Inter reportedly make offer for Argentina U20 player Pedro DE LA VEGA


Pedro DE LA VEGA is reportedly wanted by Inter.

The Lanus player has caught the eye of the Italian club with an offer already on the table. Per a report by Ole, Inter have submitted an offer which is believed to have been in the region of €12 million. However, Lanus are hoping to get about €20 million.

DI SANTIS, who works for Inter had this to say about the player:

“DE LA VEGA is pure talent and very coveted. We are talking about a player that is born in 2001, who’s right footed and offensive.”

Still only 18 years old, the forward was part of the Argentina U20 team at the Sudamericano.


    • Gonzalo
      I believe we will see different under 20
      Next month I believe they will play
      A lot better than they did sudamericano
      In Chile ..
      Special mention Diego placent who
      Trained those boys since under 15.
      They been training together for
      Long time that is why they look
      Much organise than under 20.

  1. Pedro De La Vega has played like 10 games as a professional for Lanus(about half as a sub) and they want to pay 12 million….wtf this is just stupid. Sure he looks great playing against other under 20 players but against men he is totally unproven.

    Inter would better advised to get Zaracho. Young ,proven player against men, but I’ve heard others are chasing him too.

  2. Guys we have another wonderful GOLDEN generation coming up headed by skillful starlets such as Boca’s Ezequiel Zeballos and San Lorenzo’s Matias Palacios. This team won the under 15 south american championship 2 years ago after defeating Brazil 3-2 in a highly dramatic match and would most likely clinch the under 17 tournament in style with only minnows Ecuador standing in their way. Pablo Aimar should be highly commended for his efforts.

    Im so excited for this generation and am looking forward to future tournaments with them starring. This just goes to prove that the much discussed hypothesis of Argentina’s dearth of upcoming young talents is merely a myth. Vamos !

    • Chile has equalized against uruguay. We might be able to win the tournament without breaking a sweat ( even if we lose our last match against ecuador ) due to our superior goal difference with chile.

  3. Paraguay U17s Argentina U17 : 0 – 3 (Krilanovich, Medina, Velasco)

    Thank you, GOD…

    Vamos Argentina! Go Tango! Be the champion! Go to the 2019 FIFA U17 World Cup!

    GOD bless……

  4. Watching valencia vs villarreal.l m very much disappointed to Santiago Casceres performance.nothing Special from him,had play slow and save passes,not a destroyee type, no creativity and so on.need lot of Improvement.

  5. Tell me a single Brazilian player as a main man in top European clubs, even Neymar comes from messi shadow to mbappe shadow where Argentina players like Messi, icardi, Aguero etc are the main man in top clubs.

    • sure…

      Militao transferring to Real Madrid

      Silly to talk shit about Neymars talent. sure, he was under Messi shadow but who isn’t? He’s easily one the worlds best players.

      Coutinho struggling to fit Barca system but still gets minutes.

      Vinicius Jr doing well at Real

      Firmino top player for Liverpool

      G Jessu backup to Aguero but hell be main man after.

      Ederson starting keeper for City.

      Casemiro starter for Real.

      A Sandro starter for Juve

      Allan crucial for Napoli

      • “G Jessu backup to Aguero but hell be main man after.”
        Man don’t really like or appreciate about the passion and optimism I am seeing from Argie fan towards a Brazilian player. That’s heartbreaking.

      • Did you understand my question?? Argentina players are main man/principle player in top club. Salaah is the main man Liverpool not side hero Frimino, Coutinho is bench warmer and after Hazard arrival Vinicious can’t get min for real, Neymar is now in the shadow of mbappe, Jesus is just aguero back up not replacement, at Jesus age Aguero was world class, lautaro replace Aguero in future.

        • Main man at the same position, we dont have skillful and pacy wingers , no world class full backs, no world class CB’s , we are struggling to find a DM and GK ,Brazil is more balanced team than argentina.

          • Obviously Brazil is more complete team than Argentina but here arguments were different, Argentina player always first priority and principle player for top clubs it hardly matters 16-17 year Brazilian goes for 45-50mm price

  6. Messi needs to turned 180 degree to lob that ball and he still found Suarez perfectly.

    That assist gave more pain to MU and their fans and all English media than Messi nosebleed.

    Messi can simply skip the league game this weekend since Barca is lightyears ahead of second position.

  7. hopefully SCALONI calls up some of pedro de la vega,adolfo gaich,augustin almendra,nehuen perez,marcos senesi,alexander barboza,(manuel roffo or pourtau or adrien roriguez or joaquin blazquez as one of GKs’),facundo colodio after copa 2019 friendlies

  8. After watching some of his clips in YouTube , he ain’t a no 10 , false 9, no 6 , no 9 or winger , I find him more as a no 8 . His plays remind me of aimar , his passes are absolutely clinical and I can see a lot of mature movements in his playing style. A tricky dribbler like aimar .
    It’s good if he develops in these way , coz we really need a no 8 , who can dictate the midfield. All we have is no 10 s , wingers, strikers and centre forwards , too many players in similar position.
    That’s why we faces a selection dilemma , before any tournament

  9. Good talent but still needs more nurturing whether that’s at Lanus or in Italy.
    He looks to pass first then score second and his dribbling and position remind me of Angel DiMaria.
    If he is mature enough mentally, he should go to Europe immediately!
    Would love to see Lautaro at the #9 and de la Vega at the #7 and palacios at the #8 for years to come… for inter and LaSeleccion

  10. Yes it is shocking that scaloni didn’t call him.. in left o right wingers he is versatile but this unfortunate that scaloni didn’t call him…it is sad

    • The kid has barely started his professionnal career in Lanus…. Could you give him some time before (2-3 years) calling him straight to the NT???

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