alario doesnt play in his club, and seems mediocre like Pratto, Benedetto, Carrillo, Calleri, Sala (RIP), Facundo Ferreyra etc not top quality…Correa cant defend, one of the main reason he plays second striker in Lazio, but he will never play in this position in NT.

  5. Quite a bad performance for Paredes even though Tuchel built the whole system for him: 352 with a center back who comes up to give him a hand, 2 box to box and 2 winger back. This is because Ney, Cavani and Adm were all off. His corners, FK were very average, defensively too slow, very static, resisted badly under pressure, couldn’t deliver much vertical pass.

    That’s why I think maybe many of us are too optimistic. I’d rather go for a DM plus 1 or 2 box to box. Too costly to sacrifice other talents for Paredes.

    • I have same ambivalent feelings to Paredes. The same doubts since years. For me he must be in our squad for Copa but seriously I can’t find one thing on which he is better than others except passing. It’s a lot and little at the same time because I find it hard to him to be that outstanding passer game by game. Really he has a lot of games with very little creative passes. There are some outstanding ones performances but not that regularly not to have doubts wheter he deserves to start.

      The more because he is neither No.5/destroyer for me (lacking defensive agression) nor enough active to play box-to-box (simply too static what I was emphasizing long time ago).

      It’s rather Ascacibar or Battaglia is must starter for me (kind of pitbull) + someone other CM. I doubt with Paredes and Lo Celso our central midfield will not be enough tight. One of them probably needs to be sacrificed against stronger opponents.

      We have not in current other such good passer like Paredes (on his better games) still I think he is sometimes too one-dimensional player.

      • That is way too early to give judgment Player like paredes who played Just few games for the Nt And His club we need to calm down
        Before we throw another names .
        Argentina NT need system not
        Too many individual changes
        The Nt need proper coaching set up .

      • I think vs strong team paredes is useless . We need to have a real DM with lo celso and an offensive midfielder such as joaquin Correa

        Vs weak team we can use paredes ,lo celso ,palacios combination.

        IMO 433 with Joaquin Correa, lo celso ,Juan foyth combination is very promising.

        Two wingers di maria ,messi ,with aguero to be striker.

        We can promote benjamin garre to first team ,with Ocampos ,reynoso supporting us

    • Technically paredes is decent as a DM but he is slow and weak in defense. Compare to lo celso ,paredes seems to be lack of creativity . Actually he cannot be used as a single DM and should be supported by box to box midfielder.

      I think lo celso ,paredes , palacios is a good combination .If any one of them injury ,i prefer use Juan foyth replacing paredes. That will be Juan foyth ,lo celso together with a offensive Joaquin Correa

    • I think he did just fine in that game for PSG, but his NT form is worrying to say the least. In any case his real test is just around the corner and if he doesn’t perform for copa then other options must be considered.

  6. Both Defensa and Racing lost points yesterday but such situation gives La Academia their 18th league title. Congrats to Saravia and Zaracho inter alia.

  7. We have another talented and hard working winger in form of ignacio pussetto, but argentina can loose him to italy, because man in is following him.

  8. After watching Matias palacios , I find him a lot more like ever banega, his movements, his positioning , and most notably his passes are like banega.
    Banega is a technical dribbler , and so palacios too.

    What do you guys think about it?

    • I think the same. Watched the yesterday’s game against Brazil and think it’s the same type of player. Cross of Banega and d’Alessandro to me.

  9. Congratultions to Pablo Aimar.

    Palacios looks really good, hopefully he continues to work and becomes a star. It seems people have given up on Almada. I wont ever give up on him. De la Vega is also a potential star, and so is Garre.

    From all the destroyers I rate Ascacibar the most. Football is a team sport and it is defenitlely not his fault that Stuttgart are struggling. He is one of the reasons that they arent last.

    • I don’t think anyone given up on Almada. He just is not that obvious choice to start (neither in Velez nor club) as some people thought because both Argentina U-20 as Velez Sarsfield are full of potentiall future stars. He has strong competition.

      • In case of Almada, he has to develop physically a little more to compete in u20 plus he is 17 he can participate in next u20 after 2 years

    • It will be a bad sign of clubs don’t make an offers for Ascacibar. Stuttgart may even get relegated..hope he leaves.

      I don’t watch Guido in league but from the little i saw, he looked very promising.

  10. One player who must go copa
    For me is Roberto pereyra the guy
    He is so good with his versatility watched
    Him yesterday against Utd he played
    Left wing but he moved all around
    The field good on the ball his movements
    Off the ball is good can dribble good
    Passer on the ball can play anywhere
    Cross the midfield easly this guy
    Goes under the rider no one talk about him. he should be starter for copa in the summer .

    • We definitely need a fast winger..i see pavon as a good potential. It would also be good to have strong imposing players in midfield. We see Otamendi, Kannemann, Pezella…and acrobatic GK.

      • I’m saying pereyra could be most
        Useful player because his versatility
        But I’m hoping that povon find his
        Form again so he could go copa
        A long side with palacios another player who should go copa is Joaquin corrie he has everything the winger needs Pace skills dribbling the only frustrating thing never been consistent enough other wise
        He would be next level which
        World class.

    • agree perreyra should start every match for us in copa……and we also need pavon he can destroy any defence on his own and can link up well with messi and no.9….he is a proper winger…..
      still i think our mid field dont look good as compare to uruguay or brazil……we need some new faces to make thier name in this copa otherwise we won’t win the title.

    • Yeah I agree that we need a player like this, maybe him or someone else but one 1 side a winger who is box to box, at least in the 23. If Argentina plays with Paredes as 5 plus another box to box or a real DM like plus Lo Celso, its more than necessary to have Pereyra type winger to keep the balance. Otherwise if we use 1 real DM plus a box to box, then I think we can put a playmaker on the left, like Lanzini or Pity.

      Assume we play in 442
      Option 1: Angel Correa, Paredes, Zaracho, Pereyra
      Option 2: Zaracho, Lo Celso, Guido/Battaglia, Pereyra
      Option 3: Angel Correa, Zaracho, Guido/Battaglia, Lanzini

      I like the option 2 and I think we can bring the best to this team.

  11. To be very fair , we are really missing battaglia , though we both need ascacibar and battaglia , but because ascacibar is young ,he can learn a lot and has got age to improve him ,but battaglia is currently needed in NT , his physical prowess and aggression is thing we are currently lacking in the destroyer position .
    I remember very well the match vs Colombia and Vs Brazil , he showed real roughness ,determination and grit , and it was because of him paredes could play his natural game.
    But really don’t know , how long he will be out for injury.

    • Battaglia is a decent DM but he is currently injured and may not be at copa 2019 so hopefully Scaloni give more chances to guido rodriguez of club america in next friendlies to check whether he is a good replacement for battaglia or not his performance was very good against Morroco NT if guido impresses in next friendlies before copa 2019 then most likely ascaibar and guido rodriguez will be chosen as DMs’ at copa 2019
      even if guido rodriguez plays in mexican league but he is worth a try since his performance is good his age is 24 his height is also 1.85m and has good pace and who knows if he performs very good at copa 2019 then he might end up at a very good europe club post copa 2019 and same gose goes for ascaibar if he performs well for NT he might also be at a big europe club which plays UCL or UEL regularly

      • nothing wrong in ascacibar. He is playing regularly with Stuggart. Stuggart struggling doesn’t mean he is to be dumped. The only 1 challenge with Ascacibar is that he tends to pick cards . So in a tournament like Copa , we will need a back up in case of disqualification . Battaglia will be risk after such a long lay off. he is pure unlucky to be injured like this when people finally noticed him ( same happened with augusto Fernandez who I believe would have given a brilliant balance to our golden generation midfield )


  13. What gives me hope is that Scaloni said the players are looking too much for Messi – problem recognized. It makes us predictable. Players need to step up and not everything should go through Messi and reading Messi’s interview between the lines he also doesn’t want everything to go through him. Now problem needs to be solved – which is very difficult.

    • On one end its good to recognize but on the other this sampaoli 2.0 is putting blame and pressure on players when it’s mostly due to the lack of coaching ability. Coach needs to step up at this point, Messi or players are not at fault.

  14. So now..player like pussetto is a national team player? Ha ha ha..

    Come on.. This is not peru.This is Argentina

    Any way.. Pussettos diffensive ability are good.consider pussetto as attacking minded rightback in da near future.

    • Naaah, right winger.

      Is he NT material? To me, he is. And If I was on Scaloni post I would not call up him before Copa only for not to spread further confusion by overcrowding squad reason. Now we need to cut, not multiplicate.

    • If I need to pick up 2 players for right midfielder in 442, I would take Zaracho and Pussetto. Angel Correa is better as striker and Pereyra is more a left midfielder.

  15. Some people should also understand that talent alone is not enough if a player won’t develop properly under the right conditions. I can refer to numerous examples that had the talent but unfortunately didn’t justify the expectations and doesn’t go only for Argentines, i can refer to numerous Brazilians as well.

    As i said numerous times before, i believe that Pavon has big potential and i hope seeing him in our beloved team soon proove many of us wrong.

    • Nobody said any of that. Armani, Benedetto, Pavon, Pity, Iturbe?

      Armani did not even come into the picture until a couple of years ago when he was already nearing 30.
      Pavon was considered a talented and a useful player. But nobody said he was the future.
      Pity- Not even the best player on his team.
      Benedetto- He was never considered the future. Not sure what you’re smoking.
      Iturbe- Was considered extremely talented and his goals showed that but once again, he wasn’t considered the future.

  16. For the supporter of old guards, just read messi interview and try to understand properly, he clearly stated that the generation is over and reaching 3finals including Worldcup after 24year should be appreciated and new cycle started. Messi also shows anxiety to play world cup 2022 and trying to adapt with new young players, apart from Aguero because of his excellent form and otamendi because of no proper reliable replacement no old guards deserve to be selected. Let young players give experience playing in tournament and let them show their potential, according to me Palacios can be the emerging player in copa therefore no more benega or Dimaria even Romero too if not match fit.

  17. Zanetti is 45 and Veron is 44 but both are still 10 time better than any other Argentine full back and midfielder.

    P:S: Both played for Inter Legends vs Tottenham Legands. JZ4 was outstanding and Veron assisted and scored.

    The score was 3-3.

    • Absolutely, Pussetto is not far future NT material. Remember him since Atletico Rafaela times (when the club had wretchedly played in Primera). He and Alexander Barboza were the noticeable players then. Then shined in Huracan. Tall, fast, solid dribbler, passer and shooter. I want to see him and Joaquin Correa on the NT wings in some time after Copa.

      • @Gonzalo enough of experiments now Scaloni should go with same player in copa who already have called up and tested earlier. Now well settled establish squad is needed and there should not be new player with 0 call up or match experience

          • @Gonzalo sorry bro i missed the last part while reading, after copa 50% squad is going to be changed. This year U20 world cup is more important than copa which defines the 2022 world cup of Argentina.

      • @gonzalo you can talk whatever you Pussetto is nowhere near NT material he is not fast and gets nervous in 1v1 situation and misplace the ball. Pussetto and de paul should not be in the NT.

        • Mrinal,

          watch what you say. Once you were talking J.Correa will always benchwarmer in Lazio. The words already turned out to be mistaken. Not only is playing regularle but no doubt one of the best Lazio players. It’s jusy matter of time he will back to NT.

          Pussetto shall be there too some time in future. You will see.

        • [he is not fast and gets nervous in 1v1 situation]

          Say what?? Pussetto’s main attributes are 1.take ons 2. defensive contributions and 3. speed.
          Now since he plays pretty much as a striker i.e. out of position we’re not seeing much from him defensively but his speed and dribbles are still intact. You need to go back and rewatch some of his matches.

          Pussetto was superb in the primera last season and this season along with Paul and Musso he’s been carrying Udenese, he is in my eyes NT worthy unfortunately it’s too late to call him for copa since he hasn’t had a chance to integrate with the squad but if he keeps up his form he is A.going to a bigger club and B. going to be useful for the NT.

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