Giovani LO CELSO and Franco VAZQUEZ score for Real Betis, Sevilla


Giovani LO CELSO and Franco VAZQUEZ both scored for their respective clubs in Sevilla’s 3-2 win against Real Betis.

With Sevilla leading 1-0, it was LO CELSO who scored the first goal for Real Betis. The goal was number 15 of the season for LO CELSO in all competitions and number 8 in La Liga. However, that goal was short lived.

Sevilla would take the lead once more and just four minutes after that, it would be Franco VAZQUEZ with a goal. A great goal from outside of the penalty area. Betis would pull one back through Cristian TELLO but it wouldn’t be enough.


  1. Anybody see how slow fat and out of shape Higuain is in the Chelsea game…The guy looks like he is wearing weights around his ankle. I have never seen a player go down hill as fast as this guy. He is for sure on a diet of beer, potatoes, and pasta.

  2. My domestic national team

    GK : Andrada
    DF: L Godoy ,Montiel ,Komar ,Barbosa, Martinez quarta, L Martinez, A Soto

    MF: Tomas Belmonte ,Joaquin pereyra, Alex Mcallister ,Bebelo Reynoso, Lucas Robertone, Palacios ,Nicolas Dominguez,Pedro De La Vega, Julian Alverez ,Pavon ,Matias Vargas,L Sequiera

    FW: A Gaich ,Suarez,

  3. Forget about Rulli , so many mistakes for many years from u20 to nowadays.

    Actually that kind of performance is disastrous!

    I think he is even worse than Ustari

  4. I said that a million times and I will maintain it as long as I see some of my fellows argentina fans are still dreaming. The team needs confidence, the media, others teams must respect us for our history, players and what we are. I deeply beleive that we have players that can be competitive at the highest level in two or three years. If we keep experimenting, play a new system, bring new players each time we have a chance we will continue to be awful and people will make fun of us. We need a very restricted group of players. Our main concern remains the midfield. Players like Paredes, Palacios, Locelso, Corea, Guido, Pereyra, Aacacibar should be our core group. We should work with that core and try to give them play time together….. its all about consistency. It will a very scary experience if we reach the WC qualifiers without a confident team.

    • Agreed!

      Scaloni and AFA asshats will keep “testing new players” till the cows come home. Merry go round of players will never stop which is incredibly unsettling. We’ve had a solid base for sometime now. Trying out more players is because he has no clue how to manage and is using that as an excuse for poor results. “Building for 2022” my ass.

  5. The more and more I am watching RODRIGO DE PAUL, He is convincing me that he can be our First Choice Left Winger(4-2-3-1) or Left Mid(4-4-2). Dude has a hell of a potential and carrying Udinese on his back. He is sound defensively too and creates hell of a chances.
    LO CELSO is not playing in the position for Betis we want for our National Team. He is becoming like Dybala taking up the no 9 and no 10 space which is not good.

  6. this is what I want to see squad as

    Pity – Lo Celso – Messi
    Palacios – Ascacibar
    Tagliafico – Pezella – Otamendi- Saravia

    Subs –
    Romero , Armani
    Acuna, Kannemann, Foyth, Montiel
    Guido, Parades , Depaul, Pererya
    Dybala , Icardi or LMartinez

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