Giovanni SIMEONE scores as Fiorentina draw against Torino


Giovanni SIMEONE scored for Fiorentina in their 1-1 draw against Torino.

The Argentine scored goal number six of the season in Serie A. SIMEONE was one on one with the goalkeeper as he dribbled around him and scored the opening goal of the match. German PEZZELLA did not take part in the match.

SIMEONE will be hoping to make Argentina’s squad for the Copa America after having been left out of the matches against Venezuela and Morocco last month.


    • i’ll get hate for this Funes Mori was a monster during Copa. him and Ota were rock solid. I surely thought Funes Mori would be our key CB until he got injured and his performance tanked for several years. It would be great if he gets back to Copa form. Super Athletic…fast, agile, wins arial duels, and dribbles really well.

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  2. Hope Scaloni already settled for his best team, best formation, backup players & backup formations.
    Hope he has settled his preference on players, first second and third preference in each positions.
    If somebody injured (Aguero, Dimaria, Lanzini, Pereyra, etc are injury prone players, some players are currently injured like Battaglia,Palacios,Mercado etc and possiblity of any of our preferred defenders getting injured is high), We shouldn’t have any trouble replacing any of those players.
    If somebody not in form, Scaloni has to select the other preferred guy without wasting time.

    • Spalletti: ‘Icardi is humiliating for Inter fans, only Messi and CR7 makes a difference’
      “People say we lose many games without Icardi, but the team did not qualify for Champions League for years when he started. Inter have lost much worse games than this with Icardi. It is humiliating for fans to negotiate with a player to get him to wear the shirt they love.
      Icardi’s problem is not only that he is not mobile enough on the field this guy got attitude problem ,he doesnt behave well in dressing room this guy will always create problems with team mates and coach.

    • Last week Spalletti said Icardi wasn’t key which was dumb AF since it lowers his transfer fee. Now Id imagine management told him Spalletti to fuck off and now he’s praising Icardi. Icardi will be sold in Summer.

  3. Watched the latest psg game, Paredes was very disappointing. Tuchel did what he had to by putting bunch of hardworking players around him in a 352 but still a disaster. I really start to think if he really deserves his place in the 11 of NT because with a player like him, you gotta sacrifice other talents, you gotta put at least 2 defensive box to box to maintain the balance.

    One of the main problems of Argentina is there are too many so called talented players like him and Banega who are not enough disciplined defensively or too static. I’d rather go for a more dynamic and powerful DM.

    • I agree. I really like Paredes, but we have suffered from unathletic midfields, this is forcing messi deep. We need players like Perreira who can cover ground and help equally in offence and defense.

    • He was average in his last game not disastrous! He does better spraying the ball and makes space for his other colleagues. Tired to see them perform for theirs all respected clubs. So maybe time for a change. Paredes-Lo Celso-Palacio OR Parades-Ascaibar/Guido/Batta-Lo Celso all needs more practice together and more time. I have no doubt they will rule our midfield in coming years. All just needs patience. Feel like you lot exaggerating a bit for me. He is still young. All deep playmakers bloom in theirs late twenties or early thirties. No needs for press the panic button to be honest. For me he is not world class(yet) but you don’t need 11 world class players to win a tournament. Parades,Palacio,Celso,Zaracho,Ascaibar,Guido,Almendra & Lanzini are great prospects for us. Our coach have to use them wisely.

    • I honestly didn’t think he was bad but his performances for the NT ranged from average to bad so as of right now I have reservations about starting him.
      Out of all of Scaloni’s games it was the colombia game where the midfield worked best and that midfield consisted of:



      The problem ofcourse is that Battaglia is injured and unlikely to be back for copa while palacios is injured but is likely to be fit by copa however his fitness level will be in question.
      Battaglia is a solid player but not irreplaceable and I think Ascacibar could do a fine job in his place, as for Palacios well again he’s a solid player but someone like Zaracho or Pereyra may be able to cover and let’s not forget about Lanzini (still getting back into fitness).

    • All I know it’s we gotta put solid, physical and disciplined players around Messi. Maybe with just 1 or 2 young and agile talented players around him to make it worked in the NT. Similar setup as Argentina 86 and 2014.

      • In 86 Maradona has 5-7 well technically gifted players around him not physically monsters. So was 2014! Only Masche was physical for me(maybe if you wanna put it this way) but all others around him was well technically gifted only Lavezzi worked hard in 1 and half game(if I am not wrong). Plus I think if we still looking for make Messi comfy than we will fail again miserably. We need a system now and put players accordingly for specific role as it was in 86 World cup. Yes it was Maradona’s show but don’t forget he has 5-7 players well gifted technically who understood his move and game. Team wasn’t built around Maradona only. Correct me if I am wrong old folks

        • Football has changed a lot, maradona can’t win worldcup this century, forget wining not even make Argentina into semis its messi who carried Argentina into the final and lord higuain cost messi 2014

  4. Simeone is still not NT material, Lautaro is much talented let’s see who become better at moment lautaro is much ahead despite Icardi back up

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