Claudio CANIGGIA on Paulo DYBALA: “I want you to appear with Argentina”


Argentina legend Claudio CANIGGIA spoke about the current state of the team as well as Paulo DYBALA.

Speaking in an interview with Fox Sports, the former Argentina man gave his thoughts on the team and more specifically DYBALA. Here’s what he had to say:

“When are you going to appear? You are 25 years old. You’re a great player. You play with Juventus with the number 10 on the back but I want you with the Argentina national team.

“I want you to appear and to play with Argentina. He’s a great player. Surely a nice guy too but he’s already 25 years old. He has to appear and he has to carry the weight. I say that with good vibes to DYBALA and to LO CELSO.”

CANIGGIA also spoke about sharing the responsibilities on the team:

“Have three or four take charge and drag the rest. The rest will follow you as they followed BURRUCHAGA, MARADONA, VALDANO.

“The responsibility is for each of them to take chard. If MESSI is 30 meters away and the play has to go left, you can’t look for MESSI to solve everything. I want players to hold the ball and not to be thinking where MESSI is.”


  1. Actually Juventus want to sell dybala but no one want to buy in terms of his value .dybala didn’t play well with messi and Ronaldo .just because he is not the same level .

  2. Actually one word can describe dybala that’s Rubbish. Even last season his performance didn’t impress me at all ,not to mention this season.

    Forget this player ,he is the most overrestimated Argentina player along with Rulli

  3. Impressive game by Godoy Cruz tonight.
    If Balerdi can keep his army of teenagers and 20 year olds focussed and disciplined for 90 minutes straight this team could make some noise in the Copa Lib.

  4. question for my Mundo friends – I see a lot of critiquing but no alternatives. Except Lo celso, who is better than Dybala right now as an attacker / playmaker? (Lanzini may not be inform in time for copa)

    I’m not saying he should start but he should be included in 23, no question.

    • I think it’s not really about who is better, but about whether we can afford to carry him on a 23 man bench.
      The best place for him is probably in a Messi like role but we have the maestro for that. He is also not a multi positional player like an Acuna, or even an angel correa, that you carry for injury depth. If you are not a starter, or a specialist (gk or 9) you should be able to fit more flexible roles.I haven’t given up on him, but the pressure is on. Like it should be.

      Also as time goes, if he doesn’t step up in the next 18 months or so new talent like zaracho etc might well start pushing him out. So yes, his window is narrowing. As other have mentioned its best if he recognizes the right move for him is to make a bigger name for himself outside juventus.

    • The best and only play maker we have/need is Messi! We need a hard working midfield, including 2 fast wingers of Dimaria style, plus 1 destroyer and 1 box to box who can put pressure on the opponent’s midfield.

      Unfortunately we do not have any of them. Lo Celso is converted to false 9 or somewhat 10. Paredes is slow, soft, and lazy. Palacios, my true hope, is finding himself back after the injury. Ascacibar is having a disaster season with Stuttgart. Pity, De Paul are just too ordinary. Perhaps Joaquin Correa can add some other dimensions to our midfield but he’s not likely to be called up.

      If no miracle happens, we will solely rely on Messi for creativity, and Di Maria for pace. The old guards to carry Albiceleste again.

  5. to be honest the story with Dybala reminds me one older period of time after world cup of 1994 when in Argentina everybody was trying to find the “new Maradona” and with this maniac mentality we make damage to many young players of that time because we pass the heavy of that task and it was extremely big to carry in their shoulders.

    media and fans we behave like Maradona kind of players born every day and we was attack to them because they was not Maradona in end.

    The most classic example that remind me now Dybala is Ariel Ortega.
    he was very very good player but he was not Maradona.
    i remember what that guy listening every time from media and fans.
    really that guy had strong stomach for all those critics about him 🙂 🙂 🙂
    the older fans i am sure will remember what i am saying now 🙂 🙂

    the bad thing about Dybala is that he is not better even from Ariel Ortega unfortunately.

  6. Martin Sarrafiore is a great talent. He plays for Inter in Brazil. He was with Huracan reserves when Inter signed him more than a year ago, but he has not played for Inter because Huracan had complained to FIFA that Inter signed him for free illegally.
    Looks like he might finally play as he is likely to start Inter’s Libertadores match tomorrow. He is 21 and a left footed right sided forward. Huge talent, hopefully he still has it in him after not playing for nearly a year.
    Icardi is almost certain to join PSG. There was truth in the swap deal between Inter and Juve for Icardi and Dybala. Inter wanted Dybala plus 30 million, so the negotiations didn’t progress. Simeone is also interested in signing Icardi. Will happen only if Griezzman moves for big money.
    Inter still interested in Dybala, whose value has fallen dramatically. Everton and Sevilla are other teams negotiating.
    Cervi could return to Argentina as Coudet wants to reunite with him at Racing now.
    Ocampos, Barco and Ignacio Pussetto on Simeone radar.
    Lucas Alario to Sporting Lisbon on loan is a possibility.
    Man Utd are now really keen on Luciano Acosta as Man Utd are struggling for creativity.
    Tomas Belmonte of Lanus is being monitored by Spurs.
    Bielsa back to Newell’s? Newell’s are struggling and have sacked their coach. Bielsa is likely to be sacked as well as his Leed’s have fallen behind in their bid for promotion after promising so much. After so much hype Bielsa just couldn’t finish the race well. Just like at Bilbao and OM.
    Banfield’s Agustin Urzi is being watched by Borrussia Dortmund. He could be an understudy to Jadon Sancho.

    • A move to any 2nd tier team (Everton, Sevilla) will put an end to Dybala’s career. That would be similar to Aimar’s move to Zaragoza 10 years ago.

      La Joya needs to move to a team where he is the heart of their attack, a team who can compete for the domestic title, a team who are contenders to proceed at least to the knockout round in Champions league. With that constraints, I really hope he will be moving to Bayern. To some lesser extent, Atletico Madrid or Inter Milan are good options. If not, AS Roma, Napoli, or even Valencia are ok. Top teams in England do not have place for him. Neither do Barca, PSG, nor Real Madrid.

    • Dybala used to have every things I listed above with Juve last 2 seasons. But the Cristiano fucking Ronaldo stole it from him. Should the Old Lady be more patient, he would develop into super star level and possibly help them to win the Champions League. He was close, in the season they reach CL final, especially the match he destroyed Barca.

  7. I think Liverpool has best defence right now it will be good test for Messi.Messi’s creativity and instinct vs liverpool back four.Liverpool just lacks in midfield.Their attack and defence is very good.Barca have attack and midfield decent at back. Match of the year
    Barca vs Liverpool

    • Despite achieving so much, Messi always has a new challenge. The British press is already Putting pressure on Messi. They talk about his duel with Van Dyk and that Messi has never scored against Liverpool. Klopp is also hyping up his attack saying Salah and Mane are on par with the best in the world.
      It will be Messi against Liverpool. Liverpool’s midfield is weak but so is Barca’s. Busquets is predictable and lethargic, Rakitic tires soon and not his usual best. Suárez has been to say the least.

  8. Even at club, Dybala is not automatically the starter. Dybala had some decent playing time during this season because Kean is still young and Mandzukic was injured. We saw that recently Allegri has used more frequently Cr7 as forward and Bernardeschi as left winger, which means Dybala need to compete with Cuadrado and Costa on the right, who are natural winger. I think his time with Juve comes to the end. He need to find himself a good club with decent playing time.

    • Dybala performed best under juves 352 as second striker or cam but allegri’s 433 this season meant by Dybala was benched. He also dipped in form a bit.

      Which other club could you see him performing well?

  9. after watching many games and players here is my best copa squad:
    Saravia Kennemen Otamendi Tagliafico
    Di Maria Banega Lo Celso
    Messi Aguero Lautaro
    Bench: Icardi, Dybala, Pereyra, La Vega, Lanzini, Rulli, Pezella, Acuna, Paredes

  10. Argentina copa america 2019.
    Saravia – ottamendi-pezella-tagliafico
    Guido rodriguez
    Lo celso- paredez- dimaria
    Messi aguero
    Sub :
    Mercado- foyth-kaneman- acuna
    Ivan marcone
    Pereyra -lanzini- dipaul
    Dybala – lautaro martineZ

    • My 11 will be: Musso-Saravia, Pezzella, Kannemann, Tagliafico-Zaracho, Guido, Lo Celso, Pity-Messi, Aguero

      Sub: Andrada-Montiel, Otamendi, Foyth, Lisandro Martinez-Angel Correa, Paredes, Marcone, Pereyra-Lautaro Martinez, Dybala

  11. I have followed Argentina football for almost 40 years. I have seen many of these guys like Dybala. NONE of them ever panned out. It all started around 1977 with none other than Norberto Alonso a River Plate product. Attacking midfielder/forward. Great potential but couldn’t win shit with anybody other than River and was eventually passed up by other players, mainly Maradona.
    My point is Dybala is 25. At that age in football, you should be at the HEIGHT of your powers. Almost nobody gets better after 25. They become more experienced but they get older and slow down eventually. What you see in Dybala today is what you will get. He will NEVER be the guy. Trust me, I have seen this story for 40 years. It starts with Norberto Alonso, and there are countless others. Lucas Ocampos, Javier Pastore, Ricki Alvarez, Erik Lamela, to name a few. My point is eventually a guy like Palacios or De La Vega step up and all Dybala will be is a name in a long line of never beens.

      • He can help by forcing a transfer. This guy is not a victim. He is lazy and unmotivated. Maybe he should spend more time on his craft rather than fawning over Rihanna. All the talent in the world below his neck but dead between the ears

    • I agree with San Isidro. In addition, his profile is not really what we need the most, we need someone fast for counter. However, I believe that we should always keep him in the 23, as Messi’s sub. His freekicks and his powerful shots can be useful at some points.

    • Hard hitting statements. Lamela is my biggest disappointment. If only his family had taken the youth deal to go to La Masia in messi’s footsteps I think things would have been so different. Imagine Messi+Lamela playing together for club and country for nearly a decade!

    • you speak the truth about Dybala my friend.
      things is as you wrote unfortunately.
      if Dybala continue like this very soon he will be one more name added in the long long list of Argentine players that had the talent but unfortunately they didn t reach the level we all expected in their careers.

      as i said in past the talent alone is not enough.
      you need to work hard your talent and you need to have strong personality too.
      i am able to know as i understand you too know my friend that Dybala don t have the personality which is necessary for arrive to be the next Argentina national team leader.

      i hope i turn to be wrong in near future.
      i hope Dybala prove to me how wrong i am about him.
      just something tells me that i am not wrong.
      anyway future will tell us.

    • I think we forget sometimes that Dybala is a human being and that not everything is about soccer or honing ones craft. It looks like hes got a pretty amazing life – for most people, that would be plenty. It seems like he is content. Can’t blame him in the slightest.

      Not everyone is going to have Messi or Ronaldo’s drive to be the best. Can you imagine having the lifestyle of Dybala at 25 and how you would have handled it?

  12. Hello fanmates!
    The same question I always use to ask my heart, why Dybala doesn’t given value he deserves in Argentina? These guy is intelligent, he knows football at great level, I believe he can play alongside Messi remove lies that they can’t play together where we all saw harvest gained from benching Dybala, why we can repeat the same mistake? Why we can fail to study from our past? How can Croatia beat us at that level with those armies at the bench?
    Lo Celso is nowadays showing his ability as he is on fire in Real Betis please include him as well.
    We need to do serious changes in order to reach our success that hide itself from us!
    Best regards. I love Argentina and all Argentine even her plants and cats!
    KAGAME Richard from Rwanda.

  13. Oh Marcelo and Leeds, now you have a monumental task to return to the top flight. Mathematically still possible to achieve automatic promotion but it’s highly unlikely. Marcelo and his team in playoffs: can’t even imagine , especially El Loco getting through it.

    • The problem with Bielsa is his intensive playing style with very limited players, around 14-15 players for the entire season, which explains most of his players usually burn out in March. That was already the case with Marseille in the past. I really hope that he can make it but looks challenging.

  14. Choripan to Dybala: I want you to prove all these haters wrong.

    Seriously, although Dybala has yet to shine, Dybala and Lo Celso are or most talented duo. A bit worrisome that Dybala is 25 and “yet to appear” but I watch this guy a ton and know we he’s capable of. I still think he can be great asset.

    I’m actually most worried that scaloni isn’t the right guy for our attackers to shine.

    • I feel like all he needs is a position change. During his Palermo days, he played as a winger. There, he had better opportunities to make runs, crosses, and goals because it much more open.

      • I really don’t understand how he lost so much pace. He used to be quick as hell and then started declining. Maybe bulking up had something to do with it

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