Sebastian DRIUSSI scores twice, Emiliano RIGONI once for Zenit in win


Sebastian DRIUSSI scored twice and Emiliano RIGONI once as Zenit won 5-0 against Anji.

The two Argentine players score all of their goals with seven minutes left in the match. RIGONI made it 3-0 while DRIUSSI scored the last two of the game.

Emiliano RIGONI’s goal was a free kick, his second goal of the season.

DRIUSSI’s first goal came off a short free kick as the ball was passed to DRIUSI inside the penalty area. The second was a ball sent into the penalty area which found an unmarked DRIUSI for his second goal of the match.


    • I don’t think I’ve ever seen Ota play DM. Funny though because I’ve pictured rojo there even though it will not happen. Tall, relatively fast, can pass and tackle.

      Anyway, my money is Guido.

  1. As per Golazo Argentino’s Top 50 Young talents in in Argentine football, Some great names, De La Vega, Reynoso, Almada, Vargas, Nico Domeniguez etc etc.

    One thing which striked me while i was going through the 50 was, How many Goal Keepers?? ONLY 1 and that too Axel Werner??Really.. Sighsss No wonder the GK is by far the most head ache for us by far.

    Saying that we have Unsain, Andrada, Musso, Gazzaniga, Benitez who are consistently good and reasonably aged. We have to trust them. And Fillol also have mentioned whom all we should choose moving forward, NO ROMERO, No More of him, No way, and Armani will be done after the Copa. So have to move forward with some one. As of now Andrada looks like someone who may become our Number 1 for some years.

    Another one we are forgetting is Marchesin(I don’t like him that much)(Scaloni had already mentioned he knows who his GK is, Added to that Marchesin was in all his selections. We think Armani will start the Copa ,but i have a gut feeling Marchesin may Start, He definitely wont be badder than Caballero, (Well none of our GKs can be as bad as Caballero in the WC, What in the world was wrong with him in the WC)

    • There are decent young gks’ in Argentina u20 team like geronimo pourtau,joaquin blazquez,adrian rodriguez,manuel roffo and in argentina u17 team like rocco rios novo all these players need is an oportunity in starting eleven at their respective clubs since these players mentioned above performed somewhat well for NT(u20,u17) at
      l alcudia cotif tournament(pourtau), sudamericano sub 20 tournament(roffo),u20 nt friendlies(blazquez,adrian rodriguez) and u17 south american tournament(rocco novo)

  2. Bitter/sweet feelings after the lost to Ecuador and title at the same time. Apparently the youth teams of Ecuador have the method for us. Remember they beat us also twice during U-20 Sudamericano.

  3. Ecuador won by 4-1, Argentina champions, shameful loss, once again goalkeeper protagonist for loss. I have a question to all why Argentina have such no of terrible goalkeeper?

    • well there are decent gks’ also like jeronimo pourtau,adrian rodriguez,manuel roffo,joaquin blazquez of (u20s),rocco rios novo(who was 1st choice in u17 tournament but did not play against ecuador u17) and for senior side there are andrada,walter benitez,unsain,and musso

      • OK I know this but I want top class goalkeeper , rios also terrible against Uruguay in the group stage and I hope you remember our loss of last U-20 world cup due to our goalkeeper despite playing best football of the tournament…

      • I agree with u20 and u17 but in senior label no quality GK at moment except inform Rulli or most reliable while wearing NT jersey Romeo

  4. We are the under 17 South American champions but ironically after performing so well throughout the tournament and even conceding minimal goals, we lost 4-1 to Ecuador. This(Ecuador) is a team that played like SHIT throughout the second round. Football is indeed a mysterious sport.

    Anyway Argentina is really excelling recently in all youth tournaments. We won the U15 tournament 2 years ago, won the U20 Cotif tournament, finished runners up in the U20 tournament, beat Mexico earlier today to win the under 15 balkan tournament and won the U17 tournament just now. Next the most crucial tournament for us to uplift this national team, the Copa America.. Let’s do this Argentina!

    • Argentina was champion before the game…! One more goal..we would have lost the trophy in ugly fashion. Ecuador needed 3 goals difference to qualify. Mindset played. Plus goalkeeper.
      Anyway, Uruguay did not qualify for the under 17 world cup that’s good news for us. They are always a big contender..!!

      • Argentina players are notorious for choking and losing their final game in major tournaments. Just look at their final records in World cup , Copa, or even Olympic… they reached many finals but losing about half of them. Even in u17, they’ve been losing 6 finals before this. Everytime they reach a final, they just panic and looked shaky throughout the game. The u20 was exception though, they won 6 finals, losing just once.

        That said, its a very good thing that they managed to win this one before conceiding even more goals.

        Ecuador only chance to qualify is by winning and scoring as many as possible and they did just that.

        I think Ecuador would need to win by 5 goals to prevent Argentina from winning this tournament. I dont know which tiebreaker rules they use in this tournament, Chile has more goal in final stage than Argentina but if its decided on head to head between Argentina vs Chile, then Argentina would still be champion if they have same goal difference.

  5. Arg NT should get rid of Predes and should find a replacement it clear now he cant defend and even his passes are not defence splitting, it looks tuchel is regretting his signning. Without dimaria psg’s attack looks completely dead.

    • Agree paredes is good for nothing……we blame sampa for playing old mascherano in the DM but come to think of it did we really hv the better option than him in the wc…..
      Now we hv to hope Guido Rodriguez perform well for us….
      This DM and full back positions are really worrisome for us

    • he is not doing great for PSG…
      but you cant put the blame of whole team on him…..
      the whole PSG team was shit….
      also tuchel is like WC’s Sampaoli…..
      and it is his first season…..
      remember in this same PSG LO Celso was hardly doing any better….

    • Paredes isn’t doing great in PSG but neither has the entire team!!! They are the ever underachievers!
      People need to understand that Leandro is not a no.5 he’s a no.8, a regista and he needs a no.5 next to him, that’s why Paredes played well (but not great) against Brazil, he had Battaglia next to him doing all dirty work.
      As for Tuchel, well he gets no sympathy from me, he dropped Celso for no good reason and didn’t account for the fact that the team would be short on midfielders and the result was an embarrassing loss in the CL, the idiot had it coming IMO.

  6. Let’s hope the under 17 team wins against Ecuador and be crowned as champions of South America. Match will be starting in an hour’s time. Vamos!

    • What’s the tie breaker rules for the u 17 tournament? goal difference or most goals scored?

      Chile just failed to beat Paraguay so they’re at same point with Argentina. Argentina only need a draw to win it. Chile has scored more goals but Argentina has superior 4 goals difference to Chile.

      If its goal difference then Ecuador might need to beat Argentina by 4 goals to prevent them from winning…?

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