Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI states he would like 4-4-2 formation, talks team


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI gave an interview with Direc TV Sports where he discussed the team.

The manager stated that he would like to play a 4-4-2 formation but did not mention names. In regards to the team, here’s what he had to say:

“Today, Argentina are in no condition to fight against the best teams in the world. I try to go with the truth, always, even if it hurts. When I played, it was important for me that the coach tells me the truth.”

SCALONI talking about the style of play:

“The style of play worries me, it’s important in football but at times, not the most important. At Barcelona, at times, you don’t know what system they use but they always win and they don’t win because they play with two lines of four but because they play well.

“Playing styles are important but not the only thing. We try to play different ways but the way we feel football is the same.”


  1. Had heard a rumor sometime back that Eduardo coudet also is wanted by Menotti, Well Gallardo or Eduardo coudet wont be a bad coach for us isn’t it. Both r young and can lead us for some years. We need someone to coach us for long time, Then only we can progress. At least for 5 years, At least.

  2. Joaquin Correa is far far far more better and useful than dybala .If i were the coach ,Joaquin Correa will be Argentina’s next number 10.

    If i were the coach ,i will
    1, promote Benjamin garre ,Facundo colidio to national team
    2, Give number 5 to Juan foyth
    3, use A Barbosa ,C Romero ,Manmanna, together with otamendi ,pezzella as CB
    4, Drop tagliafico ASAP ,Promote Lisandro Martinez ,Alexis Soto as LB
    5, Montiel and L Godoy As RB
    6, Reynoso can compete with lo celso
    7, use J Correa +Messi+di maria Combination
    8, Alario, Aguero,Colidio three strikers
    9, Gk should be Romero ,Juan Musso ,Damian Martinez ,P Gazzaniga
    10, 433 and 4411 can be our formation.

    Thr future NT should be
    ######Damian Martinez
    Montiel#Manmana#Barbosa#L Martinez
    #######j foyth
    B garre#lo celso#JCorrea#Ocampos

  3. A country that produces nothing other than attacking players is going to line up 4 midfielders and 2 forwards only. People still asking for Banega….let’s bring back Biglia and Mascherano also. You know why they are asking for these slow as snail shit players? Because we don’t produce midfielders. The only 2 worth a shit are LoCelso and Palacios. So Scaloni wants to take 4 midfielders and we only have 2. Basically playing 9 against 11. You know what that looks like? A bunch of sideway and backward passes we have seen for 4 years or more. This guy is a grade A idiot.

    • Banega has been in good, consistent form in the last 2 years so I don’t see a problem with having him as an option.
      As for good midfielders, well Argentina has a few including the aforementioned Celso and you forgot Depaul and A.Correa. Lucas Ocampos and Pussetto would also make excellent lateral midfielders thanks to their high work rate and defensive contribution (in addition to their skill).
      Also we shouldn’t forget about Marcos Acuna who does really well when deployed in his natural position of LMF.
      You mentioned Palacios and he’s fine but Zaracho and especially Robertone are even better CMs than he is IMO.
      Nico Dominguez is IMO the best DM argentina has at the moment and I think Juan Foyth can do very well if deployed in that position as well. Ascacibar is a fantastic DM but after that dumbass move he pulled off recently, which got him banned for the rest of the season I don’t think he should be anywhere near the NT until he gets his head screwed on straight.

      Argentina easily has the players to play a 4-4-2 or a 4-1-4-1 or a 4-1-3-2 or a 4-2-3-1 etc…… but non of that matters if Sampaoli 2.0 keeps changing the formation and players and has no clear idea of what style of football he wants to play.

  4. Those who believe they can’t win, will never win. Next to talent, perseverance, fitness, team tactics, a good strategy and a bit of luck you need belief. Scaloni has none.

  5. Long time I haven’t been here! LOL
    I always believed Argentina works best in a 4-4-2 formation.

    My 4-4-2 would be
    Di Maria-Caseres-Lo Celso-Lanzini

    For Messi to thrive, he needs an attack minded double pivot such as the busquets and Rakitic partnership he has for Barcelona.
    Di Maria keeping the width and Lanzini drifting wherever to work his magic.

  6. The best team should be
    Montiel #Pezzella#Otamendi#L Martinez
    ##########J foyth
    ####lo celso ####J Correa
    Messi ###############dimaria

    Gk : Damian Martinez ,Juan Musso
    DF: L GODOY ,A Barbosa ,C Romero, Alexis Soto


    Bebelo reynoso ,Palacios ,Lanzini, Ocampos ,Benjamin Garre , PityMartinez ,Santiago colombatto

    Fw: Alario ,Colidio

  7. A Gomez should be in team He will be more useful than Di maria. Di maria always wastes too mamy chances before scoring a goal. I do not believe him much. Messi should interfere is team selection and should choose best ones. Aguero Ansaldi Garay A. Gomez Romero are the player who can participate in winning some trophy for him. Otherwise Brazil and Uruguay are much stronger

  8. For left wing side we need new player.Di maria or Lanzini are not enough we need A Gomez.he is way better than other only drawback is his shoot.But his assisting ability makes up for this je can handle ball longer than Di maria in left wing and makes assist.He should be in playing eleven
    A Gomez Aguero Ansaldi Garay should be in new list of player
    Mercado Otamendi should be discarded

  9. I am sorry but this coach is a complete idiot. And I used to support him. We are better as a 4-3-3 team. This is the same formation that got us to the World Cup final. Sabella tried a 4-4-2 and the players revolted. That was the first game. Lets look at what we are lacking, and what we are not lacking.
    Tagliafico, 2 of (Otamendi, Pezella, Kanneman), Saravia —This is good enough to win Copa
    (Lo Celso, Palacios, and TBD) in this formation, we need a defensive midfielder so one player that is TBD.
    Messi, (Aguero or Icardi ) and TBD. The TBD can be Lautaro, DiMaria, or somebody else in form. So one player is TBD.
    Romero, Gazzaniga, Benitez, Guzman—Pick one. They are all about the same. Serviceable but not world class.

    We lack 2 players. A defensive midfielder and a forward.

    This guy is a complete moron. He can’t see shit clearly because he has no experience. Sad story.

    • I think that we see things the same way. I really would like to see Guido as a 5 along with Palacios and Locelso. I would start Dimaria on the same line with Messi but a little inside the field. Aguero would be my stricker.

  10. 442 is the best system to bring the best of Messi because he has the total freedom to play as half 9, 10 or right winger depending on the situation. But there are many variation of 442, with the players we have, I think 1 DM+2 box to box + 1 playmaker is the best option. The backup solution will be using a winger instead of the playmaker.

    On DM, we only have Marcone and Guido as options. My top 2 box to box will be Zaracho and Palacios, Zaracho can play on both sides and in the middle, Palacios more in the middle. Paredes and Pereyra as subs. For the playmaker role, obviously Lo Celso seems to be the only choice. I lost hope for Lamela and Lanzini(injured again unfortunately). If Lo Celso is off for some reasons, we may use a winger to replace him. Could be a right or left winger. I think about Angel Correa, who can score and dribble, I also hope that Scaloni didn’t forget Cervi, I like his freekick and corner kicks. But I guess Scaloni will still bring Di Maria no matter what.

    So the 8 midfielders for 442 will be:

    DM: Guido, Marcone(in expecting a new crack in the next generation)
    CM: Palacios, Paredes(Palacios not ready yet but at some points, need to give him his chance)
    Half 8 half winger: Zaracho, Pereyra
    Playmaker: Lo Celso
    Winger: Angel Correa(Cervi if Correa off)

  11. Rulli/Romero – Saravia Pazella Otamendi Tagliafico – Lo Celso Parades no5 DePaul – Messi Aguero

  12. Aguero – Messi

    Banega – Guido – Lo Celso – Di Maria

    Tagliafico – Otamendi – Pezzella – Saravia


    Tagliafico would need to work his ass off running up and down wing.

    • Don’t need another bench warmer Gazzaniga, romero is 100times better i can say with 100% Gazza won’t be selected in copa so no need fantasy line up

  13. 4-4-2 is much safer format any day.

    On another note, One great thing which is happening now is our Under 15 and 17 looks solid, They have a continuity, Aimar and Placente is doing great job, Even Under 20 also is doing great compared to the Senior NT. Which means we will have a better future. But problem is 2022 Qatar WC. We have to somehow qualify for the WC. After that the World Cup will be expanding to bigger format so its little more easier. We all know that because of the Rotten management of our Youth for around last 10 years our Current Generation is suffering.

    But Unfortunately we don’t have any other choice. Have to carry on with them for at least 4 years, by the time our Current Under 17 and 20 will be graduated. Whatever happens there is no turning back to the Historical. Anyway whoever left of the historicals will be over after 2019 Copa. Apart from Messi(If he is willing to carry on after the heartache again)

    • Jusus came after 2016 u20 worldcup who was the no9 of 2018 for Brazil, don’t surprise if 40% of players from 2019 worldcup will be in the 2022 WC Squad.

  14. If it’s going to be 4-4-2, Personally I would like (Based on Performances)
    A correa#Guido#Banega#De Paul

    Andrada/Gazzaniga Both are obviosly better than Armani/Rulli/Musso
    Honestly Paredes is not better than Banega and YES I have watched 5-6 PSG matches when he played. Banega is more creative, has greater passing range and similar defensively as Paredes. Banega plays awesome when he has destroyer by his side.
    Angel Correa or Pereyra on Right midfield as both are hard working and Correa plays in that position with Atletico Madrid.
    De Paul or Di Maria but De Paul has stole heart. He is the only shining Light in Udinese team. Sound defensively Awesome creativity and most importantly highly Versatile.
    Front 2 is no brainer.
    Please share your thoughts.

  15. Possible Lineup IF scaloni doesn’t smoke crack:



    Lo Celso



    • @EL MASCHE
      Stfu this is not mother’s team this is Argentina NT worst line up ever . With this defence we are going to win a single match in group stages. It is fine if you don’t know anything about football but its better to keep your mouth shut .Don’t open up to shit only.

    • Not an argentine but a big fan of the national team. and i say out of all the possible selections this is by far the best apart from defense where otamendi should be a constant.

  16. 4-4-2 is the most suitable formation for Arg; only the coach need to select the right player and place them in their best position. No more trial error approach as the fans have waited so long to see the trophy lifted by Arg captain.

  17. In 4-4-2 formation we need an attacking minded player in back four line.Messi and Aguero are enough for front line.Di maria and Ansaldi would be good in left side.Sarvia at right back.Mercado should be dropped from 23 man squad. Pezella and Mori/Garay/Kannaman will be good CB pair. Lo celso Lanzini wpuld be vital with one good Defensive midfielder. Scaloni please select Ansaldi and E.Garay

  18. Atletico Madrid writing all over in that
    System. 4 4 2 is old dating system
    I don’t know if will work for the nt.
    Especially when the other nations
    Play three in midfield and they going to
    Outnumber our midfield.. but let us
    Wait and see first.
    I don’t care how we play as long
    We win copa in Brazil obviously
    I’m in bielse and Guardiola school
    I love attacking intense entertaining
    Football but we won’t see that in the nt.
    Anytime soon .

    • I love that football style too but seems quite impossible to make it in a NT with few gathering per year. To make it work, it need to train the players on daily basis. Guardiola even goes into the details like diet as he believes that a slim player is more agile to practice his short passing football.

      • Absolutely mate I agree but we should
        Be at least able to retain the ball more
        Little bit be attractive we can’t play ugly
        Football Argentina are too good to be
        So defensive . I’m gutted we lost tata
        Martino our team was very balance
        And attractive under him ..

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