CONMEBOL confirms 2020 Copa America in Argentina, Colombia, new format


CONMEBOL have confirmed that next year’s Copa America will take place in Argentina and Colombia with a new format.

As we reported recently, there were rumors that the 2020 Copa America would be in both Argentina and Colombia. The new format would take place in a regional format, with two groups of six teams. It would be in zona Sur (South zone) and zona Norte (North zone) as the two groups.

Argentina would be in South zone along with Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Bolivia and a country to be invited. The North zone would be Colombia, Brazil, Venezuela, Ecuador, Peru and another country to be invited.

Four teams would qualify out of each group to form the quarter finals.


  1. It was cool to see Nikolaj coster(Game of thrones fame) making Bielsa referance. Apparently he believes Bielsa is saviour of Leeds united.

  2. Garay and Pezella should be our CB Otamendi is a hot head so dangerous to us whenever i see Garay in Valancia line up zeto to one goal is conceded by Valancia no matter which teams play against them either Barca ,Real Madrid or Atletico madrid

  3. This is huge for AFA as well as Messi.. for Leo this is another chance to win with the national team at home. And for AFA this tournament will have 20+ games for potential revenue to. Hold our association back up financially. 6 teams that means Argentina has 5 first round games alone! Big money to watch Messi play… as well as foreign money to watch Uruguay and Chile plays as well as a semifinal and final in Argentina! This could build our association for a decade to come !

  4. Otamendi is playing a strange game. He steps when he should step forward and put pressure on the attacker. Strange positioning choices and needing small fouls to correct his mistakes.

    • Agreed it was a poor penalty but that can happen to best ones out there….anyway as long as penalty miss is not in argentine shirt I dont care.

      • It’s funny people rag on Messi but when compared to Ronaldo, Messi is like 78% vs Ronaldo 82% conversion rate. Penalties are hard and certainly involves luck. both these guys international records are worse than their league. Im sure pressure is a part of it.

        • Yea, even the likes of Sneijder, Baggio and even Maradona, and countless other greats missed penalty at World cup or CL.

          Messi only missed one penalty for Argentina in major tournaments and people is freaking out lol. He scored his penalty in 2014 semifinal, 3 penalties in Copa 2015, scored all his penalties on qualifier , scored 2 penalties in 2005 u20 final.

          CR has missed penalties in Champions league semifinal and final and people didnt make big deal about it lol. In fact he missed those penalties at same season in 2009 against Barca and then against Chelsea and semi and final respectively.

  5. It’s kind of funny that a blog dedicated to the Argentina National Team doesn’t care to report about the well-being of its coach, like him ore not.

  6. It’s a big opportunity to build a team aswell. Coach shouldn’t change around much unless really necessary. Two tournament should give our young team to understand each other and build a chemistry with oldies too

  7. This is definitely good news
    For Argentina they will benefit
    Hosting next summer 2020 to boast
    Thier chance to host world cup
    2030 a long side with Uruguay
    Paraguay and Chile that is the
    Main reason the CONMEBOL reward
    Argentina to host 2020 copa
    I olso heard they will build one new
    Unique staduim a long with new redevelopment for racing club ground which Look good staduim already

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