Paulo DYBALA scores in Juventus victory against AC Milan


Paulo DYBALA scored for Juventus in their 2-1 win against AC Milan.

After falling behind 1-0 through a goal from the first half, DYBALA was brought down in the penalty box by fellow Argentine Mateo MUASCCHIO. The referee pointed to the spot and Juventus were awarded a penalty.

DYBALA scored as Juventus drew level. The reigning Serie A champions would go on to score and get the victory.


  1. Personally, I would go with this formation 4-3-1-2 and lineup at the Copa (assuming everyone is fit..)

    ……….Romero (reliable)……….
    Saravia… Ota… Pezz……. Tag
    Pereyra….DM …….De Paul
    ………….Lo Celso…….
    ….Messi (slightly behind striker)

    I don’t view Paredes as a DM. Battaglia, if healthy can definitely fill this role. He was really impressive vs Brazil. Super aggressive, towering and intimidating.

    If DiMaria “has to start”, then I guess he can replace De Paul in this lineup. Pereyra is gritty, tough and fast. He posses excellent stamina to run and up down the flank and provide the necessary width. He’s also solid defensively. De Paul natural plays on the left. He’s a great passer and solid team defender.

    I imagine Messi slightly positioned behind Aguero to his right. With him combining with Lo Celso and feeding Aguero.

    Also, I think Acuna can be just as effective as Tag playing that LB position. He always plays well for the NT team to me.

  2. Personally, I would go with this formation 4-3-1-2 and lineup at the Copa (assuming everyone is fit..)

    ……….Romero (reliable)……….
    Saravia… Ota… Pezz……. Tag
    Pereyra….DM …….De Paul
    ………..Lo Celso…….

  3. My copa 2019 Midfield formation

    Paredes Battaglia Lo celso
    Banega Battaglia Lo celso
    Banega Guido Lo celso
    Paredes Guido Lo celso

    Sub: Pereyra and Palacios

  4. Cox4

    My apologies mate. It’s all my fault. I didn’t mean to hurt you, but it turned out bad. It went too far. Don’t stop posting or giving your opinions because of me or any other person. I got carried away with that post. It was way beyond rude calling you self righteous hypocrite fan police and it was uncalled for. So once again I apologize. Even though you sounded a hypocrite when you said you’ll support the team in good and bad times but you were the complete opposite of that during the Venezuela-Morocco games atleast to me. But I may have misinterpreted that, my bad. After all we are all here for one reason: ARGENTINA! But in different ways!


    You are right mate, I was the one who sounded like the “sheriff in town” and “hypocrite”. My bad, my apologies.

    • Rest assured bro, that I have no ill feelings towards you or any member here, as you said we are here for a common cause. But it seems that WE are all frustrated for the state of the NT. And when the team plays we will all be behind it no matter who plays and where and who is the coach.

      P.S I rally learned few things from some of your posts, it’s not a fake compliment 🙂

    • ok my friend. no problem. we are ok.
      no bad feelings from my side and your apology is of course accepted.

      something more.
      for me men like you that accept one mistake and have the power to say sorry showing greatness of character.
      i already from some of your past posts you had earn my respect.
      from today i have put you more higher in my list because you are really good character.


  5. Rooney has recommended his club mate Luciano Acosta to Man Utd and their scouts watched his last game live.
    Udinese are looking to sign Palacios from River.
    Anderlecht are interested in Thiago Almada.
    Benjamin Garre to be released by City at the end of the season and could head to Panathinaikos.

  6. Hopefully Scaloni calls up jonathan silva(lb),walter benitez(gk) has most clean sheets in ligue 1,sergio aguero who is having very good season,guido rodriguez(dm) for next friendlies and copa 2019

  7. Interested to predict what is in the mind of Scaloni if he saw the outstanding performance of certain youngster at the club level.

    Agree with the comments of Banega, need to be in the squad for Copa as he is on fire now and hopefully can keep his form. De Paul, Celso and Paredes seems to have got their names in Scaloni list..Battaglia and Ascacibar still a question mark.

  8. …………Kun……………………….
    Taglafico…………………….. ?
    ……………. Kanne … Ota ……………
    …………………….. ? ……………………

    Strongest lineup right now..

    • Replace Paredes with Ascacibar (far more reliable defensively) and you’ve got yourself a solid, balanced lineup.
      RB position give to Saravia (backup would be Ansaldi) and GK position give to Walter Benitez.

    • I would replace Otamendi with Pezzella and Paredes with a proper no-5 and Saravia as RB. Scaloni seems to have made up his mind regarding GK position, which unfortunately is Armani.

    • In 4-1-3-2;
      Attacking midfield is better with Pereyra-Lanzini-LoCelso.
      Defensive mid should be Battaglia/Ascacibar/Guido, not Paredes.

  9. Whoa! Goals galore for Argentina this weekend!

    -Celso with 2 goals and is now up to 14 goals in all competitions!!! The impressive thing is that he scored those goals from CM, AM and FW positions. The kid is versatile and has an eye for goal, glad he’s on our side!

    – Mori scored in that same game but honestly I still think he’s a liability and with Ota, Kanneman and Pezzella Argentina is well sorted when it comes to CB.

    – J.Silva with a goal, this kid is fullback in the typical brazilian mold (great attacking but suspect in defending). I think the backup LB position is between him and Licha Martinez.
    J.Caleri scored in that same game.

    -Depaul with another pair of goals, like Celso he’s scored his 9 goals this season from playing CM, LCM and FW positions i.e. yet another talented versatile midfielder and again I’m glad he’s on our side.

    -Marcos Acuna had another assist but now instead of LB he’s playing LFW!!! I have to say that I’ve always liked Acuna, hard working, skillful and versatile but to be honest I don’t know if there is a place for him in the squad but he wouldn’t be a bad pick.

  10. Come on people!!! You didn’t even watch the game and saying Paredes playing bad!!! He was on par with Verratti today for me comparing he is still adapting the league and new colleagues.

      • Give a time leanrdo paredes
        He will be key player club and
        Country years to come
        This guy has world class ability.
        I don’t care what some impatient
        So call Argentina fans say about
        Him the guy just move new club
        And already same par with verratti
        He just reached his 10 cap for
        The Nt and some of us expacting
        Him to do wonders with the Nt which is Under new instructions please
        Be logic we all know some of your favourites played more than
        70 to 90 Caps still not that good
        For the Nt.

  11. Watching villarreal vs Real Betis

    Lo celso : classy player
    Funes Mori: Back to the form.
    Casceres: nothing special from him.need lot of improvement

    Banega: we need him in at least current form, no one can bettrr than him in central midfield roll.Even paredes need a lot of improvement in this position. We need the best player( in copa). Doesn’t matter if they are new or old.whoever is the best recent performence,should be in the copa team.

    • I actually can’t remember when was the last time we had a midfielder that scoring consistently in club level. Lo Celso has to be more advance position playing him more deeper ain’t gonna benefit nothing to us.

    • Funes mori is very liability.
      No way near Arg Nt player
      Now Arg has better center bks
      Than him. each player can have
      very Few good games but that
      doesn’t mean He has to be in Nt.

  12. 🌞My copa starting 11🌞
    ⚽⚽⚽ Formation: 4-2-3-1 ⚽⚽⚽
    Gk- romero/ Gazzaniga
    DF- Pazzella, saravia, Otamendi, Tegliafico
    Dm- Ascacibar, Parades
    MF- Messi, Lanzini, D maria
    Fw- Aguero
    Sub- Kannemann, R. Parayra, Lo celso/ D paul/ palacios, Icardi/ L. Martinez

    Do you have any recommendations dear friends???

    • Paredes and Ascacibar are not playing very well. Lo Celso and Papu Gomez should be in the team.

  13. Ever Banega is needed for copa his awareness of game is very good. He played well in world cup,two awesome assist one for Messi other for Di maria.Scaloni should know how important Banega is.Our youngsters are good but average or inconsistent.Banega Lo celso Di maria Battaglia/Rodrigo should be our midfield.Mercado should be dropped forever.

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