Pablo AIMAR’s Argentina U17 qualify for FIFA World Cup


Pablo AIMAR’s Argentina U17 team qualified to the FIFA World Cup with a 3-0 win against Paraguay.

With one game left to spare, AIMAR’s U17 team were able to brush aside Paraguay and qualify for the World Cup to be held in November in Brazil. The three goals came from Juan Pablo KRILANOVICH, Cristian MEDINA and Alan VELASCO.

Argentina have one game left against Ecuador where a victory would mean they would clinch the Sudamericano title.

Also on Pablo AIMAR’s coaching staff is former Argentina man Diego PLACENTE.

The Argentina U17 team.


  1. Cox4, once again you speak how things are trully going on. You are right, Argentina had still has and will always have talents and to add on it, what we really need is proper management in order these talents to be developed and utilized properly to our beloved team as this was always the case.

    I really enjoy reading your posts my friend in contrast to some others’ in here who are trying to convince us that Brazilian youngsters are better than ours especially when they didn’t even qualify for u20 world cup!

    • thank you my friend.
      i am enjoying your presence here too always because i have see how much you really love Argentina. Especially if i think that you are coming from one European country so far from Argentina.
      i wonder how difficult will be for you because as i know there people support England very much and after that the Germans.

      just only know something.
      our countries maybe is so far each other but the people is just opposite very similar.
      i am able to know that.

      • I am from Greece my friend and i think that Greeks and Argentines have quite many things in common in terms of passion! Argentina is football itself to me, football at it’s best! And i will tell you one more thing: There are many Greeks that were charmed by Argentina and support our beloved team! I don’t like European teams and i surely dislike England and Germany national teams and especially the shitty yellow team!

        I have searched and known quite many things about Argentine football and i can tell that Argentina’s legacy in football is second to none! The way i was thrilled by Argentina when playing at it’s best, i never felt the same by any other team, be it a club or a national team. This is beyond any flag or origin, this purely depends on how i feel and i am a man who speaks and lives the way he feels.

        • yes i remember that you are from Greece my friend.
          i keep that in my mind some months now.
          Yes we have many similarities about football passion etc
          but we have more similarities and as people too.
          you are warm kind people with passion. very friendly and very hospitality.

          i had been 2 times there and really i felt so close to my home.
          i am so proud for you my friend because you love Argentina team with passion and that is something i have observe some months ago.

          As about England i said that because i remember well how much big was the number of people there that they was supporting English clubs.
          almost everybody i was speaking with they was supported after their Greek club of course 1 English club.

          this one i didn t like only in Greece 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂
          and one second that the most of Greek fans i spoke they knew Boca juniors and they didn t know River plate 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

          those 2 only i didn t like in your country 🙂 🙂 🙂
          especially the second was the most serious for me 🙂 🙂 🙂

          but except that i like your country very very much 🙂

          • Argentina is a very beautiful and special country as well, i have never been there unfortunately i know it from documentaries but i would really like to visit Argentina one day and watch our beloved team playing live of course!

  2. i am very happy with our kids and makes me feel wonderful for our future this kind of accomplishments.
    just i am not someone that my brains fly to sky with this things.
    Argentina always had in past , has now and will have forever talented players.
    this is how it is and will never change.

    i am happy but our kids need to work more and more to arrive in level everybody desires.
    always the biggest danger in Argentina is that when some young players do something special
    automatically media , fans and many others start to name those players “new Maradona”, “new Batistuta”, “new Messi”, “new Mascherano” or new something.

    a lot of times in past that worked as poison and worked badly and those players disappear or they didn t have the career we all expected.
    i wish our young players close their ears from all this “dangerous paths” of media most of all create and continue work hard to improve and get better and better.

    this way in end we all will be happy because our beloved Argentina will be in the top of the world.

      • Cox4 :pal
        Argentina always had in past , has now and will have forever talented players.
        this is how it is and will never change.
        100% correct Argentina will always
        Produce talant but the problem is
        Our coaching staff.

  3. Great news… much for ARGENTINA not having future talent!

    Is it me or every other tournament in recent history has been played in Brazil and still more to come, I’m sick of it.

    • you are right. our problem was never the talent part.
      just the problem always was start after that age.

      talent only is not enough.
      you need to work after even more hard too.
      usually their brains in past take much air inside and they stop work hard because they believed that they became the best players in world.

      we lost a lot of talented players in past because of that and their career was not the expected.

      one player need talent , hard work and strong character (personality) to arrive the top.
      this is my believe.

    • because in world football system that created from FIFA after 1970 to take one kid from Brasil is more glamorous than take one kid from Argentina or elsewhere.
      in their f….ing system is more glamorous and prestige to be from Brasil than elsewhere.

    • Guessing because brazils football feeder system is more sophisticated, better marketing and greater business relationships with European clubs.

      Brazil’s economy is also way stronger than Arg and have invested a shit ton of money in stadiums, marketing, facilities, etc. while Arg has stagnated and even worsened.

      To put into perspective, in 2017, Brazil exported $220B but imported $140B so $80B trade positive. Arg exported $60B while imported $66B so $6B trade negative.

  4. Matias Palacios highlights from Sudamericano:
    he gave great passes yesterday too, especially that long ball with outside of his foot before the third goal

    • No doubt material for future playmaker of NT. Not sthat fast but mature and intelligent. Outstanding vision and ball control. Hope to see him soon in San Lorenzo. However there’s strong competition there cause the club has really best youngsters in Argentina. Won also reserve league.

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